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Milan Křápek and Lucie Formanová

References Akhmedov, Akhmed and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya. 2004. “Opportunistic Political Cycles: Test in a Young Democracy Setting.” Quarterly Journal of Economics 19(4), 1301 - 1338. Alesina, Alberto. 1987. “Macroeconomic Policy in a Two-Party System as a Repeated Game.” Quarterly Journal of Economics 102(3), 651 - 678. Ameco. 2017. Macro-Economic Database AMECO. Available at (last accessed 31

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Bardhyl Dobra and Michiel S de Vries

5. References Ante, A. 2010. State Building and Development: Two Sides of the Same Coin ? Exploring the Case of Kosovo. Hamburg: Disserta. Bayliss, K. 2005. Post-Conflict Privatisation: A Review of Developments in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. London: Overseas Development Institute. Bel, G. and M. Warner. 2006. Local Privatization and Costs: A Review of Empirical Evidence . Paper presented at the Barcelona International Workshop on Local Government Reform: Privatization and Public-Private Collaboration, 12–13 June, in Barcelona

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David Špaček and Eva Gatarik

, People, and Institutions.” In Proceedings of the 12 th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research . Also available at: (accessed June 1, 2017). Němec, J., B. Mikušová Meričková and M. Svidroňová. 2015a. “Co-Creation in Local Public Services Delivery Innovation: Slovak Experience.” Lex Localis: Journal of Local Self-Government 13(3), 521–535. Němec, J., B. Mikušová Meričková and M. Svidroňová. 2015b. “Social Innovations in Public Services: Co

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Polonca Kovač

References Androjna, Vilko and Erik Kerševan. 2006. Upravno procesno pravo [Administrative Procedural Law]. Ljubljana: GV. Banisar, David. 2006. Freedom of Information around the World 2006 . Available at (last accessed 19 October 2016). Bevir, Mark (ed.). 2011. The SAGE Handbook of Governance . Los Angeles: Sage. Bousta, Rhita. 2013. “Who Said There is a ‘Right to Good Administration ?’ A Critical Analysis of Article 41 of

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Mária Murray Svidroňová, Alena Kaščáková and Veronika Vrbičanová

Management Reforms in CEE: Main Trajectories and Results.” NISPAcee Journal of Public Administration and Policy 4(1), 9 - 29. Boulianne, Shelley. 2015. “Social Media Use and Participation: A Meta-Analysis of Current Research.” Information, Communication & Society 18(5), 524 - 538. Boyd, Danah M. and Nicole B. Ellison. 2007. “Social Network Sites: Defi nition, History, and Scholarship.” Journal of Computer‐Mediated Communication 13(1), 210 - 230. Bryer, Thomas A. and Staci M. Zavattaro. 2014. “Social Media and Public

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David Špaček

:// (last accessed 16 January 2018). Ministerstvo vnitra. 2016a. Dopadová ex-post evaluace strategie realizace Smart administration v období 2007 – 2015 Efektivní veřejná správa a přátelské veřejné služby . Available at (last accessed 4 October 2017). Ministerstvo vnitra. 2016b. Analýza využívání metod kvality ve veřejné správě . Available at (last accessed 9 October 2017

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Wolfgang Drechsler

References Arthur, W. Brian. 2009. The Nature of Technology: What It Is and How It Evolves. New York: Free Press. Arthur, W. Brian. 2002. "Is the Information Revolution Dead? If History is a Guide, it is not." Business 2.0 , March 2002. Available at,1640,37570,00.html Cassidy, John. 2010. "After the Blowup: Laissez-faire Economists do some Soul-Searching - and Finger-Pointing." The New Yorker , 11 January, 28

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Elena Gladun and Gennady Chebotarev

. Available at (last accessed 02. 02. 2015). Osherenko, Gail. 2001. “Indigenous Rights In Russia: Is Title to Land Essential for Cultural Survival?” Georgetown International Environmental Law Review 13, 695. Park, Eunjung. 2008. “Searching for a Voice: The Indigenous People in Polar Regions.” Sustainable Development Law & Policy 8 (3), 64 – 65. Pomeroy, Robert S. and Fikret Berkes. 1997. “Two to Tango: the Role of Government in Fisheries Co-Management.” Marine

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Vicki Johansson

.” Public Administration Review 63(5), 586 - 606. Berliner, J. S. 1956. “A Problem in Soviet Business Administration.” Administrative Science Quarterly 1(1), 86 - 101. Bevan, G. and C. Hood. 2006. “What’s Measured is what Matters: Targets and Gaming in the English Public Health System.” Public Administration 84(3), 517 - 538. Bouckaert, G. and J. Halligan. 2008. Managing Performance: International Comparisons. New York: Routledge. Caroll, J. S. et al. 2006. “Naturalistic Decision Making and Organizational

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Jasmina Džinić, Mária Murray Svidroňová and Ewa Markowska-Bzducha

://,uchwala-nr-lxxiv13372014 (last accessed 27 August 2015). Rhodes, Roderick Arthur William. 1996. “The New Governance: Governing without Government.” Political Studies 44, 652–667. Santiso, Carlos. 2001. “International Co-operation for Democracy and Good Governance: Moving Towards a Second Generation ?” The European Journal of Development Research 13(1), 154–180. Sintomer, Yves, Carsten Herzberg and Anja Röcke. 2008. “Participatory Budgeting in Europe: Potentials and Challenges.” International Journal of Urban and Regional