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Key Factors of Influence in the Public Procurement Process

References [1] Legea nr. 339/2015, Legea bugetului de stat pe anul 2016, publicată în Monitorul Oficial nr. 941/19.12.2015, Anexa nr. 1. [2] accessed on the 13 th of July, 2015. [3] of Management, p. 12, accessed on the 28 th of October, 2015. [4] - Strategia naţională de apărare a ţării pentru perioada 2015-2019 – O Românie puternică în Europa şi în lume, p.20. [5] Khi V. Thai, Challenges in public

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Theoretical Study on Adhesives Used in Ballistic Protection Structures and Transparent Armor

technology”, Composites 11(1), (1980): 25-32. 4. S.S. Sarva, and A.J. Hsieh, “The effect of microstructure on the rate-dependent stressstrain behavior of poly(urethane urea) elastomers”, Polymer 50(13), (2009): 3007-3015. 5. P.J. Patel, G.A. Gilde, P.G. Dehmer, and J.W. McCauley, “Transparent armor”, The AMPTIAC Newsletter 4(3), (2000): 1-2. 6. ,accesed 15 january 2015 7. R. Zaera, S. Sánchez

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Knowledge Management of the Esp Class Using Technology

References [1] Hutchinson, T. and Waters A., English for Specific Purposes - A learning-centred approach, online, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1991, pp. 7-8. [2] Marcia, E.A., Cervera, A.S. and Ramos, R.C., Information Technology in Languages for Specific Purposes, Issues and Prospects, online, New York, Springer Science + Business Media Inc., 2006, pp. 10-11. [3] [4] O’Dell, C. and Greyson C.J. If only we knew what we know: the transfer of internal knowledge and

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Intercultural Communication in Military Multinational Operations

științifice cu participare internațională, Strategii XXI, Universitatea Națională de Apărare „Carol I”, București, 12-13 aprilie 2007, p. 279. [9] Constantin Afrim, Mircea Cosma,op. cit., pp. 149-150. [10] Ibidem, p. 151. [11] Ibidem, pp. 151-152. [12] Paul Tudorache, Fundamente teoretice și practice privind dimensiunea interculturală a acțiunii structurilor militare multinaționale, Editura Academiei Forțelor Terestre „Nicolae Bălcescu”, Sibiu, 2018, p. 59.103.

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Benefits for the Implementation of a Business Process Model Approach Inside Organizations

:// . [11] . [12] Bernard Marr, What is Industry 4.0? Here’s A Super Easy Explanation for Anyone , , September 2018. [13] Sonia Pearson, Top 8 Benefits of Business Process Management , .

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Knowledge Cycles and Knowledge Management

References [1] Ceptureanu, S.I., Knowledge based economy in Romania: a comparative approach, Journal of Applied Quantitative Methods , Vol. 9, No.4, 51-61, 2014 [2] Evans, M., Dalkir, K. and Bidian, C., A Holistic View of the Knowledge Life Cycle: The Knowledge Management Cycle (KMC) Model, Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management Vol. 12, No. 2, 85-97, 2014 [3] Drucker, P. F., Post-capitalist society , New York: Harper Collins [4] Strassmann, P.A., Taking a measure of knowledge asset”, Computerworld , Vol. 32 No. 4, 74, 1998

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Psychometric Evaluation of The Romanian Version of The Irrational Procrastination Scale in a Military Student Population

-7283/2/1/54 [13] [14] Băban, A. Stres şi personalitate, Presa Universitară Clujeană, Cluj-Napoca, 1998 [15] [16] Diehl,M., Semegon, A.B., Schwarzer, R., Assessing Attention Control in Goal Pursuit: A Component of Dispositional Self-Regulation, J. Pers Assess., 86(3): 306-317, 2006; DOI: 10.1207/s15327752jpa8603_06 [17] Minulescu, M., Chestionarele de personalitate în evaluarea

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Academic Self-Efficacy in Military Higher Education: Assessment of the Psychometric Qualities of Perceived Academic Efficacy Scale

, pp. 254 - 267, 2014, [12] Sagone, E., De Caroli, M. E., Locus of control and academic self-efficacy in university students: the effects of Self-concepts, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 114, 2014, pp. 222-228, 2014. [13] Midgley, C., Maehr, M.L., Hruda, L.Z., Anderman, E., Anderman, L., Freeman, K.E., Gheen, M., Kaplan, A., Kumar, R.., Middleton, M.J., Nelson, J., Roeser, R., Urdan, T., Manual for the Patterns of

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Romanian Public-Funded Research And Development Activities In The Space Sector

References [1] IAROM (2015), National Strategy for Space and Related Fields – SNDS, Official project website , [Online]. Available: [2] N. Toncea, A. Stan, O. Cristea, Towards a national strategy in support of developing Romanian space capabilities, Proceedings of the 19 th International Scientific Conference KBO (Knowledge-Based Organization), Sibiu, 13-15 June 2013, pp. 124-129, ISSN 1843-6722. [3] ESA (2015), ESA 2015 budget - classification by domains , [Online]. Available: http

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Research On The Subject Of Nutrition In Physical Effort Determination

References: 1. Gerard Dente with Kevin J. Hopkins, Macrobolic Nutrition, Priming Your Body To Build Muscle & Burn Fat, Basic Health Publications, Inc., USA, 2-3, 2004, 2. Health Canada. Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide 3. Leveritt M, Abernethy PJ: Effects of carbohydrate restriction on strength performance. J Strength Cond Res 13:52–57, 1999 4. Costill DL, Cote R, Fink W: Muscle water and electrolytes following varied levels of dehydration in man. J Appl Physiol 40:6–11, 1976 5. Grune

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