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Health services, 2015

. (2015c). Reaction to HIQA’s report. Investigation into Midlands Regional Hospital, Portlaoise. Dublin: HSE. Mitchell, S. (2015, December 13). Inside the HSE. Sunday Business Post. Northern Ireland Court Service Online. (2015). The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission’s Application [2015] NIQB 96 [HOR9740]. Retrieved from [10 January 2016]. NTPF. (2015). National waiting list data. Dublin: NTPF. Varadkar, L. (2015a). Opening statement of Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar TD

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Czech pension reform: how to reconcile equivalence with fiscal discipline

Social Policy], 3, pp. 19-20. Howlett, M., & Ramesh‚M. (1995). Studying Public Policy: Policy Cycles and Policy Subsystems. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Hupe, P. L., & M. J. Hill. M. J. (2006). The Three Action Levels of Governance: Re-Framing the Policy Process Beyond the Stages Model. In B. G. Peters, J. Pierre. Handbook of Public Policy. (pp. 13-30). London: SAGE Publications. Jaeger, C.C., Renn, O., Rosa, E.A., & Webler, T. (2001) Risk, Uncertainty, and Rational Action. London: Earthscan Publications Ltd

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Policy Entrepreneurship and Policy Transfer: Flood Risk Governance in Northern Sweden

-574. doi: 10.1017/s0008423913000851 Dolowitz, D. P. (2000). Introduction. Governance, 13(1), 1-4.doi: 10.1111/0952-1895.00120 Dolowitz, D., & Marsh, D. (1996). Who Learns What from Whom: aReview of the Policy Transfer Literature. Political Studies, 44(2), 343-357.doi: 10.1111/j.1467-9248.1996.tb00334.x Dror, Y. (1993). Steering Requisites for Crises-Opportunities: On-GoingChallenges. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 1(1), 13. Evans, M., & Davies, J. (1999). Understanding Policy Transfer: A

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Governance of the table: Regulation of food and eating practices in residential care for young people

. Clark, A., Cameron, C., & Kleipoedszus, S. (2014). Sense of place in children’s residential care homes: Perceptions of home? Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care, 13 (2), 1-18. Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse. (2009). Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse. Volumes 1-5. Dublin: Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse. Coveney, J. (2006). Food, morals and meaning: The pleasure and anxiety of eating (2nd ed.). London: Routledge. Coveney, J. (2008). The government of the table: Nutrition expertise and the social

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Education in the Anticommons: Evidence from Romania

REFERENCES Bates, R. H., Avner, G., Levi, M., & Rosenthal, J.L. (1998). Analytic Narratives. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Buchanan, J. M. & Yoon, Y. J. (2000). Symmetric Tragedies: Commons and Anticommons. The Journal of Law and Economics, 43, 1–14. Fennell, L. A. (2004). Common Interest Tragedies. Northwestern University Law Review, 98, 907–90. Fiszbein, A. [editor]. (2001). Decentralizing education in transition societies : case studies from Central and Eastern Europe (English). WBI learning resources series*World Bank

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Institutionalization of Foreign Policy Think Tanks in Italy and in the UK: An Explanatory Framework

., & Missiroli A.(2012). European Think Tanks and The Eu. Berlaymont Paper - Bureau of European Policy Advisers (BEPA), European Commision, Issue 2. Jacobs, L. R., & Page, B. I., (2005). Who Influences U.S. Foreign Policy?. American Political Science Review, 99 (1), 107-123. Kriesi, H., Adam, S., & Jochum, M. (2006). Comparative analysis of policy networks in Western Europe. Journal of European Public Policy, 13 (3), 341-361. Longhini, A (2015). Foreign policy think tanks in the Italian political context: evolutions and

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Political-administrative relations: The role of political advisers

References Blick, A. (2004). People who live in the dark: The history of the special adviser in British politics. London: Politico’s. Cabinet Office. (2013). The civil service reform plan - one year on report. Retrieved from [5 April 2017]. Connaughton, B. (2010a). Glorified gofers, policy experts or good generalists: A classification of the roles of the Irish ministerial adviser. Irish Political Studies, 25 (3), 347-69. Connaughton, B. (2010b). Ireland. In C. Eichbaum & R

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‘Insufficient critique’ – The Oireachtas Banking Inquiry and the media

References Albaek, E. (2011). The interaction between experts and journalists in news journalism. Journalism, 12 (3), 325-48. Berry, M. (2012). The Today programme and the banking crisis. Journalism, 14 (2), 1-18. Berry, M. (2016). No alternative to austerity: How BBC broadcast news reported the deficit debate. Media, Culture & Society, 38 (6), 1-20. Christians, C. G., Glasser, T. L., McQuail, D., Nordenstreng, K., & White, R. A. (2009). Normative theories of the media journalism in democratic

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The liberalisation of taxi policy: Capture and recapture?

References Barrett, S. (2003). Regulatory capture, property rights and taxi deregulation: A case study. Economic Affairs, 23 (4), 34–40. Baumgartner, F. R., & Jones, B. D. (1991). Agenda dynamics and policy subsystems. Journal of Politics, 53 , 1044–74. Brennock, M. (2000, November 27). Higgins says deregulation of taxis is ‘disastrous’. The Irish Times. Carroll, S. (2010, March 9). Traffic grinds to a halt as taxi drivers warn protests are likely to escalate. The Irish Times. Coghlan, D. (2000, November 25). Taxis put Harney in

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Measuring the Sustainable Development Goals: What does it mean for Ireland?

Development Goals. London: Overseas Development Institute. Bhattacharya, A., & Kharas, H. (2015). Worthy of support - Our piece on the Sustainable Development Goals. Retrieved from [7 February 2017]. CBS. (2016). CBS explores SDGs: Starting point for a public debate. Retrieved from point-for-a-public-debate [10 November 2017]. CBS. (2017). Measuring the SDGs: An

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