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Influence of Soil Fabrics and Stress State on the Undrained Instability of Overconsolidated Binary Granular Assemblies

300 128.19 88.45 22 100 52.11 40.12 23 2 200 0.77 37.59 19.95 126.16 97.14 24 300 211.95 163.20 25 100 48.58 36.43 26 1 200 0.75 36.87 19.47 86.78 65.08 27 DFP 300 139.97 104.98 28 100 59.78 49.01 29 2 200 0.83 39.58 21.14 138.05 113.20 30 40 300 227.03 186.16 31 100 36.33 26.16 32 1

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Fast, non-destructive measurement of roof-bolt loads

the stability of mine workings, the most notable include rock bursts, [ 4 , 19 ] faults, [ 2 , 14 , 25 ] potential rock bursts under abandoned workings [ 3 ] and the size of stoops. [ 1 ] State mining authorities also play a special role in improving the occupational health and safety conditions in mining. [ 7 ] When independent roof bolting is used in a rock that has the potential to generate seismic energy, the amount of energy absorbed by such bolting should be determined. [ 18 , 20 , 21 ] In order to ensure roof bolting effectiveness, measures must be

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Global Stability For Double-Diffusive Convection In A Couple-Stress Fluid Saturating A Porous Medium

, 21 , 22 , 23 ] studied the non-linear stability analysis for thermal convection in a magnetized ferrofluid heated from below saturating a porous medium. Sunil et al. [ 24 , 25 ] studied the non-linear stability analysis for thermal convection in a couple-stress fluid heated from below saturating a porous medium. Hsu et al. [ 26 ] studied the combined effects of couple stress and surface roughness using journal bearings lubricated with the non-Newtonian fluid. It was found that the combined effects of couple stress and surface roughness can improve the load

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Landslide Susceptibility Assessment in Constantine Region (NE Algeria) By Means of Statistical Models

]. So far, there is no agreement that which one is the best, but the general consensus is that each method has its advantages and disadvantages [ 23 , 24 ]. The aims of this study were to assess landslide susceptibility for the east of Constantine province, using the WoE, IV and FR models, and to measure their performances based on the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis [ 25 ]. This information could be used by land planners to estimate the threats to population, property and transportation network. The study area is located the east of the

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Stability Assessment of Mining Excavations: the Impact of Large Depths

the rock mass to the yielding arch support had a vertical direction. The instrumented rock bolt, with strain gauges fixed at the spacing of 0.25 m, had a total length of 2.5 m and was installed in the roof of every mining excavation. Measurements of the resistance value of each strain gauge were performed using a specialised meter. The first measurement was made before installing the instrumented rock bolt as a base measurement against which resistance changes were calculated during subsequent control measurements. The numerical values recorded by the meter were

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Analysis and settlement evaluation of an end-bearing granular pile with non-linear deformation modulus

stage of construction of the granular pile is constant. Depending on the design requirements, granular piles are normally constructed to penetrate the soft layer fully, if the latter is not very thick (e.g. less than 12.0–15.0 m) and ends on a bearing stratum. For normal-sized granular piles, smaller values of L/d represent shorter piles, while larger values correspond to longer piles. 2 Problem definition and method of analysis The basic assumptions in the analysis are as follows: The base of the stone column/granular pile is assumed to be smooth

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