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Does a Country/Region’s Economic Status Affect Its Universities’ Presence in International Rankings?

or GDP per capita for Chinese Taiwan, the respective values were retrieved from the Chinese Taiwan Statistics Bureau website , , on 21 March 2014. 2.2 Statistical procedures The data for the 500 universities listed on the ARWU 2012 were aggregated by country/region. The data for Chinese mainland, Chinese Hong Kong, and Chinese Taiwan were considered separately

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Measuring and Visualizing Research Collaboration and Productivity

across discipline 15 59 0 1 Links within rank 12 48 Links across rank 15 74 Links within gender 17 63 Links across gender 10 59 Links within university 24 14 Links across university 3 108 This is clear by inspection, with increases running more than 4-fold—note Average Degree (up from 1.2 to 5.4), Density (up from 0.03 to 0.12), and various tallies of links (e.g., total co-authorship links among the iUTAH researchers increase from 27 to 122). Likewise, Table 2

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Functions of Uni- and Multi-citations: Implications for Weighted Citation Analysis

now making it feasible to conduct large-scale studies on weighted citation analysis. As a result, interest in these types of studies is growing. Studies have experimented with weighting citations by the frequency with which they occur in the text (e.g. Ding et al., 2013 ; Hou, Li, & Niu, 2011 ; Tang & Safer, 2008 ; Zhu et al., 2015 ), by the citation impact of citing papers ( Ding & Cronin, 2011 ), and by the location and context in which they are cited ( Boyack, Small, & Klavans, 2013 ; Jeong, Song, & Ding, 2014 ). It has been found that frequency

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A Framework for the Assessment of Research and Its Impacts

organizations policies) impact the research system performance (at institutional and national level).” . The criticisms of the traditional assessment metrics. The traditional methods of research evaluation have recently been under attack in different contexts, in particular by the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) and the Leiden Manifesto ( Hicks et al., 2015 ) for the inherent problems of the evaluation of research, although some of the crucial limits and problems have already been known to the specialized community for decades; see e.g. Glänzel

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Can Automatic Classification Help to Increase Accuracy in Data Collection?

.23% 98.84% 89.74% 99.72% GLMNet 35.55% 99.88% 34.37% 99.87% 88.22% 97.46% 88.46% 95.32% Boosting 93.34% 96.21% 95.43% 95.15% 96.26% 96.83% 90.38% 97.25% MaxEnt 51.14% 99.82% 64.35% 99.80% 73.85% 99.89% 79.49% 100.00% SLDA 0 100.00% 11.88% 97.51% 44.25% 87.21% 60.90% 100.00% SVM 84.74% 97.72% 93.78% 96.52% 95.69% 97.15% 97.44% 98.35% Tree 90.10% 95.92% 91.04% 97.18% 88.79% 97.46% 91.03% 95.04% Thus we want to focus more on not

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Measuring Scientific Productivity in China Using Malmquist Productivity Index

., & Margaritis, D. (2006). Productivity growth and convergence in the European Union. Journal of Productivity Analysis, 25(1–2), 111–141. 10.1007/s11123-006-7134-x Färe R. Grosskopf S. Margaritis D. 2006 Productivity growth and convergence in the European Union Journal of Productivity Analysis 25 1–2 111 141 Glass, J.C., McCallion, G., McKillop, D.G., Rasaratnama, S., & Stringer, K.S. (2006). Implications of variant efficiency measures for policy evaluations in UK higher education. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 40, 119 -142. 10.1016/j.seps.2004

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A Study of Methods to Identify Industry-University-Research Institution Cooperation Partners based on Innovation Chain Theory

of average article Number of CNCI 1 Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing 26 240 9.23 0.96 2 Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Beijing 25 219 8.76 0.87 3 Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences Beijing 12 124 10.33 0.69 4 The Fourth Military Medical University Shaanxi 12 68 5.67 0.39 5 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Hubei 10 79 7.90 0.48 6 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai 9 91 10.11 0.41 7 Zhejiang University

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Predictive Characteristics of Co-authorship Networks: Comparing the Unweighted, Weighted, and Bipartite Cases

case where a network is damaged by randomly deleting links and/or adding random spurious links We only consider the case where a network is damaged by random deletions and/or additions. The task becomes more challenging if the most important links (e.g. those with high edge betweenness centrality) are targeted first. In other words, we want to test the error tolerance rather than the attack tolerance ( Jalili, 2011 ). . The task is to reconstruct the original network based on the damaged network. We will refer to the given network (i.e. the older snapshot or the

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Normalizing Book Citations in Google Scholar: A Hybrid Cited-side Citing-side Method

discuss the process and problems of data collection in terms of the six steps outlined above. All GS searches were done using the Publish or Perish (PoP) interface but while this makes it much easier to examine and analyze the results, PoP is only performing GS searches and so inherits all the data problems of GS. One noticeable problem it that searches are extremely sensitive to the particular information typed in, and the fields that are used. In general, we found it better to begin searches with a minimal amount of information, e.g. just the title, and then add in

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Comparative Study of Trace Metrics between Bibliometrics and Patentometrics

of Instrumentation 3 8 S08004 Bornmann, L., Mutz, R., & Daniel, H.D. (2010). The h index research output measurement: Two approaches to enhance its accuracy. Journal of Informetrics, 4(3), 407–414. 10.1016/j.joi.2010.03.005 Bornmann L. Mutz R. Daniel H.D. 2010 The h index research output measurement: Two approaches to enhance its accuracy Journal of Informetrics 4 3 407 414 Egghe, L. (2006). An improvement of the h-index: The g-index. ISSI Newsletter, 2(1), 8–9. Egghe L. 2006 An improvement of the h-index: The g-index ISSI Newsletter

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