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Analysis of Mixed Mode II/III Crack in Bilayered Composite Beam

-2809. [8] De Morais, A., A. B. Pereira. Mode III Interlaminar Fracture of Carbon/Epoxy Laminates Using the Six-Point Edge Crack Torsion (6ECT). Composites Part A: Applied Sciences and Manufacturing, 42 (2009), No. 11, 1741-1746. [9] Donaldson, S. L. Mode III Interlaminar Fracture Characterization of Composite materials. Composite Science and Technology, 32 (1988), No. 3, 225-249. [10] Donaldson, S. L., S. Mall, C. Lingg. The Split Cantilever Beam Test for Characterizing Mode III Interlaminar Fracture Toughness. J. Comp. Tech. Res., 13

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Full Dynamic Reactions in the Basic Shaft Bearings of Big Band Saw Machines

. [13] Bruce, R. Understanding Wood. A Craftsman’s Guide to Wood Technology, Newtown, Connecticut, Taunton Press, 1995. [14] Kazakoff, A. Force Response Transmissibility Prediction and Frequency Analysis of High Deflection Displacement Magnitudes. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 37 (2007), No. 3, 3-18. [15] Kazakoff, A. A Study of the Influence of the Belt Kinematic Pair on the Spa- tial Vibrations of a Single Mass Model, VIth National Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Bulgaria, Varna, 1989, 121

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-943. [7] Tabrizi, M. F., M. Kappl, H. J. Butt. Influence of Humidity on Adhesion: an Atomic Force Microscope Study. Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, 22 (2008), 181-203. [8] Chen, S. H., A. K. Soh. The Capillary Force in Micro and Nano Indentation with Different Indenter Shapes. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 45 (2008), 3122-3137. [9] Butt, H. J., M. Kappl. Normal Capillary Forces. Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, 146 (2009), 48-60. [10] Tabrizi, M. F., M. Kappl, Y. Cheng, J. Gutmann, H

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the 6th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots and the Support Technologies for Mobile Machines, Italy, Cata- nia, 2003, 691-698. [7] Merlin Systems Coorporation. Merlin Actuators: Automation, Animatron- ics and Artificial Creatures, Brochure Merlin Actuators, 2003. [8] Festo. Fluidic Muscle MAS, Festo Brochure Fluidic Muscle, 2004. [9] Raparelli, T., G. Mattiazzo, S. Mauro, M. Velardocchia. Design and Development of a Pneumatic Anthropomorphic Hand. Journal of Robotic Systems, 17 (2000), No. 1, 1

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Effects of Discrete Damping on the Dynamic Behaviour of Rotating Shaft through Extended Lagrangian Formulation

(2009), No. 1, 107-127. [10] Mukherjee, A., V. Rastogi, A. DasGupta. Revisiting Umbra-Lagrangian- Hamiltonian Mechanics: Its Variational Foundation and Extension of Noether’s Theorem and Poincaré-Cartan Integral. International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics , 46 (2011), No. 5, 745-757. [11] Rastogi, V. Extension of Lagrangian-Hamiltonian Mechanics, Study of Symmetries and Invariants, Ph. D. thesis, Kharagpur, Indian Institute of Technology, 2005. [12] Bogoliubov, N. Perturbation Theory in Nonlinear Mechanics. Collection

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Response to Concentrated Moving Masses of Elastically Supported Rectangular Plates Resting on Winkler Elastic Foundation

Nigeria, 31 (2004), No. 2a, 79-93. [11] Oni, S. T., B. Omolofe. Dynamic Analysis of a Prestressed Elastic Beam with General Boundary Conditions under Moving Loads at Varying Velocities. Journal of Engineering and Engineering Technology, FUTA, 4 (2005), No. 1, 55-72. [12] Oni, S. T., T. O. Awodola. Vibrations under a Moving Load of a Non-uniform Rayleigh Beam on Variable Elastic Foundation. Journal of Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics, 7 (2003), 191-206. [13] Omer, C., Y. Aitung. Large Deflection Static Analysis

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Non-Linear Analysis of Mode II Fracture in the end Notched Flexure Beam

- International Journal for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 18 (2011), No. 1, 51-63. [4] Markov, I., D. Dinev. Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of a Beam Strengthened by Bonded Composite Strip, Reports of International Scientific Conference VSU’2005, 26-27 May, 2005. [5] Ivanov, Ya., V. Stoyanov. High Technologies and New ConstructionMaterials in Civil Engineering, In: Education, Science, Innovations (Proc. Ist Int. Conf. of the European Polytechnical University, June 9-10, 2011, Pernik, Bulgaria), European Polytechnical University

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Flexural Motion Under Moving Masses of Prestressed Simply Supported Plate Resting on Bi-Parametric Foundation

Technologies , (2018), .

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Roughness Measurement of Dental Materials

Oral Science, 6 (2014), No. 4, 241-246. [4] Whitehouse, D. J. Surface Metrology - Review Article. Measurement Science and Technology, 8 (1997), 955-972. [5] Windecker, R., S. Franz, H. Tiziani. Optical Roughness Measurements with Fringe Projection. Appl. Optics, 38 (1999), No. 13, 2837-2842. [6] Ezazshahabi, N., M. Tehran, M. Latifi, K. Madanipour. Surface Roughness Assessment of Woven Fabrics using Fringe Projection Moiré Techniques. Fibres & textiles in Eastern Europe, 23 (2015), No. 3, 76-84. [7

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Motion of a Point Mass in a Rotating Disc: A Quantitative Analysis of the Coriolis and Centrifugal Force

-5. [20] Lourakis, M. I. A. A Brief Description of the Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm implemented by Levmar, Technical Report, Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas, 2005. [21] Madsen, K., N. B. Nielsen, O. Tingleff. Methods for Non-linear Least Squares Problems, Technical Report, Informatics and Mathematical Modelling, Technical University of Denmark, 2004. [22] Haddout, S., M. Rhazi. Levenberg-Marquardt’s and Gauss-Newton Algorithms for Parameter Optimisation of the Motion of a Point Mass Rolling

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