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Development of relative body mass (BMI) of students from Łódź, depending on the selected environmental, psychological and sociological factors

newborn risk for child or adolescent obesity: lessons from the longitudinal birth cohorts. PLoS One 7:e49919. Nicklas B.J, Tomoyasu N, Muir J, Goldberg A.P. 1999. Effects of cigarette smoking and its cessation on body weight and plasma leptin levels. Metabolism 48(6):804-08. Nowak-Zaleska A, Zaleski R, Wilk B, Walentukiewicz A. 2013. Physical activity and BMI in students beginning their studies at the Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport in the academic year 1999/2000 and 2009/2010. BJHPA 5(2):93-8. Osiecka

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The risk for falls in older people in the context of objective functional studies

adults-a path analysis model. Age and Ageing 39:99-104. Richardson JK, Hurvitz EA. 1995. Peripheral neuropathy: a true risk factor for falls. The J Geront A Biol Sci Med Sci 50:M211-M5. Rikli RE, Jones CJ. 2013. Senior Fitness Test Manual. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Rogers MW, Mille ML. 2003. Lateral stability and falls in older people. Exerc Sport Sci Rev 31:182-7. Ryushi T, Kumagai K, Hayase H, Abe T, Shibuya K, Ono A. 2000. Effect of resistive knee extension training on postural control measures in

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Prevalence of obesity, central obesity, and associated socio-demographic variables in Syrian women using different anthropometric indicators

(8):792-98. Veghari G, Sedaghat M, Joshaghani H, Hoseini A, Niknezhad F, Angizeh A, Tazik E, Moharloei P. 2010. The prevalence of obesity and its related risk factor in the north of Iran in 2006. J Res Health Sci 10(2):116-21. Wagner DR, Heyward VH. 1999. Techniques of body composition assessment: a review of laboratory and field methods. Res Q Exerc Sport 70:135-49. WHO/EMRO. 2009. Regional Data on non-communicable diseases. Available at: World Health Organization. 1995. Physical status: the use and

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The Effect of Roads on the Movement of Large and Mid-sized Mammals

intensive control by hunting in Latvia. In: 1st European Congress of Conservation Biology, Eger, Hungary, 2006. 33. Ozoliņš, J., Pupila, A., Ornicāns, A. Lynx management in Latvia: population control or sport hunting? In: Economic, social and cultural aspects in biodiversity conservation. Press of the University of Latvia, Riga, 2008, pp. 59-72. 34. Kawata, Y., Ozolins, J. and Andersone-Lilley, Z. An Analysis of the Game Animal Population Data from Latvia. Baltic Forestry, 2008, vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 75-86. 35

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Climatic Influence on the Phytoplankton Communities of the Upper Reaches of the Southern Bug River (Ukraine)

. Dokulil M. T., 2003 − Algae as ecological bioindicators, in Market B. A., Breure A. M., Zechmeistter H. G. (eds), Bioindicators and Biomonitors, Oxford, U. K, 285-327. 15. Fedorov V. D., 2004 − Changes in the biological systems, Moscow, Russia: Sport and Culture, 368. (in Russian) 16. Hustedt F., 1957 − Die Diatomeenfl ora des Flußsystems der Weser im Gebiet der Hansestadt Bremen, Abhandlungen Naturwissenschaft Verein Bremen, 34, 181-440. 17. Klochenko P. D., Mytkivska T. I. and Sakevich A. I., 1993 − Phytoplankton of the

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Revealing burden of elevated blood pressure among Polish adolescent participants in a population-based ADOPOLNOR study: prevalence and potent risk factors

and adolescents in national surveys, 1963 to 2002. Circulation 116(13):1488-96. Edvardsson VO, Steinthorsdottir SD, Eliasdottir SB, Indridason OS, Palsson R. 2012. Birth weight and childhood blood pressure. Curr Hypertens Rep 14(6):596-602. Fairclough SJ, Boddy LM, Hackett AF, Stratton G. 2009. Associations between children’s socioeconomic status, weight status, and sex, with screen based sedentary behaviours and sport participation. Int J Pediatr Obes 4:299-305. Falkner B. 2010. Hypertension in children and adolescents: epidemiology and natural

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Body height differentiation by season of birth: Girls from Cracow, Poland

Gołąb S., M. Chrzanowska, R. Żarów, J. Sobiecki, J. Brudecki, 2002, Zmiany sekularne w rozwoju fizycznym dzieci i młodzieży krakowskiej w ostatnim 30-leciu XX-wieku , Wych. Fiz. Sport , 46 , 301-314 Greil H., E. Lange, 2007, Sexual dimorphism from birth to age 60 in relation to type of body shape , Anhropol. Anz. , 65 , 61-73 Hägg U., J. Taranger, 1991, Height and height velocity in early, average and late maturers followed to the age of 25: a prospective longitudinal study of Swedish urban children from birth

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Asymmetry patterns are associated with body size and somatic robustness among adult !Kung San and Kavango people

, size, and estimated strength of humerus and radius of female racquet-sports players: a peripheral quantitative computed tomography study between young and old starters and controls. J Bone Miner Res 18: 352-359. Krahl H, Michaelis U, Pieper HG, Quack G. 1994. Montag, M. Stimulation of bone growth through sports – a radiologic investigation of the upper extremities in professional tennis players. Am J Sport Med 22:751-57. Lazenby RA. 2002. Skeletal biology, functional asymmetry and the origins of handedness. J theor Biol 218:129-38. Leung B Forbes MR

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Participation Rates of Freshwater Recreational Fisheries in the Counties of Croatia

-final25ad8955342dfa.pdf (accessed on January 23 rd 2019) Croatian Sport Fishing Association (2013): Croatian Sport Fishing Association (HŠRS) List of annual catches in sport fishing 2013. Croatian Sport Fishing Association (2014): Croatian Sport Fishing Association (HŠRS) List of annual catches in sport fishing 2014. Croatian Sport Fishing Association (2015): Croatian Sport Fishing Association (HŠRS) List of annual catches in sport fishing 2015. Croatian Sport Fishing Association (2016): Croatian Sport Fishing Association (HŠRS) List of annual

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Post-Effort Changes in Activity of Traditional Diagnostic Enzymatic Markers in Football Players’ Blood / Promene U Aktivnostima Tradicionalnih Dijagnostičkih Enzimskih Markera U Krvi Fudbalera Posle Fizičkog Naprezanja

Sport Sci Med 2013; 2: 3-8. 11. Hoff J. Training and testing physical capacities for elite soccer players. J Sports Sci 2005; 23: 573-82. 12. Popadic Gacesa JZ, Barak OF, Grujic NG. Maximal anaerobic power test in athletes of different sport disciplines. J Strength Cond Res 2009; 23: 751-5. 13. Manna I, Khanna GL, Chandra Dhara P. Effect of training on physiological and biochemical variables of soccer players of different age groups. Asian J Sports Med 2010; 1: 5-22. 14. Kruk J. Good scientific practice

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