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Local Government Efficiency in German Municipalities

should thereby not be (exclusively) interpreted as leeway for cost savings tomorrow once population shrinkage occurs. This would be rather naive. On the contrary, current inefficiencies are more likely to hint at poor (historical) performance in terms of adjusting service production to a changing environment and an inability to provide public services in the least costly way. Public entities that are currently inefficient may therefore be expected to be particularly severely hit by the changing size and structure of their populations. Baden-Württemberg is a state

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Regional Economie Resilienee: A Sehumpeterian Perspective

:// (17.11.2013). . It can be seen that by 2011 GVA in the South East, at £192,208m, was 4.6 times that of the North East, at £41,423m. It is argued below that a significant part of the explanation for the long-term cumulative divergence of these two regional economies, resulting in such a large difference by 2011, lies in the relative performance of their respective regional innovation systems. These have contributed significantly to their capacities to adapt over time and to recover from the impacts of external shocks such as

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Rescaling of Metropolitan Governance and Spatial Planning in Europe: an Introduction to the Special Issue

added to the aforementioned two important aspects of the comparative analysis of metropolitan governance. Further research should not reduce its focus to the appropriate form of metropolitan governance for each agglomeration, but broaden its scope to include the content and objectives of metropolitan policies and practices. In the past, academics and practitioners have given priority to the issues of entrepreneurship, competition, and performance of metropolitan institutions, while they undermined the issues of redistribution, local democracy, social justice, and

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Metropolitan Governance in Europe

comparison of factors that influence the institutional form of metropolitan governance, the success factors and the performance of metropolitan governance and especially the role of metropolitan planning. In the call for paper for this special issue of Raumforschung und Raumordnung | Spatial Research and Planning, we asked the authors to fill this gap. The authors were asked to describe the recent trends in their countries and refer to issues such as the history of metropolitan policies and governance, national urban policies and the structure and performance of

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Parametrische Steuerung — ein neuer Steuerungsmodus für die Raumplanung?

größeren Kontext, so wird erkennbar, dass die hier aufgeworfenen Fragen teilweise in ähnlicher Form auch in anderen Zusammenhängen auftreten. Daher lohnt es sich, einige Beispiele aus den Nachbardisziplinen und der Planungspraxis anderer Länder zu untersuchen. Dabei handelt es sich im Einzelnen um: – Management by Objectives (Betriebswirtschaft/Organisationswissenschaften) – Kontraktmanagement (Verwaltungswissenschaften) – Selbstverpflichtungen (Umweltpolitik) – Performance Zoning (Bauleitplanung USA) – Planning Policy Guidance Notes (Raumplanung

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Regional Economic Resilience: European Experiences and Policy Issues

1 Introduction The career of "regional economic resilience" as a concept for regional economic policy is closely related to recognition of the latest global recession with its exogenous shocks to regional economic performance, combined with observations of the increased frequency of these shocks due to a multitude of potential causes (e.g. natural catastrophes, terror attacks, technological breakdowns, economic bubble processes or political conflicts) and an increased mutual interdependence between regions along globalised value chains and market systems

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Building Resilient Regions: Complex Adaptive Systems and the Role of Policy Intervention

definition of resilience, this systems-based perspective also extends to its measurement and analysis. Thus, from this perspective economically resilient and non-resilient regions are identified by examining the system's overall economic performance over a period of time, with criteria for a negative economic shock defined, and pre- and post-shock growth rates and trajectories of output and employment measured. Furthermore, analysis of the determinants of resilience then typically focuses upon the structure of the system whether through understanding how inherited regional

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Städte und Regionen im Standortwettbewerb. Neue Tendenzen, Auswirkungen und Folgerungen für die Politik

auf, indem er dezidiert kritisch die Fallstricke, Widersprüche und Ungenauigkeiten zerlegt, die sich durch die zunehmende Anwendung von Rankings der Gebietskörperschaften ergeben, um dem Diktat der Vergleichbarkeit und der ständigen Überprüfung der Standortqualität bzw. der stadt-regionalen performance gerecht zu werden. Die abschließenden drei Querschnittsstudien beziehen sich allesamt auf das politische Handeln. Dabei gehen Arthur Benz und Michael Böcher auf die Funktionsweisen, Spielregeln und Grenzen politisch initiierter Leistungswettbewerbe zwischen

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Economic convergence on different spatial levels: the conflict between cohesion and growth

1 Cohesion and growth as main goals of the European Union The European Union (EU) strives for cohesion and convergence goals as well as for economic competitiveness and growth. According to Article 2 of the Treaty establishing the European Community, the Community aims at promoting “a high degree of competitiveness and convergence of economic performance”. Article 3 states that the activities of the Community shall include “the strengthening of economic and social cohesion” as well as “the strengthening of the competitiveness of Community industry

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Gemeindegröße, Verwaltungsform und Effizienz der kommunalen Leistungserstellung – Das Beispiel Sachsen-Anhalt

. D. Charnes A. Cooper W. W. 1984 Some models for estimating technical and scale inefficiencies in data envelopment analysis Management Science 30 9 1078 1092 Blank, J. L. T; Knox Lovell, C. A. (2000): Performance Assessment in the Public Sector. In: Blank, J. L. T. (Hrsg.): Public Provision and Performance. Amsterdam, 3–19. Blank J. L. T Knox Lovell C. A. 2000 Performance Assessment in the Public Sector Blank J. L. T. Public Provision and Performance Amsterdam 3 19 Bönisch, P.; Haug, P.; Illy, A.; Schreier, L. (2011

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