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Drinking to death: traditional masculinity, alcohol and shame in Finnish metal lyrics

, M. S. (2007): Masculinity as Homophobia: Fear, Shame and Silence in the Construction of Gender Identity. In: Cook, N. (ed.): Gender Relations in Global Perspective: Essential Readings. Toronto: Canadian Scholars' Press Koski-Jännes, A. (1992): Alcohol Addiction and Self-Regulation. A Controlled Trial of a Relapse Prevention Program for Finnish Inpatient Alcoholics. Helsinki: The Finnish Foundation for Alcohol Studies Kukkonen, P. (1996): Tango Nostalgia. The Language of Love and Longing. Helsinki: Helsinki

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Eroticism in the “Cold Climate” of Northern Ireland in Christina Reid’s The Belle of the Belfast City

Belle of the Belfast City.” Plays: 1 . London: Methuen, 1997. 177-250. Print. Roche Anthony. Contemporary Irish Drama: From Beckett to McGuiness . Dublin: Gill & MacMillan, 1994. Print. Shannon, Elizabeth. I Am of Ireland: Women of the North Speak Out . Boston: Little, Brown, 1989. Print. Sweeney, Bernadette. Performing the Body in Irish Theatre . New York: Palgrave- Macmillan, 2008. Print. Tracie, Rachel. “Photography and Nostalgia in Christina Reid’s The Belle of the Belfast City .” Ireland in

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Authority in Crisis? The Dynamic of the Relationship Between Prospero and Miranda in Appropriations of The Tempest

W orks cited Bennett, Susan. Performing Nostalgia: Shifting Shakespeare and the Contemporary Past . London: Routledge, 1996. Print. Boose, Lynda E. “The Father and the Bride in Shakespeare.” PMLA 97 (1982): 325–47. Print. Buchanan, Judith. Shakespeare on Film . Harlow: Pearson Education, 2005. Print. Chedgzoy, Kate. Shakespeare’s Queer Children. Sexual Politics and Contemporary Culture. Manchester: Manchester UP, 1995. Print. Churchill, Caryl. Caryl Churchill: Plays 1 . London: Methuen, 1996. Print. Collick, John

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Making History Usable: Al-Andalus as a Site of Identity Construction in Arab American Women’s Narratives

June 2, 2016] Menocal, Maria Rosa. A. 1992. “Al-Andalus and 1492: The Ways of Remembering” in The Legacy of Muslim Spain . Salma Khadra Jayyusi (Ed.). Leiden and New York: E.J. Brill, pp.483-504. Rodriguez, Jeanette and Ted Fortier. 2007. Cultural Memory: Resistance, Faith, and Identity . Austin: University of Texas Press. Stearns, Justin. 2009. “Representing and Remembering Al-Andalus: Some Historical Considerations Regarding the End of Time and the Making of Nostalgia” in Medieval Encounters 15:355-374. Viguera, Maria. J. 1992. “ Asluhu

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Material Excess and Deadly Dwelling in E.L. Doctorow’s Homer and Langley

the Eye . New York, London: Norton, 1990. Sharpe, William. “Nostalgia and Connection in the Postmodern Metropolis.” Post, Ex, Sub, Dis: Urban Fragmentations and Constructions . Ed. Ghent Urban Studies Team [GUST]. Rotterdam: 010 Publishers, 2002. 238-281. Tallack, Douglas. “New York, New York.” N.p. N.d. Web. 10 Feb. 2014. Wutz, Michael. “Literary Narrative and Information Culture: Garbage, Waste, and Residue in the Work of E.L. Doctorow.” Contemporary Literature 44.3 (2003): 501-535.

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Skandinaviska Filmer i Världen
Om Utlandssekvensers Betydelse i Niels Arden Oplevs Män Som Hatar Kvinnor (2009), Susanne Biers Hævnen (2010) Och Sara Johnsens Upperdog (2009)

. 2010. Hævnen. Danmark: Zentropa Entertainments. Bordwell, David. 1985. Narration in the Fiction Film . London: Routledge. Boym, Svetlana. 2001. The Future of Nostalgia. New York: Basic Books. Busk, Daniel. 2009. Multitalentet. Film & Kino 5, s. 29-31. Duyvendak, Jan Willem. 2011. The Politics of Home: Belonging and Nostalgia in Western Europe and the United States. London: Palgrave Macmillan. Elsaesser, Tomas. 2005. European cinema: face to face with Hollywood, Amsterdam

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Why Ageing is More Important than Being Old
Understanding the Elderly in a Mediatized World

). Reconstructing Past Media Ecologies: The 1960s Generation in Sweden. European Journal of Communication, 30(1): 50-63. Bolin, Göran (2014). Media Generations: Objective and Subjective Media Landscapes and Nostalgia among Generations of Media Users. Participations. Journal of Audience & Reception Studies, 11(2): 108-131. Bolin, Göran (2015). Passion and Nostalgia in Generational Media Experiences. European Journal of Cultural Studies. Advance online publication: Bolin, Göran (2016). Media

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Childhood and Children’s Retrospective Media Consumption Experiences
The case of Norway

. The Role of the Mobile in the Shaping of Swedish Media Generations. International Journal of Communication , 3: 108-124. Bolin, Göran (2014). Media Generations: Objective and Subjective Media Landscapes and Nostalgia among Generations of Media Users. Participations: Journal of Audience & Reception Studies, 11(2): 108-131. Bolin, Göran (2015). Passion and Nostalgia in Generational Media Experiences. European Journal Of Cultural Studies, 19(3): 250-264. Buckingham, David (2006). After the Death of Childhood: Growing up in the Age of Electronic

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Mihail Sebastian and the Intimist Writings. From Theatricality to the Illusion of Reality

, commented anthology, critical reception, Brașov, Editura Aula, 2007. Călinescu, Matei, Un fel de jurnal (1973-1981), Editura Humanitas, Bucharest, 2016. Ciocârlie, Livius, Paradisul derizoriu. Jurnal despre indiferență, Editura Humanitas, Bucharest, 1993. Crainic, Nichifor, Nostalgia paradisului, Editura Cugetarea, Bucharest, [1940]. Dimisianu, Gabriel, “Posteritatea lui Sebastian”, in: România literară, nr. 17, 26 April 2013. Eliade, Mircea, Profetism românesc, vol. I: Itinerariu spiritual

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Dislocation: The Conflict of Photographic and Cinematographic Representations of War in Soviet Lithuania

darbai 1947-1952 m.” Menotyra 16 (2009): 150-169. Azoulay, Ariella. Civil Imagination: A Political Ontology of Photography, London: Verso, 2015. Bassnett, Sarah, and Noble, Andrea. “Introduction. Cold War Visual Alliances.” Cold War Visual Alliances, Visual Studies 30, No. 2, 2015: 119-122, Boym, Svetlana. The Future of Nostalgia. New York: Basic Books, 2001. Čepaitienė, Rasa. “ “Tarybinės sostinės” konstravimas J. Stalino epochoje: Minsko

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