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Laser-Beam Welding Impact on the Deformation Properties of Stainless Steels When Used for Automotive Applications

., Krettek Ch. (2005) Improvements in passive car safety led to decreased injury severity - a comparison between the 1970s and 1990s, Injury , 36(4), 484-488. 17. Schrek A., Činák M., Švec P., Kostka P., Gajdošová V. (2014), Influence of Stress-strain Characteristic of Laser Weld Join on the Total Formability of Tailored Welded Blanks, Hutnícke listy , 67(4), 41-44 (in Slovak). 18. Solfronk P., Sobotka J., Kolnerová M., Zuzánek L. (2014), Influence of temperature on formability of magnesium alloy AZ31B. 23rd Int. Conf. METAL 2014, Brno, Czech Republic

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Parametric Optimization Of Gas Metal Arc Welding Process By Using Grey Based Taguchi Method On Aisi 409 Ferritic Stainless Steel

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Fabrication and characterisation of porous, calcium enriched coatings on titanium after plasma electrolytic oxidation under DC regime

-1911. 7. Gnedenkov S.V., Sharkeev Y.P., Sinebryukhov S.L., Khrisanfova O.A., Legostaeva E.V., Zavidnaya A.G., Puz’ A.V., Khlusov I.A., Opra D.P., Functional coatings formed on the titanium and magnesium alloys as implant materials by plasma electrolytic oxidation technology: fundamental principles and synthesis conditions, Corrosion Review, 34(1-2) (2016), 65-83. 8. Simka W., Sadowski A., Warczak M., Iwaniak A., Dercz G., Michalska J., Maciej A., Modification of titanium oxide layer by calcium and phosphorus, Electrochimica Acta, 56(24) (2011), 8962-8968. 9

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Study of Technology for Ultrafine-Grained Materials for Usage as Materials in Nuclear Power

-17. Dobatkin, S., Galkin, S., Estrin, Y., Serebryany, V., Diez, M., Martynenko, N., Lukyanova, E. and Perezhogin, V. (2019).Grain refinement, texture, and mechanical properties of a magnesium alloy after radial-shear rolling. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 774, рр. 969-979. Ge, X., Li, J., Wang, H, Zhang, C., Liu, Y. and Luo, J. (2019). Macroscale super lubricity under extreme pressure enabled by the combination of graphene-oxide nanosheets with ionic liquid. Carbon, 151, pp. 76-83. Ghazani, M.S. and Eghbali, B. (2018).Characterization of the hot deformation

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Mechanical Properties and Their Quantification Particularly When Transiting from Elastic to Plastic State on Materials Cut by AWJ

References [1] Brünig, M.; Gerke, S.; Hagenbrock, V. Stress-state-dependence of damage strain rate tensors caused by growth and coalescence of micro-defects. Int. J. Plast. 2014, 63 , 49–63. [2] Popova, E.; Staraselski, Y.; Brahme, A.; Mishra, R.K.; Inal, K. Coupled crystal plasticity-Probabilistic cellular automata approach to model dynamic recrystallization in magnesium alloys. Int. J. Plast. 2015, 66 , 85–102. [3] Krempl, E. Relaxation behavior and modeling. Int. J. Plast. 2001, 17 , 1419–1436. [4] Drar, H.; Svensson, I

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Effect of combined surface treatment on quality and electrochemical corrosion properties of manganese phosphate on hsla steel domex 700

-571. 6. Xizhang, Ch.; Yuming, H.; Yucheng, L. Microstructure and properties of 700 MPa grade HSLA steel during high temperature deformation. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2015, 631, 225-231. 7. Neslušan, M.; Mičieta, B.; Mičietová, A.; Čiliková, M.; Mrkvica, I. Detection of tool breakage during hard turning through acoustic emission at low removal rates. Measurement 2015, 70, 1-13. 8. Mhaede, M.; Pastorek, F.; Hadzima, B. Influence of shot peening on corrosion properties of biocompatible magnesium alloy AZ31 coated by dicalcium

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Static corrosion tests of iron-based biomaterials in the environment of simulated body fluids

biomaterial. J. Mater. Sci. Mater. Med. 2010 , 21 (7), 2151–2163. 8. Alabbasi, A.; Liyanaarachchi, S.; Kannan, M. B.: Polylactic acid coating on a biodegradable magnesium alloy: An in vitro degradation study by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Thin Solid Films. 2012 , 520 (23), 6841–6844. 9. Haverová, L.; Oriňaková, R.; Oriňak, A.; Gorejová, R.; Baláž, M.; Vanýsek, P.; et al.: An In Vitro Corrosion Study of Open Cell Iron Structures with PEG Coating for Bone Replacement Applications. Metals. 2018 , 8 (7), 499. 10. Yusop, A. H. M.; Daud

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Determination of Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Input Parameters to Attain Maximum Tensile Strength of 316L Austenitic Stainless Steel

magnesium alloy. Optics & Laser Technology 2010 (42), No. 8, 1253 - 1260. [14] C. Y. Chu, C. T. Hsieh, L. W. Tsay. Microstructure and notched tensile fracture of Ti- 6Al-4V to Ti-4.5Al-3V-2Fe-2Mo dissimilar welds. Materials and Design 2014 (63), 14- 19. [15] E. M. Anawa, A. G. Olabi. Optimization of tensile strength of ferritic/austenitic laser welded components. Optics and Lasers in Engineering 2008 (46), No. 8, 571 - 577. [16] S. Rajakumar, C. Muralidharan, V. Balasubramanian. Influence of friction stir welding process and

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magnesium alloy in the presence of sulfate-reducing bacteria, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 473, 550-556. 24. Manivasagam G., Dhinasekaran D., Rajmanickam A. (2010), Biomedical implants: corrosion and its prevention - a review, Recent Patents on Corrosion Science, 2, 40-54. 25. Marciniak J., Paszenda Z. (2005), Biotolerance of metallic biomaterials, Spondyloimplantologia advanced spine treatment system DERO, Wyd. Polska Grupa DERO, Zielona Gora, 133-142. 26. Mareci D., Romas M., Cailean A., Sutiman D. (2011

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Sensitive Analysis on Selection of Piston Material Using MADM Techniques

Research 184, pp. 255 – 265, 2008 . [21] Sameer Kumar, D., Suman K. N. S. “Selection of Magnesium Alloy by MADM Methods for Automobile Wheels”, IJEM 4 (2), pp. 31 – 41, 2014 . DOI: 10.5815/ijem.2014.02.03 [22] Parnell, G., Trainor, T. “2.3.1 Using the Swing Weight Matrix to Weight Multiple Objectives”, INCOSE International Symposium 19, pp. 283 – 298, 2009 . DOI: 10.1002/j.2334-5837.2009.tb00949.x [23] Li, X., Wang, K., Liu, L., Xin, J., Yang, H., Gao, Ch., “Application of the Entropy Weight and TOPSIS Method in Safety Evaluation of Coal Mines

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