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Subversive Victims?
The (non)Reporting of Sexual Violence against Male Victims During the War in Bosnia-Herzegovina

the contemporary world’ in Breines, I., Connell, R. & Eide, I. (eds.) Male Roles, Masculinities and Violence. A Culture of Peace Perspective. UNESCO Publishing: Paris (21-33). Crowo, J. (1994) ’Uten massemedia mindre penger’ [Less money without mass media] Aftenposten. 04/08/1994. Eide, E. & von der Lippe, B. (2003) ’Å lese medier i kjønnsbriller’ [Reading Media Through Gendered Lenses] in von der Lippe, B. (ed.) Medier, Politikk og Samfunn. Oslo: Cappelen Akademisk Forlag, 263-295. Galtung, J. (2002) ‘Peace Journalism

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Ambivalent Views on Political News

. Fallows J. (1996) Breaking the News: How the Media Undermine American Democracy. New York: Pantheon. Glasser T.L. (1999) The Idea of Public Journalism. New York: The Guildford Press. Habermas J. (1962/1989) The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere. Cambridge: The MIT Press. Høyer S. et al. (1982) Maktutredningen: Rapporten om massmedier. Oslo: Statsministeriet. Iyerger S. (1991). Is Anyone Responsible? How Television Frames Political Issues. Chicago: Chicago University Press

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The Genealogy of News
Researching Journalistic Food-Chains

: Samfundslitteratur. Høyer S. et al. (1982) Maktudredningen. Rapporten om massmedier. Oslo: Norges offentlige Utredninger 1982:30. Lund A.B. (1997) Smitsomme sygdomme i dansk journalistik. København: Munksgaard. Lund A.B. (1999) ”Journalist-roller i det redigerede samfund”. Politica 31, 133-146. McManus J.H. (1994) Market-Driven Journalism. London: Sage. Nordstedt S.A (red.) (1994) En nyhedsdag: Svenska nyhetsredaktioners organisation, reportrar och uppdrag. Örebro: Högskolan i Örebro

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Hyperlocals and Legacy Media
Media Ecologies in Transition

References Anderson, Chris W (2009). Breaking journalism down: Work, authority and networking local news 1997-2009 . New York: Colombia University. Anderson, Chris W (2016). News ecosystems, pp 410-423 in Witschge, Tamara; Anderson, C W; Domingo, David & Hermida, Alfred (eds.). The SAGE handbook of digital journalism. London: SAGE. Andersson, Ulrika & Wadbring, Ingela (2005). I gratistidningsland [In free newspaperland]. JMG arbetsrapport 31. Gothenburg: JMG, University of Gothenburg. Appelberg, Jonas (2016). Local journalism with

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Mega-Sporting Events and the Media in Attention Economies
National and International Press Coverage of the IAAF World Championships in Helsinki 2005

References Eteläaho, A. (2006) ‘Kisahanke kisaorganisaation johdon näkökulmasta: Johtamisen tavoitteet, strategiat ja riskit’, in Nylund, M.; Laakso, S., & S Ojajärvi (eds.) Urheilu, maine ja raha . Helsinki: Gaudeamus, 99-118. Falkheimer, J. (2006) ‘When Places and Images Collide. Place branding and News Journalism’, in Falkheimer, J. & Jansson, A. (eds.) Geographies of Communication. The Spatial Turn in Media Studies. Gothenburg: Nordicom, 125-138. Finnish Sports Federation (2005) Miehet ja naiset numeroina liikunnassa ja urheilussa

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Gender Representation of Athletes in Finnish and Swedish Tabloids
A quantitative and qualitative content analysis of Athens 2004 and Turin 2006 Olympics coverage

, Agnes (2004) ‘We Do Not Engage in Promotional Journalism’. Discursive Strategies Used by Sport Journalists to Describe the Selection Process. International Review for the Sociology of Sport 39(1):57-73. Koivula, Nathalie (1999) Gender stereotyping in televised media sport coverage. Sex roles 41(7/8):589-604. Koivula, Nathalie (2000) “Kämpa nu gubbar!” Om könsfördomar i sportbevakning. JMG Granskaren 3(1):18-21. Koivula, Nathalie (2001) Perceived Characteristics of Sports Categorized as Gender-Neutral, Feminine and Masculine. Journal of Sport

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Revenue and Branding Strategy in the Norwegian News Market
The Case of TV 2 News Channel

’, Journalism 10(2):131-53. Djerf-Pierre, M. (2007) ‘The Gender of Journalism: The Structure and Logic of the Field in the Twentieth Century’, Nordicom Review , Jubilee Issue:81-104. Eide, M. (1992) Nyhetens interesse: Nyhetsjournalistikk mellom tekst og kontekst ( News Journalism between Text and Context ). Oslo: Universitetsforlaget. Eide, M. (ed.) (2001) Til Dagsorden! Journalistikk, makt og demokrati ( Journalism, Power and Democracy ). Oslo: Gyldendal. Enli, G.S.; Syvertsen, T. & Sæther, S.Ø. (2006

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The World of Journalism – The World of Public Relations Assessment of Changes in Relations Between Journalists and PR Managers in Poland


The paper presents a comparative look at the results of similar studies relating to the diagnosis of cooperation between the journalists and representatives of the PR industry in Poland. Comparable subjects, arising from the similarity of used research tools, as well as comparable attempts of the research on both environments provide good opportunities of drawing overlapping conclusions from the two research projects. Although standardization of the cooperation between journalists and PR professionals is very difficult and its description is limited by a number of variables and differentiating factors, comparing both studies makes it possible to draw conclusions about some changes or elements that have remained unchanged in relations PR managers - journalists in Poland over the last 11 years.

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The Empire and the Egyptians
A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Global Journalism Studies

. Lund: Nya Doxa Fairclough, Norman (1992) Discourse and Social Change. Cambridge: Polity Press. Fairclough, Norman (1995) Media Discourse. London: Arnold. Fairclough, Norman (2004) Analysing Discourse. Textual Analysis for Social Research. London: Routledge. Fürsich, Elfriede (2002) How Can Global Journalists Represent the ‘Other’?, Journalism 3(2002) 1. London: Sage. Hall, Stuart (1992) The West and the Rest: Discourse and Power, in Hall/Gieben: Formations of Modernity. Cambridge: Polity

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Through Rose or Blue and White Glasses?
Decades of News about the Soviet Union in the Finnish Press

Service Broadcasting Company’s Political Editors in the 1980s.) Research report 5/1991. Helsinki: Yleisradio. Aula, M.K. (1992) Perässä tullaan Amerikka? - Ajatuskoe suomalaisen poliittisen julkisuuden murroksest a. (Following the Path of America? - A Thought Experiment on the Changing Finnish Public Sphere.) Tiedotustutkimus 15:2, 10-23. Eberwine, D., Manoff, R.C. & Schiffer, R.M. (1991) The End of the Cold War and the Opportunities for Journalism. In Dennis, E.E., Gerbner, G. & Zassoursky, Y.N. (eds.) Beyond the Cold War . Newbury

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