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Impact of ERPS on Organizations’ Financial Performance

of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system performance measurement using the quantitative balanced scorecard approach. Computers in Industry , 75 , 127–139. Trott, P. & Hoecht, A. (2013). Enterprise resource planning and its impact on innovation. International Journal of Innovation Management , 8(4), 257-70. Ulrich, Remus (2007). Critical success factors for implementing enterprise portals: A comparison with ERP implementations, Business Process Management Journal , 13(4), 538-552.

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Business Models and Internet of Things

ABS model, In Hamdan, H., Boubiche, D.E., Hidoussi, F. (Eds.). Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Internet of things, Data and Cloud Computing (ICC ‘17). ACM, New York, NY, USA, Article 11, 5 pages. Bucherer, E., & Uckelmann, D. (2011). Business models for the Internet of Things. In D. Uckelmann, M. Harrison & F. Michahelles (Hrsg.), Architecting the Internet of Things (S. 253–277). Berlin: Springer. Bieger, T., Knyphausen, A. D., Krys, C. (2011). Business Model Innovation. Springer. 2011 edition, pp. 15 - 18. CokeMachine (2019

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Assessment of the intellectual capital evaluation practices in Romanian IT companies

April 2018 from: European Innovation Scoreboard (2017). European Innovation Scoreboard . Retrieved in April 2018 from: FSB (2016). Expert in Business. Retrieved in January 2019 from: Guthrie, J., Ricceri, F., & Dumay, J. (2012). Reflections and

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Understanding the internet banking adoption factors in the Romanian market

plata. Bucharest: ASE. Hartwick, J., & Barki, H. (1994). Explaining the role of user participation in information system use. Management Science, 40 (4), 440-465. doi:10.1287/mnsc.40.4.440 Jeyaraj, A., Rottman, J., & Lacity, M. (2006). A review of the predictors, linkages, and biases in IT innovation adoption research. Journal of Information Technology, 21 (1), 1-23. doi:10.1057/palgrave.jit.2000056 Kiang, M., Raghu, T., & Shang, K. (2000). Marketing on the Internet - who can benefit from an online marketing approach? Decision Support Systems, 27

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Linearization and discretization risks in knowledge management

Innovation and Learning , 8(4), 393-407. Bryman, A. & Bell, E. (2007). Business research methods. Second edition. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. Damasio, A. (1999). The feelings of what happens: Body and emotions in the making of consciousness. New York: Harcourt. Damasio, A. (2012). Self comes to mind: Constructing the conscious brain . New York: Vintage Books. Dima, A.M., Hadad, S., & Cantaragiu, R. (2016). A conceptual analysis of business-university knowledge transfer in the energy field. In Tantau, A., & Hadad, S. (Eds

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Developing rural tourism in the context of sustainable bioeconomy – a Romanian perspective

innovation economy. Social Economic Debates , 7(2), 1-9. Sumantra, I. K., & Yuesti, A. (2018). Evaluation of Salak Sibetan Agrotourism to Support Community-Based Tourism Using Logic Model. International Journal of Contemporary Research and Review , 9 (01). “Turismul romanesc, 1.4% pondere in PIB, o tremie fata de media europeana”. Retrieved April 26, 2019 from: .

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Cruise industry in Romania – An emerging market

Mediterranean. Tourism Management, 68 , 168-176. MacNeill, T. & Wozniak, D. (2018). The economic, social, and environmental impacts of cruise tourism. Tourism Management, 66 , 387-404. Mancini, M. (2011), The CLIA Guide to the Cruise Industry , Delmar, Cengage Learning. Polat, N. (2015). Technical Innovations in Cruise Tourism and Results of Sustainability. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 195 , 438-445. Rodrigue, J. & Notteboom, T. (2013). The geography of cruises: Itineraries, not destinations. Applied Geography, 38 . 31

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The role of management accounting systems in sustainable and development strategies

, Working paper . Simons, R. (1995). Control in an age of empowerment. Havard Business Review , March-April: 80-88. Unerman, J., Bebbington, J., & O’Dwyer, B. (2007) “Introduction to sustainability accounting and accountability”, Sustainability accounting and accountability . London, New York: Routledge. Wynder, M. (2010), Chemical: Evaluating performance based on the balanced scorecard. Journal of Accounting Education, Ed 28, pp. 221-236. Zawawi, N. H. M., & Hoque, Z. (2010) “Research in management accounting innovations: An overview of its

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The Excellence as a Habit - The Thyroid Repair

International Conference on Business Excellence, Innovation and Sustainability in a Turbulent Economic Environment, 22-23 march 2018, Bucharest, Romania. Moss T., Johnson K. (1973) Bio-plasma of Corona Discharge, in S. Krippner, D. Rubin, Galaxies of Life: The Human Aura in Acupuncture and Kirlian photography, Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, Inc. Rubik B., (2004) Scientific Analysis of the Human Aura. In: In K. Korotkov (ed.): Measuring Energy Fields State of the Science, Fair Lawn, NJ., Backbone, pg. 157–170. Torp A. (2018) Research into a HR

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Digital transformation trends reshaping companies

-April). We need people to lean into the furture. (A. Ignatius, Interviewer) HBR. Meffert, J. (2017, August). How to make sure your digital transformation succeeds. (M. Hattrup-Silberberg, Interviewer) McKinsey&Company. Retrieved February 2018, from Parmar, R., Mackenize, I., Cohn, D., & Gann, D. (2014, January-February). The New Patterns of Innovation. HBR . Retrieved February 2018, from

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