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Assessment of E-Learning Resources Utilization by Students of Tertiary Institutions in Katsina State, Nigeria

References Amkpa, S.A. (2007). Gender and age difference in computer use and attitude among students of University of Maiduguri. The Information Technologists , 4(1), 60-67. Anikweze, C.M. (2013). Assessment practices and the challenges of innovations in Nigerian education. Paper presented at an institutional seminar organized by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), Abuja on 3 rd September, 2013 at the JAMB Auditorium. Chiaha,G. U; Eze, J.U. and Ezeudu, F.O.(2013). Education students’ access to e-learning facilities in universities

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Factors Which Influence the Growth of Creative Industries: Cross-section Analysis in China

-0-140-28794-3 Jac, I. (2008). Evaluation of Project in Dimension the Innovation Solution of Disparities. E + M Economics and Management , 2008, Vol.11. Iss.2, pp. 31-40. ISSN 1212-3609 KLOUDOVA, J. Measurement of the Creative Economy. Journal of Economics . Institute of Slovak and World Economics and Institute of Forecasting Slovak Academy of Sciences. Bratislava. 2009, Vol.57, No.3, pp. 247-262 KLOUDOVA, J. Kreativní ekonomika. Trendy, výzvy, příležitosti. (Creative Economy). Grada Publishing, a.s., 2010. ISBN: 978

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Network Neutrality and Ownership Unbundling in Telecommunication

, Berlin. Genachowski, J. (2009a). Preserving a Free and Open Internet: A Platform for Innovation, Opportunity and Prosperity. Federal Communications Commission, [cit. 2010-09-01]. Dostupné na internete: Genachowski, J. (2009b). Preserving a Free and Open Internet: A Platform for Innovation, Opportunity and Prosperity. Federal Communications Commission, [cit. 2010-09-01]. Dostupné na

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The Future of Rural Poland: the Main Trends and Possible Scenarios.

Framework Convention on Climate Change, Working Group II. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. University College London, UK and Center for Global Environmental Research, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba, Japan. IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Emissions scenarios, 2000, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Jannson, K. & Terluin, I. 2009 Alternative futures of rural areas in the EU: a comparative analysis of scenario studies, 113 th EAAE Seminar, The role of knowledge, innovation and human capital in

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Working in Regional Agro-food Networks – Strengthening Rural Development through Cooperation

landlicher Raume 2007-2013’ [‘German National Strategy Plan for Rural Development 2007-2013’]. Berlin/ Bonn. Bocher, M., 2009. Faktoren fur den Erfolg einer nachhaltigen und integrierten landlichen Regionalentwicklung [Factors for a successful sustainable and integrated rural regional development]. In: Friedel R. and E. A . S pindler (eds.), 2009. Nachhaltige Entwicklung landlicher Raume. Chancenverbesserung durch Innovation und Traditionspflege [Sustainable development of rural regions. Improving opportunities by innovation and maintenance of traditions

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Evaluating the complex: Alternative models and measures for evaluating collaboration among substance use services with mental health, primary care and other services and sectors

.Psychiatric Services, 53(8), 949-957. Olney, C.A. (2005). Using evaluation to adapt health information outreach to the complex environments of communitybased organizations. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 93, S57-S67. Patton, M.G. (2010). Developmental evaluation: Applying complexity concepts to enhance innovation and use. New York, NY: Guilford Press. Pawson, R. & Tilley, N. (1997). Realistic evaluation. Thousand Oaks, California: Sage. Pawson, R. & Tilley, N. (2004). Realist evaluation. Retrieved from www

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Envisioning Higher Education: How Imagining the Future Shapes the Implementation of a New Field in Higher Education

-Prozesses : Zur diskursiven Logik eines bildungspolitischen Programms . Bielefeld: transcript. Malazita, James W. 2019. Epistemic Infrastructure, the Instrumental Turn, and the Digital Humanities. Forthcoming in Debates in the Digital Humanities: Institutions, Infrastructures at the Interstices , edited by Anne McGrail, Angel David Nieves, and Siobhan Senier. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Manyika, James et al. 2011. Big Data: The Next Frontier for Innovation, Competition, and Productivity . Seoul/San Francisco/London/Washington: McKinsey Global

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Children of Romanian Migrants between “Here” and “There”: Stories of Home Attachment

Emergent Research Field.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 22(2): 217-237. Portes, Alejandro, and Ruben G. Rumbaut. 2005. “Introduction: The Second Generation and the Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Study.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 28(6): 983-99. Rossi, Enzo, and Fabrizio Botti. 2010. “Migration as a Factor of Social Innovation and Development: The Case of Romanian Migration to Italy.” Revista Inovația Socială (2): 15-23. Rumbaut, Ruben G. 2002. “Severed or Sustained Attachments? Language, Identity, and Imagined Communities

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The Swedish drug problem: Conceptual understanding and problem handling, 1839–2011

1940-1981. Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell International. Edman, J. (2009). What’s in a name? Alcohol and drug treatment and the politics of confusion. Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 26(4), 339-353. Edman, J. (2011). En sjukdom? Narkotikamissbrukarna och den politiska diagnosen 1967-1981. In B. Olsson (Ed.), Narkotika. Om problem och politik (pp. 139-159). Stockholm 2011: Norstedts Juridik. Edman, J. (2012). Swedish drug treatment and the political use of conceptual innovation 1882-1982. Contemporary Drug Problems

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The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Populism: A Comparative Analysis of the U.S. and Slovakia

na Devíne vyzýval na výchovu k vlastenectvu” [‘Holiday: Fico in Devín Called on Education to Patriotism’], SITA news agency, July 5, 2007. Swanson, L., and Mancini, P 1996. Politics, Media and Modern Democracy: An International Study of Innovation in Electoral Campaigning and Their Consequences. Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc. Wood, R 2002. Faith in Action: Religion, Race, and Democratic Organizing in America. University of Chicago Press. Žúborová, V 2012. 20 rokov transformácie: postavenie politickej komunikácie

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