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Fostering Innovation in the National Systems: An Application to Spain

redes de aprendizaje virtual: aplicación de la técnica dafo”, available at: ml/ (23 March 2011). 14. Conner, K. R., Prahalad, C. K. (1996), “A Resource-Based Theory of the Firm: Knowledge versus Opportunism”, Organization Science, Vol. 7, No. 5, pp. 477-501. 15. Cooke, P. (2005), “Regionally Asymetric Knowledge Capabilities and Open Innovation”, Research Policy, Vol. 34, No. 8, pp. 1128-1149. 16. D’Aveni, R. (1994). “Hypercompetiton: Managing the Dynamics of Strategic Maneuvering”, New

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The Effect of Government Subsidy on Non-Technological Innovation and Firm Performance in the Service Sector: Evidence from Germany

References 1. Albors-Garrigos, J., Barrera, R. R. (2011), “Impact of Public Funding on A Firm's Innovation Performance: Analysis of Internal and External Moderating Factors”, International Journal of innovation management, Vol. 15, No. 6, pp. 1297-1322. 2. Almus, M., Czarnitzki, D. (2003), “The effects of public R&D subsidies on firms' innovation activities: the case of Eastern Germany”, Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 226-236. 3. Arvanitis, S., Woerter, M. (2013), “Firm characteristics and the cyclicality of R

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The Impact of ESG Investment, How Company and University can Collaborate to Realize It with Local Innovation

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Innovation strategies in SME’s economic growth and job creation in economy

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National innovative performance and sustainable development – the case of Slovakia

a Sustainable Development Goal Index through a Goal Programming Model: The Case of EU-28 Countries. Sustainability, 10(9). Krizanova, A., Masarova, G., Stefanikova, L., & Rypakova, M. (2015). Building a Brand in the Context of Sustainable Development. Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Management Engineering and Management Innovation , 3, 79-84. Nagy, J.A., Benedek, J., & Kinga, I. (2018). Measuring Sustainable Development at a Local Level: A Case of a Metropolitan Area in Romania. Sustainability, 10(11), 3962. Nichifor, M

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Socio-Ecological Innovations in Marketing Strategy – A Comparative Analysis Of Companies Operating in Western European Countries and Central-Eastern European Countries

References Baruk, J. (2013). Innowacje jako czynnik sukcesu organizacji. Zarządzanie i Finanse, 4(1), 7-16. BCG Report. (2016, January 10-11). The most innovative companies, getting past “Not Invented Here”. Boston: BCG Report. Bembenek, B. & Moszkowicz, K. (2017). Innowacje społeczne w klastrach − strategiczne wyzwanie w zarządzaniu klastrami. Handel Wewnętrzny, 3(368), 300-312. Bošković, G., Savić, L., & Mićić, M. (2016, January-March). Innovation as a determinant of competitiveness and

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Value Streams Mapping in the Implementation of Process Innovations – in the Case of Single–Unit Production

, 15, pp. 23-26, DOI: 10.30657/pea.2017.15.06. Brad, S., Murar, M. and Brad, E. (2016) Methodology for Lean Design of Disruptive Innovations. Procedia CIRP, 50, pp. 153-159, DOI: 10.1016/j.procir.2016.04.204. Cheser, R. (1994). Kaizen is more then continuous improvement. Quality Progress, 27 (4), pp. 23-26. Chiarini, A. (2017). An adaptation of the EOQ formula for JIT quasi-pull system production. Production Planning & Control, 28 (2), pp. 123-130. Dombrowski, U. and Mielke, T. (2014). Lean Leadership

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A Model of Lean Management for Organizational Innovation: Cases in Visegrád and AFTA

, 2(1), 56–74, doi: http :// Choomlucksana, J., Ongsaranakorn, M., Suksabai, P., 2015. Improving the Productivity of Sheet Metal Stamping Subassembly Area Using the Application of Lean Manufacturing Principles. Procedia Manufacturing, 2(February), 102–107, doi: 10.1016/j.promfg.2015.07.090. CIDB MALAYSIA, 2008. Malaysia Report . The 14th Asia Construct Conference, 1, 13–26. Edison, H. et al., 2018. Lean Internal Startups for Software Product Innovation in Large Companies: Enablers and Inhibitors . Journal of

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The Leadership of R&D Teams: Significance, Challenges, Complexity and Reflection on the Existing Models

Bibliography Aime F., Humphrey S., Derue D.S., Paul J.B., 2014, The Riddle of heterarchy: Power transitions in cross-functional teams, Academy of Management Journal, 7(2), pp. 327-352. Braun S., Peus C., Weisweiler S., Frey D., 2013, Transformational leadership, job satisfaction, and team performance: A multilevel mediation model of trust , Leadership Quarterly, vol. 24, pp. 270-283. Buijs J., 2007, Innovation leaders should be controlled schizophrenics , Creativity and Innovation Management, vol. 16, no. 2, 200.3-2010. Day D

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Innovation needs deregulation: the case of taxi and private hire companies

-anaf-a-cerut-uber-o-listacu-toti-utilizatorii-un-sofer-din-capitala-a-incasat-60-000-lei-in-2015-11-03-20 Bosman, R. (2015). Fast Company. Retrieved from Fast Company: Biber, E.. Light, S., Ruhl, J.B., Salzman, J. (2017). Regulating Business Innovation as Policy Disruption: From the Model T to Airbnb. Vanderblit Law Review, 70(5), 1561-1626. Credit Suisse. (2015). Global Equity Themes. The Sharing Economy. Retrieved from

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