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The Definition of Reserves to Increase Milk Production on the Basis of Forecast Supply Balances

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Differences in Agricultural Support between Countries – The OECD Measurement

Use (The PSE Manual). Paris : Trade and Agriculture Directorate, 2016, pp. 18–19. OECD. 2011. Evaluation of Agricultural Policy Reforms in the European Union, OECD Publishing. POKRIVČÁK, J. – CIAIAN, P. 2004. Agricultural Reforms in Slovakia. In Finance a úvěr – Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, vol. 54, 2004, no. 9–10, pp. 420–435. SIUDEK, T. – ZAWOJSKA, A. 2012. How does the general economy and the agriculture sector performance influence the farm producer support in the OECD countries? In

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Primary Evaluation of the Economic Losses Caused by Water Pollution in Shanghai by Classification Approach

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The V4 Countries Beer Market Development

References Brewers of Europe. 2018, September 4. The Contribution made by Beer to the European Economy. Retrived from: GARAVAGLIA, CH. – SWINNEN, J. 2017. The Craft Beer Revolution: An International Perspective. In Chices, vol. 32, 2017, no. 3, pp. 1–8. LARIMO, J. – MARINOV, M. – MARINOVA, S. 2006. The Central and Eastern European brewing industry since 1990. In British Food Journal, vol. 108, 2006, no. 5, pp. 371–384.

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Resource potential of bioethanol and biodiesel production in Ukraine

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Study on the SRID Evaluation Framework of Agricultural Enterprises in China

of World Business, vol. 51, 2016, no. 1, pp. 23–34. LUO, X. – DU, S. 2015. Exploring the relationship between corporate social responsibility and firm innovation. In Marketing Letters, vol. 26, 2015, no. 4, pp. 703–714. SAGUY, I. S. 2016. Challenges and opportunities in food engineering: modeling, virtualization, open innovation and social responsibility. In Journal of Food Engineering, vol. 176, 2016, no. 1, pp. 2–8. SANDOVAL, M. 2015. From CSR to RSC: A Contribution to the Critique of the Political Economy of Corporate Social Responsibility. In

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Water Management for Sustainable Growth Strategies

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Reforms in Rural Development and their Influence on Agricultural Extension of Uzbekistan: Experience and Challenges in Water Management

existing extension service providers in Tajikistan & Selection of suitable extension service providers for Basic Farm Business Management Training. Tajik Agricultural Finance Framework (TAFF), 2008. Edquist, C. 2001. Innovation policy - A systematic approach. The globalizing learning economy: Major socio-economic trends and European innovation policy. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2001. FAO. 2002. Uzbekistan country report FAO. Cited 30 Oct 2008 FAOSTAT (2010) Agriculture data, agricultural production. http

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The Formation and the Future Potentials of the Eighth Hungarian Region

territorial development, Szeged : JATEPress, 2013, pp. 116–128. MINISTRY for National Economy. 2015. Test riport about the possibility of The Central-Hungarian Region incidental separation. Budapest, November, 2015. SZABÓ, P. 2005. The formation and transformation of the NUTS system. In Comitatus, vol. 15, 2005, no. 8–9, pp. 7–14. RITTER, K. 2014. Possibilities of local economic development (LED) inlaggingruralareas. In Acta Carolus Robertus, vol. 4, 2014, no. 1, pp. 101–108.

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The Development of Chosen Social and Economic Indicators in Rural Areas of the Slovak Republic

References ALSTON, J. M. – PARDEY, P.G. 2014. Agriculture in the global economy. In J. Econ., Perspect, 2014, no. 28, pp. 121–146. [on-line] Available on: BECKERS, V. et al. 2018. Modelling Farm Growth and Its Impact on Agricultural Land Use: A Country Scale Application of an Agent-Based Model. In Land, vol. 7, 2018, no. 3. ISSN 2073-445X BESHIRI, R. – BOLLMAN, R.D. 2001. Population structure and change in predominantly rural regions, in Rural and Small-Town Canada Analysis. In

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