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OCA Indexes and Convergence Process in Europe

research papers(665). Kenen, P., 1969. The Theory of Optimum Currency Areas: An Eclectic View. In R. Mundel and A. Swoboda (Eds.), Monetary Problems in the International Economy (pp. 41-60). Chicago: University of Chicago Press. McKinnon, R., 1963. Optimum Currency Areas. The American Economic Review, 53, 717-725. Mongelli, F. P., 2002. New Views on the Optimum Currency Area Theory: What is EMU Telling Us? ECB Working paper(138). Mundell, R., 1961. A Theory of Optimum Currency Areas. American Economic Review

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Predictors of the Effectiveness of Management Accounting Function in Nigerian Firms

REFERENCES Abdel-Kader, M., and Luther, R., 2008. The impact of firm characteristics on management accounting practices: A UK-based empirical analysis. The British Accounting Review, 40 (1), 2-27. doi: Achimugu, A., and Ocheni, S. I., 2015. Application of management accounting techniques in the public sector of Nigerian economy. Journal of Good Governance and Sustainable Development in Africa, 2 (4), 81-87. Adejuyigbe, S. B., Mogaji, P. B., and Adesida, V. K., 2013. Effective management accounting

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Specifics of IFRS Adoption by Central and Eastern European Countries: Evidence from Research

Europe. Accounting & Management Information Systems, 14 (2), 247-274. Albu, C. N., Albu, N., and Alexander, D., 2014. When Global Accounting Standards Meet the Local Context: Insights from an Emerging Economy. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 25 (6), 489-510. doi: Albu, N., and Albu, C. N., 2012. International Financial Reporting Standards in an Emerging Economy: Lessons from Romania. Australian Accounting Review, 22 (4), 341-352. doi: Albu, N., and

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Emotional or Rational? The Determination of the Influence of Advertising Appeal on Advertising Effectiveness


In prevailing competition-based market economy, organizations have to search factors influencing advertising effectiveness. This research aims at developing the model of the influence of advertising appeal on advertising effectiveness. While achieving the aim of the article, the analysis and synthesis of scientific literature is provided. Furthermore, traditional marketing research methods as well as neuromarketing research methods are applied in order to determine the influences of different advertising appeals on advertising effectiveness. As a research result, the model of the influence of advertising appeal on advertising effectiveness is elaborated. Accordingly, this research fills the gap in scientific literature by determining the influences of emotional and rational appeals on print / outdoor advertising effectiveness in the context of convenience product category. Moreover, by answering the research question, the contribution to the field emerges in integrating both marketing theory and neuroscience in order to analyze and evaluate consumer behavior.

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The Sustainability of Public Finances in Republic of Moldova Under EU Fiscal Rules

:// European Commission, 2012. Report on Public finances in EMU. European Economy. DOI: Fatas, A., and Mihov, I., 2009. The Euro and Fiscal Policy. NBER Working Paper, 14722. DOI: Fiscal Council of Romania, 2012. Annual report: Macroeconomic and budgetary developments and prospects Retrieved from Havik, K., Mc Morrow, K., Orlandi, F., Planas, C., Raciborski, R., Röger, W

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Trade Facilitation Indicators and their Potential Impact on Trade Between the Countries of South-Eastern Europe

of Trade Policy”, Mauritius. Bussière, M., Fidrmuc, J., and Schnatz, B., 2005. Trade integration of Central and Eastern European Economies. Lessons from a Gravity Model. European Central Bank Working Paper Series, 545 (nov.). Cheng, I.-H., and Wall, H. J., 2005. Controlling for Heterogeneity in Gravity Models of Trade and Integration. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, 87 (1), 49-63. Christie, E., 2001. Potential Trade in Southeast Europe: a Gravity Model Approach. The wiiw Balkan Observatory Working Papers, 11 (dec.). Christie, E

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Strategic Management, a Frill or a Need – An Empirical Study of Albanian and Macedonian Businesses

Dynamics of the Underground Economy: What have we learned from a decade of transition in twenty-five countries? Paper presented at the International Workshop Unofficial Activities in Transition Countries: Ten Years of Experiences, Zagreb, Croatia. Hitt, M. A., Ireland, R. D., and Hoskisson, R. E., 2003. Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization (5 ed.): Thomson/South-Eastern. Hoelter, J. W., 1983. The analysis of covariance structures: Goodness-of-fit indices. Sociological Methods & Research, 11(3), 325-344. doi: http

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Macroeconomic Dimensions in the Clusterization Processes: Lithuanian Biomass Cluster Case

. Innovation and competitiveness: A high-tech cluster approach. The Romanian Review Precision Mechanics, Optics & Mechatronics, 45 , 41-48. Ginevicius, R., and Andriuskevicius, A., 2000. Gamybos koncentracija rinkos ekonomikoje. Ekonomika (Nis), 51 , 20-29. Ketels, C., Lindqvist, G., and Solvell, O., 2006. Cluster initiatives in developing and transition economies . Stockholm: Center for Strategy and Competitiveness. Ketels, C., Lindqvist, G., and Solvell, O., 2013. The Cluster Initiative Greenbook (2nd ed. ed.). Stockholm: Ivory Tower Publishers

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Risk Evaluation of the Reengineering Projects: A Case Study Analysis

management systems - experimental evidence of the perceived usefulness of risk descriptions. Journal of Risk Research, 20 (12), 1534-1553. Miasnykov, V., 2017. Formation of instruments for the assessment of the innovative potential risks at the machine-building enterprises under the conditions of uncertainty . Paper presented at the Economics Scientific Internet Conference. . Michalak, A., 2017. Specific risk in hard coal mining industry in Poland. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 5 (1), 71-77. doi: http

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Exogenous vs Endogenous Growth in the EU’s EaP and Central Asian Countries

:// Dollar, D., 1992. Outward-Oriented Developing Economies Really Do Grow More Rapidly: Evidence from 95 LDCs, 1976-1985. Economic Development and Cultural Change, 40(3), 523-544. doi: Easterly, W., 2001. The elusive quest for growth. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press. Edey, M., 1994. Costs and benefits from moving from low inflation to price stability. OECD Economic Studies, 23(winter), 109-130. European Council, 2009. Joint Declaration of the

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