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The Sowing Value of Tansy Phacelia (Phacelia Tanacetifolia Benth.) Seeds in the Long-Term Storage

& Technology, 21, Suplement. Leszczyńska, D. (2012). Facelia w poplonie. Farmer , 9 , 76-78. Panasiewicz, K., Faligowska, A., Szymańska G. (2012). Evaluation of sowing value and vigor of dressed grain of Winter triticale and rye depending on the cultivar and period of storage. Progress in Plant Protection , 52 (3), 651-656. Ramenda, S. (2003). Facelia błękitna. Agrochemia , 6 , 25-28. Resolution of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural development as of 14th September 2010 . (JoL No 183 Item 1230). Skiba, K., Szwed, G., Tys J. (2005

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Evaluation of New Holland CR9080 Operation

References Anil, J., Guruswamy, T., Desai, S., Basavaraj, T., Joshi, A. (1998). Effects of cylinder speed and feed rate on the performance of thrasher. Journal of Agriculture Science, 4, 1120-1123. Baruah, D.C., Panesar, B.S. (2005a). Energy requirement model for a combine harvester - Part I: Development of component models. Biosystems Engineering, 90(1), 9-25. Baruah, D.C., Panesar, B.S. (2005b). Energy requirement model for a combine harvester - Part II: Development of component models. Biosystems Engineering

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Kitchen and Garden Waste as a Source of Heat for Greenhouses

References Arafat, H. A., Jijakli, K., Ahsan, A. (2015). Environmental performance and energy recovery potential of five processes for municipal solid waste treatment. Journal of Cleaner Production, 105 , 233-240. . B.K. Pandey, B. K., Vyas, S., Pandey, M., Gaur, A. (2016). Municipal solid waste to energy conversion methodology as physical, thermal, and biological methods. Current Science Perspectives, 2 (2), 39-44. Chambers D., P. (2009). The design and development of heat extraction

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Analysis of Impact Of Biomass Added to RDF Oversize Fraction on Properties of Briquettes

hard coal. Archives of Waste Management and Environmental Procection, vol. 15, issue 1, 29-36. Wróbel, M., Frączek, J., Francik, S., Slipek, Z., Mudryk, K. (2013). Influence of degree of fragmentation on chosen quality parameters of briquette made from biomass of cup plant Silphium perfoliatum L. Engineering for Rural Development Jelgava, Available at:

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Predicting Unit Pressure Indispendable for Generation of Specific Compaction of a Soil Sample

water content for tillage. Soil & Tillage Research , 105 , 242-250. Mueller, L., Schindler, U., Fausey, N.R., Lal, R. (2003). Comparison of methods for estimating maximum soil water content for optimum workability. Soil & Tillage Research , 72 , 9-20. Nawaz, M., F., Bourrié, G., Trolard, F. (2013). Soil compaction impact and modelling. A review. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 33 , 291-309. PN-88/B-04481 (1988). Grunty budowlane. Badania próbek gruntu. Polskie Towarzystwo Gleboznawcze (2009). Klasyfikacja uziarnienia gleb i utworów

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Assessment of Sowing Quality of Radish Seeds with Working Unit of Pneumatic Seeder

8309017049. Gaikwad, B.B., Sirohi, N.P.S. (2008). Design of a low-cost pneumatic seeder for nursery plug trays. Biosystems Engineering , 99, 322-329. International standard ISO 7256/1-1984 (E). (1984). Sowing equipment – test methods Part 1: Single seed drills. Karayel, D., Barut, Z.B., Özmerzi, A. (2004). Mathematical Modelling of Vacuum Pressure on a Precision Seeder. Biosystems Engineering, 4, 437-444. Kaur, T., Kumar, D. (2013): Design and development of calibration unit for precision planter. International Journal of Computer Science

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Selected Properties of Multilayer Films Applied for Vacuum and Modified Atmosphere Packaging Systems

Nanocomposites . Eds. Visakh P.M., Liang M., Elsevier Inc., William Andrew, Oxford, UK, 213-234. Mirosław, B. (2010). Opakowania giętkie - nowe materiały i rozwiązania, Przemysł Spożywczy, 64 (7/8), 68-72. Mosleh, M., Suh, N.P., Arinez, J. (1998). Manufacture and properties of a polyethylene homocomposite. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing , 29 (5–6), 611-617. Olech E., Kuboń M. (2016). Clients’ preferences and development of organic food distribution channels. Agricultural Engineering, 20 (1), 119-125. Panfil-Kuncewicz, H

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Process Efficiency and Energy Consumption During the Extrusion of Potato and Multigrain Formulations

References Altan, A., McCarthy K.L., Maskan M. (2008). Extrusion cooking of barley flour and process parameter optimization by using response surface methodology. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 88 , 1648-1659. Bastos-Cardoso, I., Zazueta-Morales, J.J., Martinez-Bustos, E., Kil-Chang, Y. (2007). Development and characterization of extruded pellets of whole potato ( Solanum tuberosum L.) flour expanded by microwave heating. Cereal Chemistry, 84 (2), 137-144. Blicharz-Kania, A., Andrejko, D., Ślaska-Grzywna, B., Starek, A., Szejgiec

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Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Modelling The Contact Area of Grain Seeds

:978-3-540-22980. Fang, Q., Hanna, M.A., Haque, E., Spillman, C.K. (2000). Neural network modeling of energy requirements for size reduction of wheat. Transactions Of The ASAE Volume: 43, Issue: 4, 947-952. Francik, S., Frączek, J. (2001). Model development of the external friction of granular vegetable materials on the basis of artificial neural networks. International Agrophysics, 15, 231-236. Frączek, J. (2003). Wpływ kształtu nasion na wartość powierzchni kontaktu. Inżynieria Rolnicza, 9(51), 81-88. Frączek, J., Kaczorowski, J. i

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Limiting Odour Emission from Piggery through Application of Heat Recovery System

). Ograniczanie emisji zanieczyszczeń gazowych z tuczarni poprzez zastosowanie instalacji do odzysku ciepła. Inżynieria Rolnicza , 3 (146), 331-339. Tuyttens, F.A.M., (2005). The importance of straw for pig and cattle welfare: a review. Applied Animal Behaviour Science , 92, 261-282. van Langenhove, H., De Bruyn, G. (2001). Development of a procedure to determine odour emissions from animal farming for regulatory purposes in Flanders. Water Science and Technology , 44 (9), 205-210. Wang, K., Wei, B., Zhu, S., Ye, Z. (2011). Ammonia and odour emitted from

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