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Industry Productivity Growth: A Network Perspective

Economic Review, Vol. 76, No. 5, pp. 984–1001. 11. Jaffe, A. B. (1988), “Demand and Supply Influences in R & D Intensity and Productivity Growth”, Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 70, No.3, pp. 431– 437. 12. Jovanovic, B., MacDonald, G. M. (1994), “Competitive Diffusion”, Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 102, No.1, pp. 24–52. 13. Newman, M. E. J. (2003), “The Structure and Function of Complex Networks”, SIAM Review, Vol. 45, No.2, pp. 167–256. 14. Powell, W., Koput, K., Smith-Doerr, L. (1996), “Inter-organizational Collaboration and the

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Renewable Energy Technologies as “Saving Graces” for Pacific Island Nations Fighting Climate Change

(April 2009). Retrieved: . [7] Australian Government. Department of the Environment and Energy, Australian Energy Statistics , table O, March 2019. Retrieved: . [8] Asian Development Bank, Technical Assistance Consultant's Report [. . .] (April 2009), Table 2.1: Summary of power generation sources in PNG, p. 4. [9] Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. APEC Energy Demand and Supply Outlook , 5

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Warehousing in Finnish and Swedish Companies: State of Operating Environment During Period of 2006–2012

. (2007). An exploratory framework of the role of inventory and warehousing in international supply chains. International Journal of Logistics Management , 18(1), 64-80. 16. Hilletofth, Per, Eriksson, David & Olli-Pekka Hilmola. (2012). Two sides of a token: Coordinating demand and supply at furniture wholesaler. International Journal of Manufacturing Research , 7(2), 101-122. 17. Simchi-Levi, David, Peruvankal, James Paul, Mulani, Narendra, Read, Bill & John Ferreira. (2012). Is it time to rethink your manufacturing strategy? Sloan

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Exploratory Assessment of the Limiting Extended Kalman Filter Properties

References 1. Balakrishna, R., Ben-Akiva, M. and H. N. Koutsopoulos (2007). Off-line Calibration of Dynamic Traffic Assignment: Simultaneous Demand and Supply Estimation. Transportation Research Record , No. 2003, 50-58. 2. Antoniou, C., Balakrishna, R., Koutsopoulos, H. N. and M. Ben-Akiva (2011). Calibration methods for simulation-based dynamic traffic assignment systems. International Journal of Modeling and Simulation, 31(3), 227-233. 3. Tavana, H. and H. Mahmassani (2000). Estimation and

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The Efficiency and Public Transport Accessibility of Indirect State Administration in the Czech Republic

: Blackwell Publishers. HENDRYCH, D., & KAVĚNA, M., & PAVLÍK, M. (2014). Správní věda. Teorie veřejné správy. 4., aktualiz. a dopl. vyd. Praha: Wolters Kluwer. HORÁK, J., IVAN, I., FOJTÍK, D., & BURIAN, J. (2014). Large scale monitoring of public transport accessibility in the Czech Republic. Proceedings of the 15th International Carpathian Control Conference, ICCC 2014. 157-163. IVAN, I., & HORÁK, J. (2015). Demand and Supply of Transport Connections for Commuting in the Czech Republic. In: Ivan, I., Benenson, I., Jiang, B

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Travel Behaviour of Online Shoppers in Sweden

1. Bring (2013) The E-commerce Report 2013 2. Casas, J., Zmud, J. and Bricka, S. (2001). Impact of shopping via internet on travel for shopping purposes. In: Proceedings of the 80th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board , January 7-11, Washington DC. 3. Choo, S. and Mokhtarian, P. L. (2007) Telecommunications and travel demand and supply: Aggregate structural equation models for the US. Transportation Research Part A , 41 (1) 4-18. 4. Corpuz, G. and Peachman, J. (2003) Measuring the impacts of Internet usage on travel behaviour in the

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Legislative Turnover in the Baltics After 1990: Why is it So High and What are its Implications?

, V., Auers, D. and Ramonaitė, A. (2011). ‘Political Development’. Estonian Human Development Report 2010/2011 . Tallinn: Eesti Koostöö Kogu, 144–164. Pettai, V. and Kreuzer, M. (1999).‘Party Politics in the Baltic States: Social Bases and Institutional Context’. East European Politics and Societies 13(1): 148–189. Pettai, V. (2010). Comparing Demand and Supply Indicators in the Measurement of Party Systems. Paper for the Conference “Twenty Years After: Parliamentary Democracy and Parliamentary Representation in Post-Communist Europe“, Organised by

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Determinants of Pakistan’s Exports: An Econometric Analysis

References Achakzai, J. K. (2006), Intra-ECO trade: a potential region for Pakistan’s future trade , ʽThe Pakistan Development Review ʼ , 425–437. Afzal, M. (2001), Exports in a Simultaneous Model–The Case of Pakistan , ʽGovernment College Economic Journalʼ 34(1&2), 53–66. Afzal, M. (2005), Demand and Supply of Exports in Pakistan , A Disequilibrium Model. Ahmed, Q. M., Butt, M. S., Alam, S., Kazmi, A. A. (2000), Economic Growth, Export, and External Debt Causality: The Case of Asian Countries [with Comments] , ʽThe Pakistan

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Optimisation of loading capacity of smoking kiln on drying characteristics of Catfish (Clarias gariepinus)

–10. Duan Z. H., Zhang M., Tang J. (2004): Thin layer hot-air drying of bighead carp. Fisheries Science 23: 29–32. Evin D. (2012): Thin layer drying kinetics of Gundelia tournefortii L., Food and Bioproducts Processing 90: 323–332. Eyo A. A. 2001): Fish Processing Technology in the Tropics. Ilorin, Nig.: University of Ilorin Press, p 403. FDF (2008): Federal Department of Fisheries, Fisheries Statistics of Nigeria Projected human population; fish demand and supply in Nigeria 2000 – 2015. 56 p. Hubackova

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General Purpose Technologies and their Implications for International Trade

Economics, Vol. 14, pp. 34-47. Segerstrom, P. (1998), Endogenous Growth without Scale Effects, American Economic Review, Vol. 88, pp. 1290-1310. Segerstrom, P., Zolnierek, J. (1999), The R&D Incentives of Industry Leaders, International Economic Review, Vol. 40, pp. 745-766. Thirtly, C., Ruttan, V. (1987), The role of demand and supply in the generation and diffusion of technical change, Harwood Academic Publishers, Switzerland. Taylor, M. S. (1993), Quality Ladders’ and Ricardian Trade, Journal of

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