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Foul Play in Sport as a Phenomenon Inconsistent with the Rules, yet Acceptable and Desirable

human understanding/. Kraków: PWN. Hume, D. (1963). Traktat o naturze ludzkiej /A treatise of human nature/. Warszawa: PWN. Hume, D. (1974). Związek konieczny /The necessary connection/. In S. Jedynak, Hume (pp. 157-159). Warszawa: PW "Wiedza Powszechna". Feyerabend, P. (1975). Against the Method. London: New Left Book. Jones, M. V., Paull, G. C. and Erskine, J. (2002). The impact of a team's aggressive reputation on the decisions of association football

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Anthropometric Parameters in National Footballers in the Republic of Macedonia

References 1. Reilly T, Bangsbo J, Franks A. Anthropometric and physiological predispositions for elite soccer. J Sports Sci. 2000; 18(9): 669–683. 2. Meszaros T, Mohacsi J, Szabo T, Szmodis I. Anthro pometry and competitive sport in Hungary. Acta Biol Szeged. 200; 44 (1–4): 189–192. 3. Bell W, Rhodes G. The morphological characteristics of the association football player. Journal of Sports Medicine & Physical Fitness. 1975; 20: 196–200. 4. American College of Sports Medicine position stand (ACSM). (2009). Nutrition and athletic performance. Medicine

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Risk Factors for Injuries in Professional Football Players / Факторы Риска Получения Травм Профессиональными Футболистами

References 1. Dvorak J, Graf-Baumann T, Peterson L, et al. Editorial. Am J Sports Med 2000;28:S1. 2. Chomiak J, Junge A, Peterson L, Dvorak J. Severe injuries in football players. Influencing factors. Am J Sports Med 2000;28(5):58-68. 3. Hawkins RD, Hulse MA, Wilkinson C, Hodson A, Gibson M. The association football medical research programme: an audit of injuries in professional football. Br J of Sports Med 2001;35:43-7. 4. Luthje P, Nurmi I, Kataja M, et al. Epidemiology and traumatology of

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Activity Profiles of Soccer Players During the 2010 World Cup

, Atkinson G, Coldwells A. Analysis of the work rates and heart rates of association football referees. British Journal of Sports Medicine , 1993; 27: 193-196 Clemente F, Couceiro M, Martins F, Mendes R. Team’s Performance on FIFA U17 World Cup 2011: Study based on Notational Analysis. Journal of Physical Education and Sport , 2012; 12: 13-17 Clemente F, Couceiro M, Martins F, Dias G, Mendes R. The influence of task constraints on attacker trajectories during 1v1 sub-phase in soccer practice. SportLogia , 2012; 8: 13

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The Predictors and Determinants of Inter-Seasonal Success in a Professional Soccer Team

advantage in sport competitions: a literature review J Sport Exercise Psy 1992 14 13 27 Franks IM. Analysis of Association Football. In Schum T (Eds). Coaching Soccer . Indianapolis, USA: Master Press; 1996 Franks IM. Analysis of Association Football Schum T Coaching Soccer. Indianapolis, USA Master Press 1996 Franks IM, Partridge D, Nagelkerke P. World Cup 90: A computer assisted technical analysis of team performance . Ontario, Ottawa: Technical Report for the Canadian Soccer Association; 1990 Franks IM Partridge D Nagelkerke P World Cup 90

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Measuring Efficiency of Nations in Multi Sport Events: A case of Commonwealth Games XIX

-78. 7. Carmichael, F., Thomas, D., & Ward, R. (2000). Team performance: The case of English premiership soccer. Managerial and Decision Economics , 21(1), 31-45.;2-Q 8. Carmichael, F., Thomas, D., & Ward, R. (2001). Production and efficiency in association football. Journal of Sports Economics , 2(3), 228-243. 9. Cesaroni, G. (2011). A complete FDH efficiency analysis of a diffused production network

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Effects of training on postural control and agility when wearing socks of different compression levels

. Hasan H., K. Davids, J.Y. Chow, G. Kerr (2015) The Effects of Wearing Textured Insoles and Clinical Compression Socks on Kicking Performance in Association Football. Communication to World Congress in Science and Football, May 20-23, Copenhagen, Denmark. 15. Hasan H., K. Davids, J.Y. Chow, G. Kerr (Under review) Compression and Texture in Socks Enhance Football Kicking Performance. 16. Hijmans J.M., W. Zijlstra, J.H.B. Geertzen, A.L. Hof, K. Postema (2009) Foot and ankle compression improves joint position sense but not bipedal stance

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Game Performance Versus Competitive Performance in the World Championship of Handball 2011

efficiency in professional team sports: Evidence from English association football. Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 2000; 47 (4): 399-419 Doyle JR, Green RH. Strategic choice and data envelopment analysis: Comparing computers across many dimensions. JIT, 1994; 9: 61-69 Einolf KW. Is Winning Everything?: A Data Envelopment Analysis of Major League Baseball and the National Football League. JSE , 2004; 5(2): 127-151 Espitia-Escuer M, García-Cebrián LI. Measuring the Efficiency of Spanish First-Division Soccer Teams

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Performance Consistency of International Soccer Teams in Euro 2012: a Time Series Analysis

Shafizadeh M, Shirley G, Sproule J, McMorris T. An exploratory analysis of losing possession in professional soccer. Int J Perform Anal Sport , 2012; 12: 14-23 Stanhope J. An investigation into possession with respect to time, in the soccer world cup 1994. In. Notational analysis of sport III. ED: M Hughes, Cardiff: UWIC, 155-162; 2001 Taylor JB, Mellalieu SD, James N, Shearer DA. The influence of match location, quality of opposition, and match status on technical performance in professional association football. J Sport Sci , 2008; 26

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Performance Assessment in Water Polo Using Compositional Data Analysis

Kinet 2010 25 3 85 91 Lago C. The influence of match location, quality of opposition, and match status on possession strategies in professional association football. J Sports Sci, 2009; 27(13): 1463-1469 10.1080/02640410903131681 Lago C The influence of match location, quality of opposition, and match status on possession strategies in professional association football J Sports Sci 2009 27 13 1463 1469 Liu Y. Appropriately analyzing compositional data in kinesiology: Problems and solutions. Res Q Exercise Sport, 2004; 75 (Suppl): A-126 Liu Y Appropriately

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