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The National Spatial Strategy: Lessons for implementing a National Planning Framework

, 15-19. Walsh, J. (2013) The National Spatial Strategy: Rationale, process, performance and prospects. Administration, 60 (3), 13-41.

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Director-Generals’ Human and Social Capital, and Management Performance of Farmers’ Cooperatives: Evidence from China’s Fujian

proposed hypotheses No. Hypothesis Result H1a Positive correlation between knowledge human capital and financial performance × H1b Positive correlation between knowledge human capital and customer-focused performance × H1c Positive correlation between knowledge human capital and internal process performance × H1d Positive correlation between knowledge human capital and learning and growth performance √ H2a Positive correlation between ability human capital and financial performance √ H2b Positive

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Fifty years of urbanisation in Ireland: Structural and spatial evolution of the urban hierarchy since Buchanan

Irish urban system: An overview. Geographical Viewpoint, 9 , 29–48. Walsh, J. (2013). The National Spatial Strategy: Rationale, process, performance and prospects. Administration, 60 (3), 13–40. Zipf, G. (1949). Human behavior and the principle of least effort . Cambridge, MA: Addison-Wesley.

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Analysis of the Evolution of SMEs in Western Romania Between 2011–2014, Using the Mathematical Modelling

alternative applications for your technologies. R&D Management, 40(4). 7. Blei, D.M. (2008) Hierarchical clustering, Princeton University, 2-83. 8. Porras, B, G (coord) (2014) European Union, Regional Innovation Scoreboard, printed in Belgium, 14-21. 9. Bostan, I. (2014) Legislative Study on the Government regulation on some economic recovery measures, Journal of Public Administration, Finance and Law, Issue 6. 10. Brad, B., Mocan, B., Brad, E., & Fulea, M. (2014) Leading Innovation to Improve Complex Process

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Design of Decision Service Using Cause-and-Effect Business Process Analysis

. In: MIS Quarterly , 21:55-80, 1997. Kueng, O. Process performance measurement system: a tool to support process-based organizations. In: Total Quality Management , 11(1):67-85, 2000. Kueng, P., Kawalek, P. Goal-based business process models: creation and evaluation. In: Business Process Management Journal, 3(1):17 -38, 1997. Kusiak, A., Kern, J. A., Kernstine, K. H., Tseng, B. T. Autonomous decision-making: a data mining approach. In: IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in

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Quality Index of Multi-Disc Grinding Process of Grainy Biomass

REFERENCES Albuquerque, T., Dias, V. H., Poellinger, N., Pinto, J. F., 2010. Construction of a quality index for granules produced by fluidized bed technology and application of the correspondence analysis as a discriminant procedure , European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 75 (3), 418–424, DOI: 10.1016/j.ejpb.2010.04.002 Chen, K., Wang, C., Tan, K. H., Chiu, S-F., 2019. Developing one-sided specification six-sigma fuzzy quality index and testing model to measure the process performance of fuzzy information, International Journal

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Reliability-exploitation analysis of the alarm columns of highway emergency communication system / Analiza niezawodnościowo-eksploatacyjna kolumn alarmowych autostradowego systemu łączności alarmowej

. WIT Transactions on the Built Environment, Vol.130, 2013. pp. 373-384. [9] Mikulski J.: Using telematics in transport. In the monograph „Transport Systems Telematics”, given as the monographic publishing series - „Communications in Computer and Information Science”, vol. 104. Springer, Heidelberg 2010, pp. 175-182. [10] Nowakowski T., Werbinska-Wojciechowska S.: Data gathering problem in decision support system for means of transport maintenance processes performance development. Safety and Reliability: Methodology and Applications

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Cooling Methods for High-Power Electronic Systems

Advanced Processor Performance and Quieter Systems," Cooligy, a Division of Emerson Network Power. [Online]. Available: J. Schulz-Harder, "Review on highly integrated solutions for power electronic devices," Proceedings of the conference on integrated power electronics systems CIPS'2008, Nuremberg, Germany. R. Remsburg, "Nonlinear Fin Patterns Keep Cold Plates Cooler," Amulaire Thermal Technology, Feb 1, 2007. [Online]. Available: http

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Dimensional and Geometrical Errors in Vacuum Thermoforming Products: An Approach to Modeling and Optimization by Multiple Response Optimization

EDM with Al-Cu-Si-TiC P/M composite electrode. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 44, 100-113. [32] Montgomery, D.C. (2013). Design and Analysis of Experiments (8th ed.). John Wiley, 10.1-10.9. [33] Wan, W., Birch, J.B. (2011). A semiparametric technique for the multi-response optimization problem. Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 27, 47-59. [34] Rosen, S.R. (2002). Thermoforming: Improving Process Performance. Society of Manufacturing Engineers. [35

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Process Management in Public Management of a Transition Country: Case Study of Bosnia and Herzegovina

-99. 21. Janićijević, N., (2011), Upravljanje organizacionim promenama, Centar za izdavačku delatnost, Ekonomski fakultet u Beogradu. 22. Kovačić, A. (2004), “Business renovation: business rules (still) the missing link”, Business Process Management Journal, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 158-170. 23. McCormack, K.P., Johnson, W.C. (2001), Business Process Orientation - Gaining the EBusiness Competitive Advantage, St. Lucie Press. 24. Milanović Glavan, Lj. (2011), "Understanding Process Performance Measurement Systems", Business

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