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Methodology for post-event analysis of flash floods - Svacenický Creek case study

References Anquetin S., Yates E., Ducrocq V., Samouillan S., Chancibault K., Gozzini B., Pasi F., Pasqui M., Garcia M., Martorell M., Romero R., Silvio D., Accadia C., Casaidi M., Mariani S., Ficca G., Chesa P., 2005: The 8 and 9 september 2002 flash-flood event in France: an intercomparison of operational and research meteorological models. Nat. Hazard. Earth Systems, 5 , 741-754. Blaškovičová L., 2010: Evaluation Methods of Flash Floods. Phd. Thesis, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty

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The potential for land use change to reduce flood risk in mid-sized catchments in the Myjava region of Slovakia

the generation of runoff in the Myjava River basin. Catchment processes in regional hydrology: Confronting experiments and modeling in Carpathian drainage basins, Bratislava, Slovakia and Sopron, Hungary. Rončák P., Hlavčová K., Látková T., 2016: Estimation of the effect of changes in forest associations on runoff processes in basins: case study in the Hron and Topla river basins. Slovak Journal of Civil Engineering. 24 , 3, 1–7, ISSN 1210-3896, doi: 10.1515/sjce-2016-0011. Stankoviansky M., 2003: Historical evolution of permanent gullies in the Myjava

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The course, stratification and possibility of simulating relative air humidity in winter wheat stand

transpiration in response to meteorological conditions. Contributions to Geophysics and Geodesy, 43 , 3, 225–236. Krédl Z., Středa T., Pokorný R., Kmoch M., Brotan J., 2012: Microclimate in the vertical profile of wheat, rape and maize canopies. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis, 60 , 1, 79–90. Kurpelová M., Coufal L., Culík J., 1975: Agroclimatic conditions of ČSSR (Agroklimatické podmienky ČSSR). Hydrometeorologický ústav: Bratislava, 270 p. Liu H. J., Kang Y., 2006: Effect of sprinkler irrigation on microclimate in

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Thermal state of the lithosphere in the Danube Basin and its relation to tectonics

.1007/978-3-642-34023-9_2. Franko O., Fusán O., Král M., Remšík A., Fendek M., Bodiš D., Drozd V., Vika K., 1995: Atlas of Geothermal Energy of Slovakia, Dionyz Stur Institute of Geology, Bratislava, 1–194. Fülöp J., Bresznyánszky K., Haas J., 1987: The new map of the Pannonian basin basement in the Hungary. Acta Geologica Hungarica, 30 , 3–20. Fusán O., Biely A., Ibrmajer, J., Plančár, J., Rozložník, L., 1987: Basement of the Tertiary of the Inner West Carpathians. GUDŠ, Bratislava, 1–103. Global heat flow database of the International heat flow commision of the International

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Comparison of soil frost depth and its duration determined by soil frost tube and soil temperature interpolation

References Auclair A. N. D, Heilman W. E., Brinkman B., 2010: Predicting forest dieback in Maine, USA: a simple model based on soil frost and drought Can. J. For. Res., 40, 687-702. Bedrna Z., 1989: Soil regimes. Bratislava, Veda, 207 p. (in Slovak). Bedrna Z., GasparoviC J., 1986: Types of soil temperature regimes in the CSSR. Ge- ograficky Casopis, 38, 1, 60 p. (in Czech). Bouskova V., 1961: Freezing of soil in Bohemia and Moravia. Meteorologicke zpravy, 14, 3, 70-71 (in Czech

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State of bare soil surface as a spring drought indicator

.. Dubrovský M.. Žalud Z., Možný M., 2007: Agri- cultural drought and spring barley yields in the Czech Republic. Plant, Soil and Environment, 53, 7. 306-316. Trnka M., Semerádová D.. Dubrovský M., Žalud Z., Svoboda M., Hayes M., Wilhite D., 2004: Drought event probability in the Czech republic under the present and changed climatic conditions. In: 12. Poster Day. Bratislava: ÚH-SAV/GFÚ-SAV, 64-75. ISBN 80-89139-05-1. Velleman P. F., 1980: Definition and comparison of robust nonlinear data smoothing algorithms. Journal of the American

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Magnetoconvection in a plane layer rotating about the horizontal axis: The effect of anisotropic diffusivities

conditions. PhD Thesis, Fac. of Maths, Physics & Informatics, Comenius University, Bratislava (in Slovak).

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The first tidal analysis based on the CG-5 Autograv gravity measurements at Modra station

the Modra-Piesok site, survey for water supply - Astronomical Observatory, Vodn´e zdroje, Bratislava, 6 p. (in Slovak). Riccardi U., Rosat S., Hinderer J., 2011: Comparison of the Micro-g LaCoste gPhone-054 spring gravimeter and the GWR-C026 superconducting gravimeter in Strasbourg (France) using a 300-day time series. Metrologia, 48 , 28-39. Savcenko R., Bosch W., 2011: EOT11a - a new tide model from Multi-Mission Altimetry. OSTST Meeting, San Diego, Poster. Scintrex Limited, 2009: CG-5 Scintrex Autograv System

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Temperature and humidity conditions of Macocha Abyss

th International Poster Day “Transport of Water, Chemicals and Energy in the System Soil - Plant - Atmosphere”. Bratislava: SAV, 315-324 (in Czech). Luetscher M., Jeannin P-Y., 2004: Temperature distribution in karst systems: the role of air and water fluxes. Terra Nova, 16, 344-350. Martincic A., 1977: Contribution to knowledge of the collapse doline ecology (Prispevek k poznavanju ekologie mrazisc v Sloveniji). Botanicno ekoloska skica. Ljubljana: Slovenska akademija znanosti in umetnosti, 91 p. (in Slovenian

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The results of integration measurements of indoor radon activity concentration in houses in Ružomberok town (Northern Slovakia)

. Vičanová M., 2003: Utilisation of solid state nuclear track detectors in the solution of radon problems (Využitie detektorov stôp v pevnej fáze pri riešení radónovej problematiky). Ph.D. Thesis, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Comenius University of Bratislava, 82 p. (in Slovak). Maps of natural radioactivity of the Slovak Republic territory. State Geological Institute of Dionýz štúr. en.

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