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Distribution of Various Tobacco Smoke Components among Mainstream and Sidestream Smoke (A Survey) / Verteilung verschiedener Tabakrauchbestandteile auf Haupt- und Nebenstromrauch (Eine Übersicht)

smoke, Studies in experimental carcinogenesis; Academic Press, New York-London, 1967, 230. 137. Yoshida, 0.: Determination of nicotine in the sidestream of cigarette smoke; Scientific Papers of the Japan Monopoly Corporation Central Research Institute, No. 118, 1976, 203-206. 138. Yoshida, D., Y. Suga, H. Nishigata: Factars on the reduction of CO in the mainstream and sidestream smoke of cigarettes; Vonrag anläßlich 33nd Tobacco Chemists' Research Conference, Lexington, Kentucky, 1979.

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Toxic Chemicals in Cigarette Mainstream Smoke - Hazard and Hoopla

(1980) 30–36. 46. Kobashi, Y. and S. Sakaguchi: Free sugars in cigarette smoke; Tob. Sci. 3 (1959) 161–163; Sci. Papers, Cent. Res. Inst., Japan Monopoly Corp. 102 (1960) 16–19. 47. Takizawa, N.: The carcinogenicity of simple sugars; Gann 32 (1938) 236–237; Gann 33 (1939) 193–195. 48. Takizawa, N.: The carcinogenicity of simple sugars; Gann 34 (1940) 1–5. 49. Holzer, G., J. Oró, and W. Bertsch: Gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric evaluation of exhaled tobacco

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Influence of Additives on Cigarette Related Health Risks

–14. 6. Berka, F.: Ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis der bei der Tabak-regie in Verwendung stehenden aromatischen Ingre-dienzien [A Contribution to the Knowledge of the Aromatic Ingredients Used by the K.K. Tobacco Monopoly]; Fachl. Mitt. Österr. Tabakregie 4 (1904) 41–50. 7. Fisher, P.: Tobacco Blending; in : Tobacco. Pro-duction, Chemistry and Technology, edited by D.L. Davis and M.T. Nielsen, Blackwell, Oxford, 1999, pp. 346–352. 8. N.N.: The Toxic Factor in Tobacco; Lancet, 179 (1912) 944–947, ibid. 180 (1912) 547

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Changes in minors’ gambling on slot machines in Finland after the raising of the minimum legal gambling age from 15 to 18 years: A repeated cross-sectional study

Collaboration Review . Retrieved from Tammi, T., Castrén, S., & Lintonen, T. (2015). Gambling in Finland: Problem gambling in the context of a national monopoly in the European Union. Addiction, 110, 746–750. Tammi, T. (2014). The form and transformation of gambling policy in Finland. In: P. Raento (Ed.), Gambling in Finland (pp. 71–85). Helsinki: Gaudeamus Helsinki University Press. Turja, T., Halme, J., Mervola, M., Järvinen-Tassopoulos, J., & Ronkainen, J

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The Composition of Cigarette Smoke: A Chronology of the Studies of Four Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

–47. 108. Elmenhorst, H. and G. Reckzeh: Aromatische Kohlenwasserstoffe im Tabakrauch [Aromatic hydro-carbons in tobacco smoke]; Beitr. Tabakforsch. 2 (1964) 180–204. 109. Stedman, R.L: The chemical composition of tobacco and tobacco smoke; Chem. Rev. 68 (1968) 153–207. 110. Ishiguro, S. and S. Sugawara: The chemistry of tobacco smoke; Sci. Papers, Cent. Res. Inst., Japan Monopoly Corp. 298 (1980) 1–248. 111. USPHS: Smoking and health. A report of the Surgeon General; DHEW Publ. No. (PHS) 79

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Cigarette Mainstream Smoke: The Evolution of Methods and Devices for Generation, Exposure and Collection

Tobacco Additives as a Matter of the Tobacco Monopoly]; Reichsgesetzblatt Nr. 167, 8. Mai 1918. 36. German Empire: Gesetz über den Verkehr mit Lebensmitteln und Bedarfsgegenständen (Lebensmittelgesetz) vom 5. Juli 1927 [Law Concerning Food-Stuffs and Consumer Goods (Food-Law), July 5, 1927]; Reichsgesetzblatt Teil 1, Nr. 26 vom 8. Juli 1927. 37. Frank, L.: Nikotinarme Tabakfabrikate und das neue Lebensmittelgesetz [Tobacco Products, Low in Nicotine, and the New Food Law]; Med. Welt 31 (1928) 1–6. 38. Pfyl, B. and O. Schmitt: Zur Bestimmung von Nicotin

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Alcohol policy and local democracy in Sweden

. Samhällsorganisatoriska principer och organisatorisk praktik kring dryckenskapsproblemet och nykterhetssträvandena i stat och borgerlig offentlighet och associationsväsende ca 1770-1900 (State, society and alcohol problems. Organizational principles and practices in Sweden 1770-1900). Uppsala: Studia Historica Upsaliensia Cisneros Örnberg, J. & Ólafsdóttir, H. (2007): How To Sell Alcohol? Nordic Alcohol Monopolies in a Changing Epoch. Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 25 (5): 129-153 Cisneros Örnberg, J. (2008): The Europeanization

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Determination of VOCs in the Indoor Air of a New and a Renovated Apartment

) ether (~ 70%)(CAS No. 108-60-1) Containing 2-Chloro-1-methylethyl (2-chloropropyl) ether (~ 30%)(CAS No. 83270-31-9) in B6C3F1 Mice (Gavage Study). National Toxicology Program technical report series, 239, 1. [15] Johansson, I. (1999). The role of volatile organic compounds in the assessment of indoor air quality . PhD. thesis, Stockholm: Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet. [16] Ishiguro, S. &Sugawara, S. (1980). The chemistry of tobacco smoke, Sci. Papers, Cen. Res. Inst. Japan Monopoly Corp. 298, 1-248. [17] Glas, B

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership

more novel aspects go too far in carving out particular areas of regulation. See e.g., TPP Deal Includes Tobacco Carveout, Teeing up Fight with Congress , Inside US Trade (Oct. 9, 2015), available at . A Definition of Investment As is usual in IIAs, the definition of investment in the TPP is broad, encompassing assets taking forms such as enterprises, shares and intellectual property. TPP, supra note 24, art. 9.1(a), (b), (f) (definition of investment). However, the definition is limited to those assets that have “the

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What Drives Price Dispersion in the European E-commerce Industry?

price convergence of 120 traded goods. While the Single European Act decreased price differences by 5%, the single currency increased it by 2%. However, the euro had different impact considering product categories- price convergence had been observed for cars, while divergence for food and tobacco. Baye et al . (2006) study the impact of euro on prices, using data collected from a price comparison site (Kelkoo). The data covers prices for 28 products across 7 EU countries. The authors find an increase of prices relative to the non-EU countries. The observed cross

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