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Pengfei Wu, Mulualem Tigabu, Xiangqing Ma, Per Christer Odén, Youlan He, Xintuo Yu and Zhiying He

References A erts , R. (1990): Nutrient use efficiency in evergreen and deciduous species from heathlands. Oecologia 84 : 391–397. A lika , J. E. (1980): Genetic variation among Nigerian Havea provenances. Silvae Genetica 29 : 201–205. A nonymous (1991): Selecting and applying fine strain origins of Cunninghamia lanceolata in afforestation districts of Zhejiang province. Cooperative group of Cunninghamia lanceolata research in Zhejiang. Journal of Zhejiang Forest Science & Technology 11 : 31–38 (in Chinese, with English abstract). A

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D. M. Rweyongeza, R.-C. Yang, N. K. Dhir, L. K. Barnhardt and C. Hansen

(2005): Climate scenarios for Alberta. A report prepared for the Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative (PARC) in co-operation with Alberta Environment. Available at: BONGARTEN, B. C. and J. W. HANOVER (1986): Provenance variation in blue spruce (Picea pungens) at eight locations in the United States and Canada. Silvae Genet. 35: 67-74. FUNNIER, G. R., M. STINE, C. A. MOHN and M. A. CLYDE (1991): Geographic patterns of variation in allozymes and height growth in white spruce. Can. J. For

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Daniel J. Chmura, Jan Matras, Władysław Barzdajn, Włodzimierz Buraczyk, Wojciech Kowalkowski, Jan Kowalczyk, Roman Rożkowski and Henryk Szeligowski

proweniencyjne ze świerk­iem (Picea abies [L.] Karsten) serii IUFRO 1972 w Leśnym Zakładzie Doświ­adczalnym Siemianice. I. Cechy wzrostowe (The twenty-year-lasting experi­ment with provenances of spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karsten) within the IUFRO-1972 serues in the Siemianice Forest Experiment Station. I. Growth features). Sylwan 138(11):25-25 Barzdajn W, W Kowalkowski and DJ Chmura (2016) Variation in growth and sur­vival among European provenances of Pinus sylvestris in a 30-year-old ex­periment. Dendrobiology 75:67-77.

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A. M. Sebbenn, D. H. Boshier, M. L. M. Freitas, A. C. S. Zanatto, A. S. Sato, L. C. Ettori and E. Moraes

References BOSHIER, D. H. (1984): The international provenance trial of Cordia alliodora (R & P) Oken in Costa Rica. In: Provenance and genetic improvement strategies in tropical forest trees. Mature, Zimbabwe, April 1984. BARNES, R. D., GIBSON, G. L. (Eds). Commonwealth Forestry Institute, Oxford, and Forest Research Center, Harare. p. 168-185. BOSHIER, D. H. and J. F. MESÉN (1987): Availability of seed of Cordia alliodora (R. & P.) for progeny testing. Forest Genetic Resources Information No. 15, FAO, Rome, 30

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Darius Danusevicius, G. Masaitis and G. Mozgeris

. Remote Sensing of Environment 30: 271-278. DANUSEVIC˘IUS, D. and R. GARBRILAVIC˘IUS (2001): Variation in juvenile growth rhythm among Picea abies provenances from the Baltic states and adjacent regions. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 16: 305-317. DANUSEVIC˘IUS, D., J. BUCHOVSKA, V. STANYS, J. B. S˘ IKS˘NIANIENE, V. MAROZAS and V. BENDOKAS (2013): DNA marker based identification of spontaneous hybrids between Pinus mugo and P. sylvestris at the Lithuanian sea-side. Nordic Journal of Botany 31: 1-9. DATT, B. (1998

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Carolyn A. Raymond and M. Henson

management. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 22: 274-98. BURDON, R. D., A. FIRTH, C. B. LOW and M. A. MILLER (1997): Native provenances of Pinus radiata in New Zealand: performance and potential. New Zealand Forestry 41(4): 32-36. BURDON, R. D., A. FIRTH, C. B. LOW and M. A. MILLER (1998): Multi-site provenance trials of Pinus radiata in New Zealand. Forest Genetic Resources 26: 3-8. ELDRIDGE, K. G. (1978): Refreshing the genetic resources of radiata pine plantations. CSIRO Division of Forest Research, Genetics

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B.I. Aguiar, M.L.M. Freitas, Y.R. Tavares, E.V. Tambarussi, B. Zanatto, F.B. Gandara, J.G.Z. Paludeto, D.Y.B.O. Silva, J.R. Silva, M.L.T. Moraes, E.L. Longui, M. Zanata and A.M. Sebbenn

-pollinated progenies of Balfourodendron riedelianum (Engler). Scientia Forestalis 43: 407–415. Lander TA, Boshier DH, Harris SA (2010) Fragmented but not isolated: contribution of single trees, small patches and long distance pollen flow to genetic connectivity for Gomortega keule , and endangered tree. Biological Conservation 143: 2583–2590. Leonardecz-Neto E, Vencovsky R, Sebbenn AM (2003) Adjusting to plant competition in forestry tree progeny and provenance trials. Scientia Forestalis 63: 136–149. Lima I

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Carolyn A. Raymond, M. Henson and B. Joe

: 274-98. BURDON, R. D., R. A. J. BRITTON and G. B. WALFORD (2001): Wood stiffness and bending strength in relation to density in four native provenances of Pinus radiata. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 31: 130-146. BURDON, R. D. and C. A. LOW (1992): Genetic survey of Pinus radiata. 6. Wood properties: variation, heritabilities, and interrelationships with other traits. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 22: 228-245. BURDON, R. D., A. FIRTH, C. B. LOW and M. A. MILLER (1997): Native provenances of Pinus

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M. Varghese, D. Lindgren and A. Nicodemus

(Karst.) seed orchard. Forest Genetics 4: 181-188. LINDGREN, D. and MULLIN, T. J. (1998): Relatedness and status number in seed orchard crops. Can. J. For. Res. 28: 276-283. LUECHANIMITCHIT, P. (2002): Sex of Casuarina equisetifolia subsp. equisetifolia in an international provenance trial in Thailand. NFT News 5(1): 5-6. LUECHANIMITCHIT, P. and LUANGVIRIYASAENG, V. (1996): Study of sex ratios and relationship between growth and sex in Casuarina equisetifolia. In: PINYOPUSARERK, K., TURNBULL, J.W., and MIDGLEY, S. J

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Jeng-Der Chung, Ching-Te Chien, Gordon Nigh and Cheng C. Ying

. YING (2003): Age trends in genetic parameters and early selection of odgepole pine provenance with reference to the Lambeth model. Forest Genetics 10, 249-258. CHUNG, J. D., T. P. LIN, Y. C. TAN, M.Y. LIN and S.Y.HWANG (2004): Genetic diversity and biogeography of Cunninghamia konishii (Cupressaceae), an island species in Taiwan: a comparison with C. lanceolata, a mainland species in China. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 33, 791-801. ERIKSSON, G., I. EKBERG and D. CLAPHAM (2006): An Introduction to Forest Genetics. Genetic