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Detection of Listeria spp. and Listeria monocytogenes in biological samples by SYBR Green I and TaqMan probe-based real-time PCRs

References 1. Amagliani G., Omiccioli E., Brandi G., Bruce I.J., Magnani M.: A multiplex magnetic capture hybridisation and multiplex real-time PCR protocol for pathogen detection in sea food. Food Microbiol 2010, 27, 580–585. 2. Barkallah M., Gharbi Y., Hmani M., Mallek Z., Gautier M., Gdoura R., Fendri I.: Locked nucleic acid probe-based real-time PCR for the diagnosis of Listeria monocytogenes in ruminants. Mol Cell Probe 2016, 30, 138–145. 3. Budniak S., Kędrak-Jabłońska A., Szczawińska A., Reksa M., Krupa M., Szulowski K.: Comparison of

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The Effect of Adding Hesperidin, Diosmin, Quercetin and Resveratrol Extracts to Feed for Turkey Hens on Selected Immunological and Biochemical Blood Indices

References Abdulkarimi R., Daneshyar M. (2012). The effects of thyme (Thymus vulgaris) extract supplementation in drinking water on iron metabolism in broiler chickens. J. Med. Plants Res., 6: 645-650. Adamu M., Boonkaewwan C., Gongruttananun N., Vongpakorn M. (2013). Hematological, biochemical and histopathological changes caused by coccidiosis in chickens. Kasetsart J. (Nat. Sci.), 47: 238-246. Addass P.A., David D.L., Edward A., Zira K.E., Midau A. (2012). Effect of age, sex and management system on some

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Vegetation units of wetland and terrestrial habitats: the case study of Spercheios River and Maliakos Gulf (Sterea Ellas, Greece), a Natura 2000 Site

dominated by perennial psammophilous graminaceous plants. Plant Sociology 51 (1): 25–32. Biondi, E., Blasi, C., Allegrezza, M., Anzellotti, I., Azzella, M.M., Carl, E., Casavecchia, S., Copiz, R., Del Vico, E. & Zivkovic, L. 2014: Plant communities of Italy: the Vegetation Prodrome. Plant Biosystems 148 (4): 728–814. Biondi, E., Burrascano, S., Casavecchia, S., Copiz, R., Del Vico, E., Galdenzi, D., Gigante, D., Lasen, C. Spampinato, G., Venanzoni, R., Zivkovic, L. & Blasi, C. 2012: Diagnosis and syntaxonomic interpretation of Annex I Habitats (Dir. 92/43/EEU

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Nutrition – facts and myths

and dose-response meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies, Adv. Nutr. (2019); 10. A. O’Sullivan, B. Henrick, B. Dixon, D. Barile, A. Zivkovic, J. Smilowitz, D. Lemay, W. Martin, J. B. German and S. E. Schaefer, 21st century toolkit for optimizing population health through precision nutrition, Crit. Rev. Food Sci. Nutr. 58 (2018) 3004–3015; 11. N. Di Daniele, The role of preventive nutrition in chronic non-communicable diseases, Nutrients 11 (2019

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Aspect of the degradation and adsorption kinetics of atrazine and metolachlor in andisol soil

and leaching. Chemosphere, 72(3): 509-16. doi: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2008.02.053. DiVincenzo, J.P. and Sparks, D.L. 1997. Slow Sorption Kinetics of Pentachlorophenol on Soil: Concentration Effects. Environmental Science and Technology, 31(4): 977-983. doi: 10.1021/es9601494. EFSA (2005). Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Plant Health, Plant Protection Products and their Residues on a request from EFSA related to the default Q10 value used to describe the temperature effect on transformation rates of pesticides in soil. ElShafei, G.S., Nasr, I

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Impact of pesticides use in agriculture: their benefits and hazards

.C. (Jan.) Santos A and Flores M. (1995). Effects of glyphosate on nitrogen fixation of free-living heterotrophic bacteria. Lett Appl Microbiol   20 : 349-352. Sardar D and Kole RK. (2005). Metabolism of Chlorpyriphos in relation to its effect on the availability of some plant nutrients in soil. Chemosphere   61 : 1273-1280. Savonen C. (1997). Soil microorganisms object of new OSU service. Good Fruit Grower. Savonen

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A study on the groundwater of Peenya industrial area and its related elements in Bengaluru region of Karnataka State, India

. International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology, 6(1): 97-112. Bernstein L. 1975. Effects of salinity and sodicity on plant growth. Annual review of phytopathology, 13(1): 295-312. Bhuiyan C., Singh R.P., Flügel W.A. 2009. Modelling of groundwater recharge-potential in the hard-rock Aravalli terrain, India: a GIS approach. Environmental Earth Sciences, 59(4): 929. Bin Omar A.F., Bin MatJafri M.Z. 2009. Turbidimeter design and analysis: a review on optical fiber sensors for the measurement of water turbidity. Sensors, 9

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The effect of addition of probiotic bacteria (Bacillus subtilis or Enterococcus faecium) or phytobiotic containing cinnamon oil to drinking water on the heath and performance of broiler chickens

performance, intestinal microbial populations and blood parameters in Japanese quail. J. Livest. Sci. Technol., 6: 1-8. Mollazadeh H., Hosseinzadeh H. (2016). Cinnamon effects on metabolic syndrome: a review based on its mechanisms. Iran. J. Basic Med. Sci., 19:1258-1270. Ognik K, Cholewińska E, Sembratowicz I, Grela E R, Czech A. (2016). The potential of using plant antioxidants to stimulate antioxidant mechanisms in poultry. Worlds Poult. Sci. J., 72: 291-298. Ognik K., Cholewińska E., Krauze M., Abramowicz K., Matusevicius P. (2017). The effect of a

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Vitamin D Deficiency and its Importance - A Global Problem of Today, Realistic or Not?

physiologic consequences. Science 1980;210(4466):203-5. 12. Holick MF. Nutrition and Health: Vitamin D. In: Chen TC, Zhiren Lu, Holick MF, editors. Photobiology of Vitamin D. Springer Science Business Media 2010; 35-60. 13. Wacker M, Holick MF. Sunlight and Vitamin D: A global perspective for health. Dermatoendocrinol 2013;5(1):51-108. 14. Engelsen O. The relationship between ultraviolet radiation exposure and vitamin D status. Nutrients 2010;2(5):482-95. 15. Kovesdy CP, Quarles LD. Fibroblast growth factor-23

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Assessment of metallic contamination in sediment and mullet fish (Mugil cephalus Linnaeus, 1758) tissues from the East Algerian coast

., A ltay O., U luturhan E., D arilmaz E. 2006. Assessment of marine pollution in Izmir Bay: Nutrient, heavy metal and total hydrocarbon concentrations. International Environment. Vol. 32 p. 41–51. K wok C., L iang Y., W ang H., D ong Y., L eung S., W ang M.H. 2014. Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in fish and ardeid at Pearl River Estuary, China. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. Vol. 106 p. 62–67. L afabrie C., P ergent G., K antin R., P ergent -M artini C., G onzalez J.L. 2007. Trace metals assessment in water, sediment, mussel and

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