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Simona Miclăuș, Ionel Dumbravă, Viorica Voicu and Paul Bechet

References [1] International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), Guidelines for limiting exposure to time varying electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields, Health Phys., vol. 74, pp. 494-522, 1998. [2] UltraTech Group of Labs, Engineering test report - UHF Transceiver ICOM, Model No.: IC-F24/S, UltraTech’s File #: ICOM-095-SAR, Oct. 2004. [3] Celltech Lab. Inc., Declaration of compliance - SAR test report, Transceiever Vertex Standard Co LTD, model VX-231-AG7B-5, Aug. 2008

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Pavel Otřísal and Stanislav Florus

References [1] ČSN EN ISO 6529 (83 2732): Protective clothing - Protection against chemicals - Determination of resistance of protective clothing materials to permeation by liquids and gates (in Czech). Praha : Czech Normalization Institute, 2002. 36 p. [2] ASTM F739: Standard Test Method for Resistance of Protective Clothing Materials to Permeation by Liquids or Gases Under Conditions of Continuous Contact. Philadelphia : American Society for Testing and Materials, 1999. [3] PUNGOR, Ernő. A practical Guide to Instrumental Analysis. 1. vyd

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N. N. Ubachukwu and C. N. Emeribe


The study investigated the socio-economic impacts of the 2012 flooding in the riverine areas Isoko south Local Government area, Delta State. Two communities Oleh and Aviara which were greatly affected by the flood event were selected for the study. Both purposive and simple random sampling techniques were adopted in the survey. A total of two hundred questionnaire were distributed to household heads, famers, community and religious leaders, one hundred per community. Impacts on building/household property, financial cost of damage, impact on small farm holders, damage on school infrastructures, diseases distributed were used as impact indicators. The study showed that displacement of family members for a period of 3-4months recorded the highest impact with Oleh and Aviara communities scoring impact level of 34% and 36.6% respectively. This was followed by submergence of farmland/lost of valuable household property, 27.7% in Oleh community and 23.6% Aviara community. Death/major injury during the flood event recorded least impact of 8.5% in Oleh and 3.2% in Aviara communities. On the average these impacts were valued at between one and two million naira (N). Analysis of impact on small farm holders showed that monthly income groups between <50,000 and 100,000 naira(N) were worst hit by the flood event. These groups are mostly subsistent farmers including snail farmers, poultry owners. The study revealed that schools were closed down for a period of 2-3months while collapsed of bridges was a leading cause of disruption in school activities with impact scores of 22.2% and 18.8% in Oleh and Avaira communities respectively. Analysis of disease distribution showed that malaria fever ranked highest, 33.1% in Oleh and 41.9% in Avaira respectively. This was followed by Diarrhoea, 22.6% in Oleh and Typhoid fever, 22.1% in Aviara. Bearing the losses was a common response approach to the flood disaster in the sampled communities with scores of 30.9% in Oleh and 27.6% in Aviara community. Structural modification ranked second with impact score of 16.5% in Oleh and migration to alternative location 16.3% in Avaira. Least response approach was construction of Monkey Bridge, 4.2% in Oleh and 4.1% in Avaira. Analysis of underlying cause of vulnerability showed that over reliance on government intervention thus doing little was main cause of vulnerability in Oleh, 25%, while in Avaira the main cause of vulnerability was attitude/cultural belief, 20.4%. The geographical locations of these communities also increase their vulnerability to flood by 22.9% in Oleh and 19.4% in Aviara. Result of student t test at 0.05 level of significance showed that the impact of the 2012 flooding in study area was similar in terms of damage to physical property, financial cost of impact, damage to school infrastructures and disease distribution. However, significant variation was observed in the two communities in terms of impacts on small farm holders. The study recommends land zoning in the framework of urban planning and regulation of urban development with a view to reducing the vulnerability of future flooding especially in the light recent global warming and climate change.

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Ahmad Alipour, Fariborz Bagheri, Mahnaz AliAkbari-Dehkordi and Fatemeh Amirabadi

; Ghafranipour, Fazlolla; Heidarnia, Alireza; Tahmasbi, Rahim (2010). Effective factors on regular physical exercise based on health improvement of women suffering from diabetes referring to Karaj diabetes association, Teb Jonoub Bimonthly, 13, 41-51. Okereke OI, Kang JH, Cook NR, et al. Type 2 diabetes mellitus and cognitive decline in two l arge cohorts of community-dwelling older adults. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2008; 56:1028- 1036. Onner K. W, Stickle T. R, Love, J., Bianchini K. J, Stanford M. S. Latent structure of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test

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Gabriela-Maria Man and Mihaela Man

wit is out: Age-related categorization and deficit expectations reduce performance on clinical tests used in dementia assessment. Psychology and Aging, 27, 778-784. Hess, T. M., Auman, C., Colcombe, S. J., & Rahhal, T. A. (2003). The impact of stereotype threat on age differences in memory performance. The Journals of Gerontology: Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 58, 3-11. Holmes, C. & Mahyew, K. (2012). The changing shape of the UK job market and its implications for the bottom half of earners, available at: http

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Alma Sheko and Alma Braimllari Spaho

References Ali, F., Rasoolimanesh, S. M., Sarstedt, M., Ringle, C. M., & Ryu, K. (2018). An assessment of the use of partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) in hospitality research. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management , 30(1), 514-538. Auramo, J., Kauremaa, J., & Tanskanen, K. (2005). Benefits of IT in supply chain management: an explorative study of progressive companies. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management , 35 (2), 82-100. Baihaqi, I., & Sohal, A. S. (2013

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Maria Teresa Medeiros Garcia, Pedro Nuno Louro Silvestre Rodrigues and Francisco Nunes

saving: Aggregate implications and tests. The American Economic Review , 53(1), 55-84. Attanasio, O. P., & Brugiavini, A. (2003). Social security and households’ saving. The Quarterly Journal of Economics , 118(3), 1075-1119. Attanasio, O. P., & Rohwedder, S. (2003). Pension Wealth and Household Saving: Evidence from Pension Reforms in the United Kingdom, The American Economic Review , 93 (5), 1499-1521. Barr, N. (2012). Economics of the Welfare State (5 th ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Barro, R. J. (1978). The Impact of Social

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Ms. N.S. Vijayalakshmi and A.H. Sequeira

-010-9158-y Akinsoji, A. A., Olufunmilola, A.-A. O., Idowu, A. A., & Pius, A.-O. I. (2015). Sexual and Contraceptive Practices among Female Undergraduates in a Nigerian Tertiary Institution. Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences, 25(3), 209-16. Al-Eisa, E., Al-Rushud, A., Alghadir, A., Anwer, S., Al-Harbi, B., Al-Sughaier, N., … Al-Muhaysin, H. A. (2016). Effect of motivation by “instagram” on adherence to physical activity among female college students. BioMed Research International, 2016(FEBRUARY). http

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Building a Local Administration Abroad

The French Consulate in Salonica in the 19th Century

Mathieu Jestin

Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Empire, although ephemeral, durably marked the societies and spaces concerned. See other contributions in this volume, especially those by Rüdiger von Krosigk and by Stefan Couperus et al. But this phenomenon could also be found, later in the century, with the new era of colonization. In this modernizing impetus, the consular network occupied a specific place. It tested the ability of France to project and impose its model not just beyond its metropolitan borders, but also outside the spaces it directly controlled. On this subject, see

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Luigi Blanco

–87; Sandro Rinauro: »La conoscenza del territorio nazionale«, in: Francesco Cassata / Claudio Pogliano (ed.): Storia ďItalia. Annali, vol. 26: Scienze e cultura delľItalia unita, Torino 2011, p. 497–523. The other great issue that animated political debate and practice during the Risorgimento, that is, the question of where the capital should be located, was also linked to the physical and political geography of the country. Once again, it was Napoleon who emphasized the problem of identifying the capital of the future united Italy which, although its regions had »much