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Visual-Simulation-Based Personalized Garment Block Design Method for Physically Disabled People with Scoliosis (PDPS)

-93. [7] HONG Y, ZENG X and BRUNIAUX P. SELECTION AND APPLICATION OF KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS FOR DESIGN AND PRODUCTION PROCESS. Uncertainty Modelling in Knowledge Engineering and Decision Making: Proceedings of the 12th International FLINS Conference. Roubaix: World Scientific, 2016, p. 1008-14. [8] Sayem ASM, Kennon R and Clarke N. 3D CAD systems for the clothing industry. International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education. 2010; 3: 45-53. [9] Sayem ASM, Kennon R and Clarke N. Resizable trouser template for virtual design and pattern

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A numerical parametric study on hydrofoil interaction in tandem

Malalasekera, W., 2007. An introduction to computational fluid dynamics - the finite volume method. Glasgow: Pearson Education Limited. Wang, X., Wang, F. and Li, Y.L., 2011. Aerodynamic characteristics of high-lift devices with downward deflection of spoiler. Journal of Aircraft, 48(2), pp.730-735. Xie, N. and Vassalos, D., 2006. Performance analysis of 3D hydrofoil under free surface. Ocean Enginnering, 34(8-9), pp.1257-1264. Zhu, B., Wu, H. and Xiao, T., 2012. Study of aerodynamic interactions of dual flapping airfoils in

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The Wavelets show it – the transit time of water varies in time

Resources Research, 21, 1175-1184. Dunn, S.M., McDonnell, J.J., Vaché, K.B., 2007. Factors influencing the residence time of catchment waters: A virtual experiment approach. Water Resources Research, 43, W06408. DOI: 10.1029/2006WR005393. Farge, M., 1992. Wavelet transforms and their applications to turbulence. Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech., 24, 395-457. Gomez, J.D., Wilson, J.L., 2013. Age distributions and dynamically changing hydrologic systems: Exploring topographydriven flow. Water Resour. Res., 49, 1503-1522. DOI: 10

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Pseudorandom Dynamic Test Power Signal Modeling and Electrical Energy Compressive Measurement Algorithm

References [1] Kukuča, P., Chrapčiak, I. (2016). From smart metering to smart grid. Measurement Science Review, 16 (3), 142-148. [2] Lao, K.-W., Wong, M.-C., Dai, N., Wong, C.-K., Lam, C.-S. (2015). A systematic approach to hybrid railway power conditioner design with harmonic compensation for high-speed railway. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 62 (2), 930-942. [3] Bernieri, A., Betta, G., Ferrigno, L., Laracca, M., Moriello, R.S.L. (2013). Electrical energy metering: Some challenges of the European

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Spatial Variability of Snow Water Equivalent – The Case Study from the Research Site in Khibiny Mountains, Russia

., Greene, E., McClung, D.M., Nishimura, K., Satyawali, P.K., Sokratov S.A., 2009. The international classification for seasonal snow on the ground. (UNESCO, IHP-VII, IACS contribution No 1). Technical Documents in Hydrology No 83. UNESCO/Division of Water Sciences, Paris, 80 p. Grünewald, T., Stötter, J., Pomeroy, J.W., Dadic, R., Moreno, Baños, I., Marturià, J., Spross, M., Hopkinson, C., Burlando, P., Lehning, M., 2013. Statistical modelling of the snow height distribution in open Alpine terrain. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 17

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Accessible Robots for Improving Social Skills of Individuals with Autism

development studies. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, 2005, vol. 35, pp. 471-480. [19] B. Robins, K. Dautenhahn, R. Boekhorst, and A. Billard, Robotic assistants in therapy and education of children with autism: can a small humanoid robot help encourage social interaction skills? Universal Access in the Information Society, 2005, vol. 4(2), pp. 105-120. [20] I. Luthffi, S. Syamimi, Y. Hanafiah, A. Fazah, Z. Nur Ismarrubie, Robot-based Intervention Program for Autistic Children with Humanoid Robot NAO: Initial Response in

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Using Principle of Complementarity when Diagnosing Complex Logistic Activities by Applying Alternative Approach

References 1. Altman, E. (1993). Corporate Financial Distress and Bankruptcy . New York: Wiley & Sons. 2. Altman, E., Hartzell, J. & Peck, M. (1995). Emerging Markets Corporate Bonds: A Scoring System . New York: Salomon Brothers, Inc. 3. Altman, E. (2002). Bankruptcy, Credit Risk and High Yield ‘Junk’ Bonds: A Compendium of Writings. Oxford, England and Malden, Massachusetts: Blackwell Publishing, 4. Olve, N., Roy, J., Wetter, M. (1999). Performance Drivers. A Practical Guide to

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Time of concentration of surface flow in complex hillslopes

-521. Eegleson, P.S., 1962. Unit hydrograph characteristics for sewered areas. Journal of the hydraulics division. Proceedings of the American Society of the Civil Engineers, 88(Hy2), 1-25. Eagleson, P.S., 1970. Dynamic Hydrology. McGraw-Hill, New York, USA. Evans, I.S., 1980. An integrated system of terrain analysis and slope mapping. Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie, Supplementband, 36, 274-295. Geranian, M., Amanian, N., Talebi, A., 2010. Optimization of the topography effects on time of pounding. MSc thesis, (abstract in

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RFID Tag as a Sensor - A Review on the Innovative Designs and Applications

., Staiculescu, D. (2009). A novel conformal RFID-Enabled module utilizing inkjetprinted antennas and carbon nanotubes for gasdetection applications. IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, 8, 653-656. [47] Jia, Y., Heiß, M., Fu, Q., Gay, N.A. (2009). A prototype RFID humidity sensor for built environment monitoring. In International Workshop on Education Technology and Training and International Workshop on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (ETT and GRS 2008). IEEE, 496-499. [48] Qi, Z., Zhuang, Y., Li, X., Liu, W., Du, Y., Wang, B. (2014

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