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Vertical distribution of Cu, Ni and Zn in Brunic Arenosols and Gleyic Podzols of the supra-flood terrace of the Słupia River as affected by litho-pedogenic factors

., Komisarek J., Bednarek R., Mocek A., Skiba S., Wiatrowska K. 2011. Systematyka Gleb Polski, wydanie V. Roczniki Gleboznawcze 62(3): pp. 193. Martin C.W. 2000. Heavy metal trends in floodplain sediments and valley fill, River Lahn, Germany. Catena, 39: 53-68. Martinez C.E., Motto H.L. 2000. Solubility of lead, zinc and copper added to mineral soils, Environmental Pollution, 170: 153-158. McAlister J.J., Smith B.J., Török A. 2006. Element partitioning and potential mobility within surface dusts on buildings in a polluted urban

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Biochemical and chemical indices of soil transformations on goose farms in years 1996–2011 / Biochemiczne i chemiczne wskaźniki przeobrażeń gleb na terenie ferm gęsi w latach 1998–2011

contents of active mineral nitrogen forms, Polish Journal of Soil Science, 30/2, pp. 23-28. [12] Egli, M., Sartori, G., Mirabella, A., Giaccai, D., Favilli, F., Scherrer, D., Krebs, R. & Delbos, E. (2010). The influence of weathering and organic matter on heavy metals liability in silicatic alpine soils, Science of The Total Environment, 408, pp. 931-938. [13] Gostkowska, K., Furczak, J., Domżał, H. & Bielińska, E.J. (1998). Suitability of some biochemical and microbiological tests for the degradation degree of podzolic soil on the

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Sedimentological interpretation and stratigraphical position of glacigenic deposits in the Napęków area (Holy Cross Mountains, Poland)

valley in the Late Glacial and Holocene ]. Dialog Press, Warsaw, 180 pp. (in Polish). Ludwikowska-Kędzia, M., 2013. The assemblages of transparent heavy minerals in Quaternary sediments of the Kielce-Łagów Valley (Holy Cross Mountains, Poland). Geologos 19, 95–129. Ludwikowska-Kędzia, M. & Pawelec, H., 2011. Osady glacigeniczne w rejonie Mąchcocic Kapitulnych [Glacigenic sediments near Mąchocice Kapitulne (Holy Cross Mountains)]. [In:] M. Ludwikowska-Kędzia & M. Wiatrak (Eds): Geologia i geomorfologia Regionu Świętokrzyskiego , 71–87 (in Polish, with

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The content of copper, zinc, and nickel in the selected species of edible mushrooms

1 Introduction Mushrooms from natural sites are products rich in mineral substances, including valuable macro- and microelements. However, many researchers [ Bielawski and Falandysz 2008 , Chojnacka and Falandysz 2007 , Soylaket et al. 2005 , Gastet et al. 1988 , Falandysz et al. 2002 , Falandysz et al. 2006 ] pay attention to the fact that specific fungi species are able to take numerous metallic elements from soil and accumulate them in their fruiting bodies in concentrations considerably exceeding their amounts in soil. Pająk [2016] confirmed high

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River response to climate and sea level changes during the Late Saalian/Early Eemian in northern Poland – a case study of meandering river deposits in the Chłapowo cliff section

, Chichester, 101–139. Makowska, A., 2009. Międzymorenowa formacja dolnopowiślańska na tle budowy osadów plejstoceńskich pomorza nadwiślańskiego i jej rozwój w młodszym plejstocenie. [Intermorainic Lower Vistula Formation against the background of geological structure of Pleistocene deposits in Vistula Pomerania, and its development during the Younger Pleistocene]. Biuletyn PIG 437, 59–124 (in Polish with English summary). Mange M.A. & Maurer F.W., 1992. Heavy minerals in colour . Chapman & Hall, London, 147 pp. Marks, L., 2005. Pleistocene river systems

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Use of biofuel ashes in forestry

Journal, 69, 114-119. Naylor, L. M., Schmidt, E. 1989. Paper mill wood ash as a fertilizer and liming material: field trials. - Tappi Journal, 72, 199-206. Nieminen, M., Piirainen, S., Moilanen, M. 2005. Release of mineral nutrients and heavy metals from wood and peat ash fertilizers: field studies in Finnish forest soils. - Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 20, 146-153. Nylen, T., Grip, H. 1997. The origin and dynamics of 137 Cs discharge from a coniferous forest catchment. - Journal

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Preliminary Contamination Risk Assessment of Mining Waste Using Spatial Analysis and Geochemical Characterization of Rock Formations. Case Study in Hungary

: applying geology. European Geologist 32, 9-13. Kavouridis. K., Koukouzas, N. 2008. Coal and sustainable energy supply challenges and barriers. Energy Policy 36, 693-703. DOI:10.1016/j.enpol.2007.10.013 Lei, L.., Song, C.., Xie, X.., Li, Y., Wang, F,. 2010. Acid mine drainage and heavy metal contamination in groundwater of metal sulfide mine at arid territory (BS mine, Western Australia). Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China 20, 1488-1493. Long, J., Fischhoff, B. 2000. Setting risk priorities: a formal model

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The Effect of Various Nitrogen Fertilization Regimes on the Concentration of Thirty Three Elements in Carrot (Daucus Carota L.) Storage Roots

-41. Diatta J.B., Biber M., Chudzińska E. 2009. Calcium as a factor mitigating negative impact of heavy metals on soil and plant. I. Phytotest, transfer factors of heavy metals. Ochrona Środowiska i Zasobów Naturalnych 41: 77-88. Diatta J.B., Grzebisz W. 2006. Influence of mineral nitrogen forms on heavy metals mobility in two soils. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 15 (2a): 56-62. Diatta J.B., Grzebisz W. 2009. Calcium as a factor mitigating negative impact of heavy metals on soil and plant. I. Soil chemical

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Evaluation of the Effect of Municipal Sewage Sludge Compost and Furnace Waste on the Quality of Amur Silver Grass Miscanthus Sachariflorus Biomass

References [1] Aggelides SM, Londra PA. Effects of compost produced from town wastes and sewage sludge on the physical properties of a loamy and a clay soil. Bioresour Technol. 2000;71(3):253-259. DOI: 10.1016/S0960-8524(99)00074-7. [2] Carbonell G, Imperial RM, Torrijos M, Delgado M. Effects of municipal solid waste compost and mineral fertilizer amendments on soil properties and heavy metals distribution in maize plants. Chemosphere. 2011;85(10):1614-1623. DOI:101016/j.chemosphere.2011.08.025. [3] Li H

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Coal Cleaning Versus the Reduction of Mercury and other Trace Elements’ Emissions from Coal Combustion Processes

, 236-241. [12] Gibb, W.H., Clarke, F. & Mehta, A.K. (2000). Fuel Processing Technology, 365, 65-66. [13] Glenn, A.N. (1992). Environmental Progress, 11, 140. [14] Gluskoter, H.J., Shimp, N.F. & Rucz, R.R. (1981). Coal Analyses, Trace Elements and Mineral Mater in Chemistry of Coal Utilization, second supplementary, 369-424, USA. [15] Hlawiczka, S. & Fudala, J. (2003). Distribution of Cd, Pb and Hg emissions among sectors of economy in Poland and the emission assessment for the years 1990-2000 w

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