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Decomposition-based logic synthesis for PAL-based CPLDs

., Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, A. L., McMullen, C. T. and Hachtel, G. D. (1984). Logic Minimization Algorithms for VLSI Synthesis , Kluwer Academic Publishers, Norwell, MA. Bryant, R. E. (1986). Graph-based algorithms for Boolean function manipulation, IEEE Transactions on Computers   35 (8): 677-691. Burns, M., Perkowski, M., Jóźwiak, L. and Grygiel, S. (1998). An efficient and effective approach to column-based input/output encoding in functional decomposition, Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Boolean

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Privacy-Preserving Interdomain Routing at Internet Scale

–42. ACM, 2012. [4] P. Gill, M. Schapira, and S. Goldberg. Let the market drive deployment: a strategy for transitioning to BGP security. In SIGCOMM’11 , pages 14–25. ACM, 2011. [5] O. Goldreich, S. Micali, and A. Wigderson. How to play any mental game or a completeness theorem for protocols with honest majority. In STOC’87 , pages 218–229. ACM, 1987. [6] D. Demmler, T. Schneider, and M. Zohner. ABY – a framework for efficient mixed-protocol secure two-party computation. In NDSS’15 . The Internet Society, 2015. Code: https

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Effects of the Sports Level, Format of the Game and Task Condition on Heart Rate Responses, Technical and Tactical Performance of Youth Basketball Players

individual participation of some players due to the fact that other players sometimes monopolize the game ( Piñar et al., 2009 ). Furthermore, smaller formats increase the time dedicated to offensive plays ( McCormick et al., 2012 ). The comparison between half-court and full-court showed that half-court games contained almost 20% more total technical elements and passing than games played on a full-court ( Kluseman et al., 2012 ). Most previous studies classically focused on changing the number of players (format) and/or the size of the court. Nevertheless, SSGs provide

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Data Mining in Elite Beach Volleyball – Detecting Tactical Patterns Using Market Basket Analysis

Graph Data. In Zighed, D. A., Komorowski, J., & Zytkow, J. (Eds.), Principles of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery , (pp. 13-23)., Berlin, Heidelberg. Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Jorge, A. (2004). Hierarchical Clustering for thematic browsing and summarization of large sets of Association Rules. In Proceedings of the 2004 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining , (pp. 178-187). Kang, B., Huh, M., & Choi, S. (2015). Performance analysis of volleyball games using the social network and text mining techniques. Journal of the Korean Data and

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Parallel Oblivious Array Access for Secure Multiparty Computation and Privacy-Preserving Minimum Spanning Trees

References [1] M. Aliasgari, M. Blanton, Y. Zhang, and A. Steele. Secure computation on floating point numbers. In 20th Annual Network and Distributed System Security Symposium, NDSS 2013, San Diego, California, USA, February 24-27, 2013 . The Internet Society, 2013. [2] A. Aly, E. Cuvelier, S. Mawet, O. Pereira, and M. V. Vyve. Securely solving simple combinatorial graph problems. In A.-R. Sadeghi, editor, Financial Cryptography , volume 7859 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science , pages 239–257. Springer, 2013. [3] B. Awerbuch and Y

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Modelling Dynamic Decision Making with the ACT-R Cognitive Architecture

beer game. In Lovett, M.; Schunn, C.; Lebiere, C.; and Munro, P., eds., Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Cognitive Modeling , 178-183. Meyer, D. E., and Kieras, D. E. 1997. A computational theory of executive cognitive processes and multiple-task performance 1. Basic mechanisms. Psychological Review 104:3-65. Newell, A. 1990. Unified Theories of Cognition. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Peebles, D., and Cheng, P. C.-H. 2003. Modeling the effect of task and

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Multi-Objective Weather Routing of Sailboats Considering Wave Resistance

. Navig. Saf. Sea Transp. 11 (2017) 31–36. 12. Lisowski, J.: ScienceDirect Computational intelligence methods of a safe ship control, Procedia - Procedia Comput. Sci. 35 (2014) 634–643. 13. Lisowski, J.: THE SENSITIVITY OF STATE DIFFERENTIAL GAME VESSEL TRAFFIC MODEL, POLISH Marit. Res. 2 (2016) 14–18. 14. Mannarini, G., G. Coppini, P. Oddo, N. Pinardi: A Prototype of Ship Routing Decision Support System for an Operational Oceanographic Service, TransNav, Int. J. Mar. Navig. Saf. Sea Transp. 7 (2013) 53–59. 15. Naus, K., M. Wąż: The idea of using

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Evolutionary Stable Strategies In Networked Games: The Influence Of Topology

References [1] J. Von Neumann and O. Morgenstern, “Game theory and economic behavior,” 1944. [2] E. Rasmusen and B. Blackwell, Games and information . Cambridge, 1994, vol. 2. [3] J. M. Smith and G. Price, “lhe logic of animal conflict,” Nature , vol. 246, p. 15, 1973. [4] J. M. Smith, Evolution and the Theory of Games . Springer, 1993. [5] J. Bendor and P. Swistak, “Types of evolutionary stability and the problem of cooperation.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , vol. 92, no. 8, pp. 3596–3600, 1995. [6] A

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Combining spatial and other objectives in forest design

References Barrett, T. M., Gilless, J. K. 2000. Even-aged restriction with sub-graph adjacency. - Annals of Operations Research, 95, 259-175. Bettinger, P. Seccions, J., Johnson, K. N. 1998. Ensuring the compatibility of aquatic habitat and commodity production goals in eastern Oregon with a Tabu search procedure. - Forest Science, 44(1), 96-112 Bettinger, P., Sessions, J., Boston, K. 1997. Using tabu search to schedule timber harvests subject to spatial wildlife goals for big game

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IFSs consisting of generalized convex contractions

. Sci. Engrg., 22 (2012), DOI 10.1142/S02181127412500095. [5] M. Barnsley, K. Leśniak and M. Rypka, Chaos game for IFSs on topological spaces, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 435, (2016), 1458-1466. [6] M. Boriceanu, M. Bota and A. Petruşel, Multivalued fractals in b-metric spaces, Cent. Eur. J. Math., 8 (2010), 367-377. [7] C. Chifu and A. Petruşel, Multivalued fractals and generalized multivalued contractions, Chaos Solitons Fractals, 36 (2008), 203-210. [8] I. Chiţescu, H. Georgescu, R. Miculescu, Approximation

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