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Fantina Tedim and Salete Carvalho

References Büchele B., Kreibich H., Kron A., Thieken A., Ihringer J., Oberle P., Merz B. & Nestmann F., 2006. Flood-risk mapping contributions towards an enhanced assessment of extreme events and associated risks. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 6: 485-503. Costa F. S., 2002. As grandes cheias do Rio Tâmega (o caso do período 1960-1986). Apresentação no 6○ Congresso da Água , APRH, Porto, 18/22 Março de 2002. EU [European Union], 2007. Directive 2007/60/EC of the

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Csaba Szalontai

, I. 1979. Szeged árvízvédelmei rendszerének kialakulása az 1879. évi katasztrófa előtt és után. (Flood protection in Szeged before and after the flodod in 1879). Hidrológiai Közlöny 59, 252–260. (in Hungarian) Kaszab, I. 1987 Építésföldtani összefüggések Szeged és környéke felszínközeli üledékeiben. (Engineering Geology of near-surface sediments of Szeged and its neighborhood). Budapest. 113 p. (In Hungarian) Kiss, A. 2011. Floods and Long-Term Water-Level changes in Medieval Hungary. PhD dissertation. Budapest. 323 p. Kohán, Z. 2003. A

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Tomasz Ciesielczuk, Czesława Rosik-Dulewska and Katarzyna Kochanowska

Oder Flood in 1997 on the Distribution of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the Oder River Estuary, Marine Pollution Bulletin, 40, 12, 1124–1131. [38] Wolska, L. & Mędrzycka, K. (2009). Assessing the Ecotoxicity of the Bottom Sediments from the Sea Ports of Gdansk and Gdynia, Environmental Pollution Control, 31, 1, 49–52 (in Polish). [39] Yang, Y., Ligouis, B., Pies, C., Grathwohl, P. & Hofmann, T. (2008). Occurrence of coal and coal-derived particle-bound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in a river fl oodplain soil, Environmental Pollution, 151

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Marta Bedryj, Grzegorz Dumieński and Andrzej Tiukało

References Ahmad T., Pandey A.C, Kumar A., 2017, Impact of flooding on land use/land cover transformation in Wular Lake and its environs, Kashmir Valley, India using geoinformatics, ISPRS Annals 4: 13–18. Borowiak D., 2017, Zasoby i bilans wodny jezior (Water resources and water balance of lakes), [in:] Jokiel P., Marszelewski W., Pociask-Karteczka J. (eds), Hydrologia Polski (Hydrology of Poland), PWN, Warszawa: 229–235 (in Polish). Cui X., Yang Z., Chen J., 2000, Influence of a catastrophic flood on densities and biomasses of three plant

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Viliam Šimor, Kamila Hlavčová, Silvia Kohnová and Ján Szolgay

References Acreman M. C., Sinclair C. D. 1986: Classification of drainage basins according to their physical characteristics; an application for flood frequency analysis in Scotland. J. Hydrol., 84 , 365-380. Aqil M., Kita I., Yano A., Nishiyama S., 2007: A comparative study of artificial neural networks and neuro-fuzzy in continuous modeling of the daily and hourly behaviour of runoff. Journal of Hydrology, 337 , 1-2, 22-34. Anctil F., Michel C., Perrin C., Andreassian V., 2004: A soil moisture index

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Elena Hutanu, Andrei Urzica and Andrei Enea

References Banskota, A., Kayastha, N., Falkowski, M.J., Wulder, M.A., Froese, R.E., & White, J.C., (2014), Forest monitoring using Landsat time series data: A review , Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, vol. 40(5), pp. 362-384. Chen, Z.M., Yeh, Y.L., Chen T.C., (2018), Assessment of a Regional Flood Disaster Indicator via an Entropy Weighting Method , Natural Hazards Review, Vol. 19 (2). . Cojoc, G., Romanescu, G., & Tirnovan, A., (2015), Exceptional floods on a developed river. Case

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Karolina Czerwieńska, Waldemar Szendera and Waldemar Chmielewski

., Cwalina, B., Szostak, A., Nogaj, P. & Ślusarczyk, Z. (2004). Influence of flood on the water quality in the Goczałkowice Reservoir, Czasopismo Techniczne. Środowisko , 8, pp. 49–58. (in Polish) Fenske, C., Westphal, A., Bachor, E., Breitenbach, E., Buchholz, W., Julich, W.D. & Hensel, P. (2001). The consequences of the Odra flood (summer 1997) for the Odra lagoon and the beaches of Usedom: What can be expected under extreme conditions?, International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health , 203, pp. 417–433. Fooken, U. & Liebezeit, G. (2003). An IR

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Agnieszka Hejduk and Kazimierz Banasik

-147. HEJDUK A., 2009: Transport rumowiska unoszonego podczas wezbrań roztopowych w małej zlewni rolniczej ( Suspended sediment transport during snowmelt flood events in small agricultural watershed). Unpublished PhD, SGGW . HEJDUK L., 2001: Transport rumowiska unoszonego i fosforu w wezbraniach rzeki Zagożdżonki ( Suspended sediment and phosforus transport in flood events in river of Zagożdżonka). Unpublished PhD, SGGW . HEJDUK L., HEJDUK A., BANASIK K., 2006: Suspended sedniment transport during rainfall and snowmelt

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Magda Hudak, Czesław Karczmar, Urszula Kołodziejczyk and Jakub Kostecki


Existing river valley development methods which have been used for a significant period of time, as well as the use of land for construction of residential developments, have led to negative consequences for the environment. The agricultural use of land and its protection with hydraulic structures has restricted the natural flood area of the river. According to EU law, the risk of catastrophic flooding should be reduced, and its effects minimized. Sustainable water management determines the effectiveness of flood protection in the whole river basin. The paper presents the flood protection on the Odra River in the segment between Nowa Sól and Cigacice, with special emphasis on the possibility of reconstructing the former flood polders in the Middle Odra Region that existed before the year 1945, including the polder in Milsko.

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Tomáš Kliment, Linda Gálová, Renata Ďuračiová, Róbert Fencík and Marcel Kliment

. (2010) Heterogenne data v povodnovom krizovom managemente (Heterogeneous Data in Flood Crisis Management). Pedagogicke listy 16: Geodeticka a kartograficka podpora protipovodnovej ochrany, Bratislava: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, pp. 40-50, ISBN 978-80-227-3424-0 [in Slovak]. Galova, L. (2012) Navrh konceptualneho modelupre riešeniepovo- dnovych krtovych situacii v sulade so smemicou INSPIRE (Draft of conceptual model for solving flood crisis situations in accor- dance with the INSPIRE directive). In: Juniorstav 2012