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S.A. Yildizel, E. Dogan, G. Kaplan and A. Ergut

R eferences 1. Zhou, Z., Goh, Y. M., & Li, Q. (2015). Overview and analysis of safety management studies in the construction industry. Safety Science. doi:10.1016/j.ssci.2014.10.006. 2. Maher, B.A., (1964). The Application of the Approach-Avoidance Conflict Model to Social Behavior. The Journal of Conflict Resolution, Vol. 8, No. 3 (Sep., 1964), pp. 287-291. 3. Whitfield, J. (1994). Conflicts in construction, avoiding, managing and resolving. London: Macmillan Press. 4. Clegg, SR (1992) Contracts cause conflicts. In P Fenn & R Gameson (eds

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A. Glema

References 1. A. Tomana, BIM. Innowacyjna technologia w budownictwie. Podstawy. Standardy. Narzędzia. PWB Media, Warszawa, 2015. 2. ISO 16739: 2013, IFC specification for data sharing in the construction and facility management industries 3. M. Hooper, BIM Anatomy II - Standardization needs & support systems, PhD thesis Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, 2015. 4. BuildingSMART International, Report, December 31, 2012 5. A. Glema, BIM education in Poland EDUBIM2016, June 16

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Petr Mondschein

Amounts of R-material and Asphalt Foam in Hot Mixes , In: Silnice mosty, 4/2014, Pragoprojekt, a. s., pp. 56-58, ISSN 1804-8684 Road Builders’ Association , Production and Processing of Materials for Road Construction in 2016 TP 210 (2011) Using Recycled Building Demolition Materials in Roads , Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic TP 208 (2009) Cold Recycling of Construction Layers of Non-Rigid Pavements , Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic – OSI TP 170 (2004) Design of Road

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Ronald Fong

References Bickerton, Derek. 2008. Bastard tongues: A trailblazing linguist finds clues to our common humanity in the world’s lowliest languages . New York: Hill and Wang. Bickerton, Derek. 2013. The origins of syntactic language. In Maggie Tallerman, and Kathleen Gibson (eds.), The Oxford handbook of language evolution, 456–468. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Boas, Hans C. 2003. A constructional approach to resultatives . Stanford, CA: CSLI Publications. Boeckx, Cedric. 2006. Linguistic minimalism: Origins, concepts, methods, and

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Krzysztof Dziekoński, Omar Hesham Mohamed Fawzy Ibrahim, Abdul-Majeed Mahamadu and Patrick Manu

L iterature Abd Elhamid, M., & Ghareeb, S. (2011). Measuring Performance in Egyptian Construction Firms Applying Quality Management Systems. Journal of Construction Engineering and Project Management , 1 (2), 18-27. Ahmad, S., Svalestuen, F., Andersen, B., & Torp, O. (2016). A Review of Performance Measurement for Successful Concurrent Construction. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences , 226 , 447-454. Aho, M. (2009). A Capability Maturity Model for Corporate Performance Management. An Empirical Study in Large Finnish Manufacturing

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Aneta Marichova

References [1] Bain J., (1968), Industrial Organization. 2nd edition. John Wiley & Sons. New York.,рр.223 [2] Myers D. (2008), Construction Economics: A new approach. Second Edition. Taylor & Francis. London &New York, pp. 145-151 [3] Piana V., (2003), Product Differentiation, Economics Web Institute, jan.1, Stefan L., (1997), Vertical product differentiation and entry deterrence, Journal of Economics, Springer, vol. 65(1), pp. 79-102 [4] Stoun M., (2011), How and when to advertising a

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Begum Sertyesilisik

.1016/j.jclepro.2013.09.042 [18] WOMACK, J.P., JONES, D.T., Lean Thinking. Simon and Schuster, New York. 1996. [19] GUSTAVSSON, T. Agile Project Management. First edition. Stockholm, Sweden: Sanoma Utbildning AB (2011). [20] SIMONS, D., MASON, R., Lean and green: doing more with less. ECR J. Volume 3 (2003) No 1, 84-91. [21] MARHANI, M.A., JAAPAR, A., BARI, N.A.A. Lean Construction: Towards enhancing sustainable construction in Malaysia Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 68 (2012) 87 - 98

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Elżbieta Radziszewska-Zielina and Monika Gleń

References [1] Spišáková M., Kozlovská M.(2013). Lean production as an innovative approach to construction. Journal of Civil Engineering, 8(1), (2013), pp. 87-96. [2] Kozlovská M., Spišáková M.(2011). Modern methods of construction vs. construction waste, International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference, pp. 483-490. [3] Župová L., Kozlovská M.(2013). Precondition for wider use of prefabricated construction methods, Teorija i praktika budivnictva (756), pp. 105-109. [4] Kozlovská M

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S. Biruk and P. Jaśkowski

References 1. I. Bakry, O. Moselhi, T. Zayed T., “Optimized acceleration of repetitive construction projects”, Automation in Construction 39: 145-151, 2014. 2. W. Bożejko, Z. Hejducki, Z., M. Wodecki, “Applying metaheuristic strategies in construction projects management”, Journal of Civil Engineering and Management 18(5): 621-630, 2012. 3. P. H. Chen, S. M. Shahandashti, S.M., “Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Optimizing Multi-Project Linear Scheduling with Multiple Resource Constraints”, Proceedings of 24th

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Peter Mesároš, Tomáš Mandičák and Jozef Selín

References [1] Prange, H., Leimboke, E., Klaus, R. (2003). Kalkulácie cien stavebných prác. Best Publishing, Bratislava 2003. [2] Tažiková, A, Kozlovská, M. (2013). Effect of the construction cost calculations to the sustainable development of buildings. In Visnik Nacionaľnogo universitetu Ľvivska politechnika : Teorija i praktika budivnictva. No. 756 (2013), 298-303. [3] Karlőf, B., Őstblom, S. (1995). Benchmarking, jak napodobit úspěšné. Victoria Publishing, Praha, 1995. [4] Král, B. a kol