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Deborah J. Anthony

female’s name to her descendants— was common. Surnames such as Margretson (son of Margret) and Madison (son of Maddy, nickname for Maud) are just a few of a great many examples of this type of naming. Women’s given names also frequently became surnames, without the “son” or “daughter” appellation. Marriott is a Middle English nickname for Mary; Agnes, Elizabeth, Margaret, and Helen are just a few additional examples of female given names that were converted to surnames of various forms. The strongly gendered status quo of contemporary times collectively believed to be

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Alicia Ohlsson, Erik Hedlund and Gerry Larsson

). However, this study’s results demonstrated that the personality dimension Emotional stability was also correlated to the PSI. This may be explained by the military profession, which requires soldiers to be ‘emotionally fit’, exemplified through high-functioning emotion resilience systems in extreme working contexts that military personnel may encounter ( Algoe and Fredrickson 2011 ). In military staff work, it can mean contributing to decision processes that may directly affect the life and limb of others out in the field. Emotional stability has also been demonstrated

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Soňa Rusnáková

Military Servicemen Were in Crimea. (2014). In Russia Today. Retrieved 12 February 2017, from Putin Says Crimea Not Annexed By Russia, It Was ‘Reunified’. (2016). In Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty . Retrieved 13 March 2017, from Putin: Russia Could Not ‘Abandon’ Crimea. (2015). In Defense News . Retrieved 13 March 2017, from

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Adam J MacLeod

authority (and thus it is not libertarian or individualist), which requires that those domains enjoy liberty (and thus it is not left-liberal or statist). This is a contemporary defense of a classical, common-law sense of liberty. This part also examines the harm caused by totalizing norms of equality and non-discrimination. All law is discrimination, and the plurality of goods and of private ordering requires that discrimination be allowed for valid reasons and forbidden when the reasons are never to be considered in the circumstances. Because norms of equality and non

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Jan Hanska

that an all-out nuclear war needs to be averted at any cost. However, ways and means toward this common end are in stark juxtaposition. Even within camps, there are contradictory views concerning the essentials of theory. As an example, we can use the nuclear balance itself. It was famously labeled by Albert Wohlstetter (1958) “the delicate balance of terror”. For Pierre Gallois (1961) , nuclear parity could “at least temporarily, create a form of peace that would be more stable – and more advantageous – than any ever known” (p. 167). The delicacy of the balance

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Thomas Halper

Marbury, a financier who had “elbowed his way to wealth and power [and] moved easily into the highest circles of the Federalist elite,” sought the position of justice of the peace in Washington, D.C., “the most powerful public office in the lives of the common people.” David Forte, Marbury’s Travail: Federalist Politics and William Marbury’s Appointment as Justice of the Peace , 45 C ATH . U. L. R EV . 349, 352, 388, 354. (1996). Defeated by Jefferson in the 1800 election, the Federalist President Adams appointed Marbury to the position two days before Jefferson took

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Simone Benazzo

history: in a historical moment when this social system was being portrayed as a dictatorship that had oppressed its citizens for half a century, it was politically convenient to detach themselves from the communist heritage and to avoid any reference to the sensitive past. For the liberals, it was more a matter of ideological values. According to this interpretation, history needed to only be dealt with by professional historians. In their views, politics had to refrain from manipulating history, as it was common under the communist rule. As a result, during the 14

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Erik M. Jensen

invaluable to the colonists in the right circumstances: Every Indian is a Hunter; and as their Manner of making War, viz. by Skulking, Surprizing and Killing particular Persons and Families, is just the same as their Manner of Hunting, only changing the Object, Every Indian is a disciplin’d Soldier. Soldiers of this Kind are always wanted in the Colonies in an Indian War; for the European Military Discipline is of little Use in these Woods. Id . at 120. The tension between tribes and colonists didn’t disappear during the time between the publication of the Franklin

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Margaret Heffernan and Eoin Rochford

constantly developing as the individual interacts with the organisation through their management ( McDonald and Makin, 2000 ). Human resources (HR) practices, such as rewards and performance management, career and skill development, job design, autonomy, and employee involvement, all contribute to the development of psychological contract obligations. Transactional or monetary obligations are the most common in today’s workplace and involve compensation for specific forms of labour, as expressed by ‘a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay’ ( McDermott et al., 2013

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Vladimír Naxera and Petr Krčál

at emphasizing the “common folk”, Miloš Zeman is known for his rhetorical attacks on variously conceived groups of his real and assumed opponents (journalists, political opponents, or those who do not agree with his political style and opinions) that fall under the category of common folk. This has led a large portion of the Czech public to accept Zeman and left the remainder to spurn him. This can be perceived as another characteristic of populism (cf. Antal 2017 ). According to the theory of populism (see following sections; Mudde 2004 ; Woods and Wejnert