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Atomization performance of effervescent atomizers with gas-liquid internal mixing

International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering CHISA, 24-28 August 2008. Prague, Czech Republic. Roesler, T.C. (1988). An experimental study of aerated liquid atomization , Ph.D. Thesis, Purdue University, U.S., according to [1]. Roesler, T.C. & Lefebvre, AH. (1988). Photographic studies on aerated liquid atomization, combustion fundamentals and applications. Proceedings of the Meeting of the Central States Section of the Combustion Institute, April 1988 (Paper 3). Indianapolis, U.S., according to [1].

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Effects of the type of biomass and ashing temperature on the properties of solid fuel ashes

. & Polok, M. (2013). The impact of coal characteristics on the fouling of stoker-fired boiler convection surfaces. Fuel . 112, 473–482. DOI: 10. Yao, X., Xu, K., Yan, F. & Yu, L. (2017). The influence of ashing temperature on ash fouling and slagging characteristics during combustion of biomass fuels. Bioresources. 12(1), 1593–1610. 11. Du, S., Yang, H., Qian, K., Wang, X. & Chen, H. (2014). Fusion and transformation properties of the inorganic components in biomass ashes. Fuel. 117, 1281–1287. DOI:

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Numerical modeling of batch formation in waste incineration plants

. Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council (EC) 98/2008, on waste. 6. Bilitewski, B., Härdtle, G. & Marek, K. (1994). Waste Management. Berlin Heidelberg, Germany: Springer-Verlag. ISBN: 3-540-59210-5. 7. Miyagoshi, Y., Tatefuku, T. & Nishino, M., et al. (2004). Advantageous effects of low air ratio combustion in an advanced stoker-type waste incinerator. Report from Second International Conference on Waste Management and the Environment, 29 September-1 October 2004 (pp. 155-164). Rhodos, Greece: Waste Management in Japan

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Simulation of circulating fluidized bed gasification for characteristic study of pakistani coal

.1016/j.fuproc.2009.07.013. 4. Bell, D.A., Towler, B.F. & Fan, M. (2011). Coal gasification and its applications (1st ed). Oxford: William Andrew Publisher. 5. Nozawa, S. & Matsushita, Y. (2013). Numerical investigation of the effect of the heterogeneous reaction model on the thermal behavior of pulverized coal combustion. Asia-Pac. J. Chem. Eng. 8, 292-300. DOI: 10.1002/apj.1694. 6. Wu, L., Qiao, Y. & Yao, H. (2012). Experimental and numerical study of pulverized bituminous coal ignition characteristics in O2/N2 and O2/CO

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Application of the TG-MS system in studying sewage sludge pyrolysis and gasification

References Werther, J. & Ogada, T. (1999). Sewage sludge combustion. Prog. Energy Combust. Sci. 25 (1), 55 - 116. Inguanzo, M., Domínguez, A., Menéndez, J. A., Blanco, C. G. & Pis, J. J. (2002). On the pyrolysis of sewage sludge: the influence of pyrolysis conditions on solid, liquid and gas fractions. J. Anal. Appl. Pyrolysis , 63 (1), 209 - 222. Ptasinski, K., Prins, M. & Pierik, A. (2007). Exergetic evaluation of biomass gasification. Energy , 32 (4), 568 - 574

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The effect of important parameters on the natural gas vehicles driving range

References 1. IANGV.(2010).Natural Gas Vehicle Statistics; SUMMARY DATA 2010 (EOY), from: 2. IANGV.(2010). Natural Gas Vehicle Statistics; NGV Count - Ranked Numerically As at December 2010.from: 3. Kowalewicz, A. & Wojtyniak, M. (2005). Alternative fuels and their application to combustion engines. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering

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Impact of torrefaction technique on the moisture contents, bulk density and calorific value of briquetted biomass

Proceeding of ASABE Annual International Meeting, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 12. Islam, M.M., Khan, K., Ali, M.N. & Islam, M.S. (2003). An investigation on the raw materials and products of the briquetting machine. In Synopsis on The Role of Renewable and Alternative Energy Resources for National Development. 13. Werther, J., Salnger, M., Hartge, E.U., Ogada, T. & Siagi, Z. (2000). Combustion of agriculture residues. Prog. Energy Combust. Sci. 26(1), 1-27. DOI: 10.1016/S0360-1285(99)00005-2. 14. Kaliyan, N. & Morey, R.V. (2009

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Cold plasma in the nanotechnology of catalysts

catalyst for the conversion of CH 4 to syngas, Plasma Chem. Plasma Processing , 2000 , 20 , 137. Chen M. H., Chu W., Dai X. Y., Zhang X. W.: New palladium catalysts prepared by glow discharge plasma for the selective hydrogenation of acetylene, Catal. Today , 2004 , 89 , 201. Liu C. -J., Yu K., Zhang Y. -P., Zhua X., Hea F., Eliasson B.: Characterization of plasma treated Pd/HZSM-5 catalyst for methane combustion, Appl. Cat. B: Environmental , 2004 , 47 , 95. Zhu X., Yu K., Li J

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Environmental Impact Assessment of Biogas Stations in the Czech Republic

/2001 Coll., on the conditions for treated sludge application in the agricultural land. Lapčík, V. (2009). Industrial Technologies and their Impact on Environment. (monograph). Ostrava, Czech Republic: VŠBTechnical University of Ostrava. FoMG. ISBN 978-80-248-2015-6. 362 p. (in Czech). Czech Government Decree No 146/2007 Coll., on emission limits and other conditions for an operation of stationary combustion sources of air pollution. Decree of the Czech Ministry of the Environment No 13

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Effect of demineralization on the physiochemical structure and thermal degradation of acid treated indigenous rice husk

. (2012). Release characteristics of alkali and alkaline earth metallic species during biomass pyrolysis and steam gasifi cation process, Bioresour. Technol. 116, 278-284. DOI: 10.1016/j.biortech.2012.03.051. 4. Fahmi, R., Bridgwater, A.V., Darvell, L.I., Jones, J.M., Yates, N. & Thain, S., et al. (2007). The effect of alkali metals on combustion and pyrolysis of Lolium and Festuca grasses, switchgrass and willow, Fuel 86, 1560-1569. DOI: 10.1016/j. fuel.2006.11.030. 5. Fang, X. & Jia, L. Experimental study on ash fusion characteristics

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