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References BIEDA A., BYDŁOSZ J., DAWID L., DAWIDOWICZ A., GLANOWSKA A., GÓŹDŹ K., PRZEWIĘŹLIKOWSKA A., STUPEN M., RATATULA R., ŹRÓBEK, R., 2015, Kierunki rozwoju katastru nieruchomości, (Trends in the Development of the Real Estate Cadastre), Monografia, Bieda A., (red.), Rzeszow: WSIE. DAWIDOWICZ A., RADZEWICZ A., RENIGIER-BIŁOZOR M., 2014, Algorithm for Purposes of Determining Real Estate Markets Efficiency with Help of Land Administration System, Survey Review, Vol. 46 (336), 189-204. Directive 2007/2/EC of

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Application of Qualimetric Methods for Evaluation of Urbanized Space Quality for Analyses of the Local Real Property Market

References BIŁOZOR A., 2013, Development of a Decision-Making Algorithm for Determination of the Optimal Land Use Function , Real Estate Management and Valuation, No. 21(3), pp: 15–24. BORYS T., 1991, Kwalimetria. Teoria i zastosowanie , Wydawnictwo Akademia ekonomiczna w Krakowie – Instytut Towaroznawstwa, Kraków. CANTOR N., NOREM J.K., NIEDENTHAL P.M., LANGSTON C.A., 1987, Life Tasks, Self-Concept Ideals, and Cognitive. Strategies in a Life Transition , Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, No. 53(6), pp:1178-1191. CIEŚLAK I

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A Study on Activities Related to Habitation (Indwelling) and Their Meanings

References Buckenberger C., Meanings of housing qualities in suburbia: empirical evidence from Auckland, New Zealand, Journal of Housing and the Built Environment Vol. 27 (2012), s. 72. Heijs W., van Deurser A., Leussink M., Smeets J., Re-searching the labyrinth of life-styles, Journal of Housing and the Built Environment Vol. 26 (2011), s. 412-413. Jansen S. J. T., Coolen H.C.C.H, Goetgeluk R.W., The Measurement and Analysis of Housing Preference and Choice. Springer, Dordrecht Heidelberg London New York 2011

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Study of Customer Satisfaction with Living Conditions in New Apartment Buildings

A fida I snaini J anipha , F aridah I smail , 2013, Conceptualisation of Quality Issues in Malaysian Construction Environment . Quality of Life in the Built and Natural Environment. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 101 (2013), pp. 53 – 61. J iboye A. D., 2009, Evaluating Tenants’ Satisfaction with Public Housing in Lagos, Nigeria . Urbanistika ir architektūra, 33(4), pp. 239-247. K ärnä S., 2004, Analysing Customer Satisfaction and Quality in Construction – the Case of Public and Private Customers . Nordic Journal of Surveying and

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How Do We Value Our Income from which We Save?

References Akerlof, G.A., 2002, Behavioral Macroeconomics and Microeconomic Behavior, The American EconomicReview , Vol. 92, No. 3, 2002, pp. 411-433. Akerlof, G.A, Kranton R.E., 2010, Identity Economics: How Our Identities Shape Our Work, Wages,and Well-Being , Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey. Campbell, A.J, 1976, Converse P., E., Rodgers W., The Quality of American Life , Rusell Sage Foundation, New York. Clark, A.E., Oswald, A.J., 1996, Satisfaction and Comparison

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Socio-Economic Inequalities in Health - Measurement Problems and the Results of Analyses for Poland

-112. European Commission, (2010). Reducing health inequalities in the EU , Luxemburg Gundgaard, J., Lauridsen, J. (2006). Decomposition of sources of income-related health inequality applied on SF-36 summary scores: a Danish health survey, Health Quality Life Outcomes , No. 4: 53. Health policy and the accessibility of health care, exclusion and health inequality. (2007). S. Golinowska (Ed.), (in Polish), Warszawa

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Application of Passive Methods of Robust Estimation: Baarda's and Pope's in Real Estate Market Analysis

[Sample Applications of Robust Estimation in Modelling Financial Time Series] , Scientific Journal of Warsaw University of Life Sciences-SGGW, Warsaw, pp. 279-288. P rószyński W., K waśniak M., 2002, Niezawodność sieci geodezyjnych [Reliability of Geodetic Networks] , Warsaw Polytechnic Publishing House. T rzesiok M., 2014, O jakości danych w kontekście obserwacji oddalonych w wielowymiarowej analizie regresji [On Selected Data Quality Issues in Multivariate Regression Analysis] , Economic Studies. Journal of Economics and Management, Katowice, No. 191

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The Comparative Study of Cultural Differences of Slovak Inbound Tourists: A Need of Innovations

-446. Furrer, O., Ben Shaw-Chimg Liu, & Sudharshan, D. (2000). The Relationships between Culture and Service Quality Perceptions: Basis for Cross-Cultural Market Segmentation and Resource Allocation. Journal of Service Research, 2 (4). Gbúrová, M. (2002). Európa medzi identitou a integritou . Prešov: Filozofická fakulta PU. Gibson, M.A. (2001). Immigrant adaptation and patterns of acculturation. Human Development. Gordon, M. (1964). Assimilation in American life . New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Hofstede

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Real Estate Value Tax Based on the Latvian Experience

References BALTRUMA D., FREIBERGS J., 1996. Kā novērtēt īpašumu. Nekustamā īpašuma vērtēšanas pamatprincipi. Auditorfirma „Invest–Rīga”. 70 lpp. BAUMANE V., 2009. Improvement of cadastral valuation models. In: Proceedings of the International Scientific methodical Conference: Baltic Surveying 2009. Tartu: Estonia University of Life Sciences, pp. 11.-15 BAUMANE V., 2011. Content and application possibilities of evaluation Methods in real property cadastral assessment in Latvia. Baltic Surveying´11, International Scientific Conference of

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The Influence of the Social and Political Environment on the Human Capital Share in Romania. A Historical Overview

România între anii 1948 și 1989 (Education in Romania between 1948 and 1989), [8] Hars, A., 2009, Historic East-West Migration in Central and Eastern Europe, in Brain-Drain Study-Emigration Flows of Qualified Scientists, UN [9] Neagu, G., 2005, Cheltuielile cu educaţia. Analiză comparativă (Educational Expenses), Calitatea Vieţii (Life Quality), XVI, no.3-4 [10] Popescu, C., Pohoață, I., 2007, Capital uman, capital social și creștere

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