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Smart city concept in the light of the literature review

negatively affect the smooth functioning of the city. The challenges of modern cities are centred around: uncontrolled urban sprawl ( Kovács et al., 2019 ; Halmy, 2019 ; Yu et al., 2019 ; Mahmoud & Divigalpitiya, 2019 ); environmental pollution ( Caparros-Midwood et al., 2019 ; Alam et al., 2019 ; Munoz-Pandiella et al., 2018 ; Kosheleva et al., 2018 ); urban logistics ( Nataraj et al., 2019 ; Firdausiyah et al., 2019 ; Bjørgen et al., 2019 ; Cleophas et al., 2019 ; Faramehr et al., 2019 ; Mesjasz-Lech, 2014 ; Tomaszewska & Florea, 2018 ); technical

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MCDM, operational research and sustainable development in the trans-border Lithuanian–German– Polish co-operation

. Kaklauskas A. Turskis Z. & Tamosaitiene J. 2008 Selection of the effective dwelling house walls by applying attributes values determined at intervals Journal of Civil Engineering and Management 14 2 85 – 93 Zavadskas, E. K., Stevic, Z., Tanackov, I., & Prentkovskis, O. (2018b). A novel multicriteria approach – Rough Step-wise Weight Assessment Ratio Analysis method (R-SWARA) and its application in logistics. Studies in informatics and control. Bucharest: National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics 27(1), 97-106. 10.24846/v27i1y

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Fourth industrial revolution: a way forward to attain better performance in the textile industry

Interoperability of Industry 4.0 Berre et al. (2007) D. Chen et al. (2008) Gorkhali & Xu (2016) Geraci et al. (1991) Lu (2017) Romero & Vernadat (2016) Smirnov et al. (2013) Sowell (2006) C4ISR Architecture Framework was established by the Department of Defence of the United States in 1996 to assimilate the associations, principles, and various strategies of the US military. It is one of the operational, systematic, as well as technical views on the latest technology. The operational assessment designates the nature of the

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Performance of an automated process model discovery – the logistics process of a manufacturing company

representation of real or imagined systems or processes for the purpose of its analysis and understanding. Today, the use of simulation modelling is well established in science, engineering etc. ( Abar et al., 2017 ). It is used for prediction, performance analysis, process discovery, etc. In business practice, modelling is used mainly as a tool for operational and strategic management and decision making in many of its areas like marketing, management, logistics, scheduling, etc. Simulation modelling is powerful because it allows investigating the influence of random

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Reduction of defects in the lapping process of the silicon wafer manufacturing: the Six Sigma application

organisational change and TQM. The TQM Magazine 12(3), 186-193. 10.1108/09544780010320241 Cao G. Clarke S. & Lehaney B. 2000 A systematic view of organisational change and TQM The TQM Magazine 12 3 186 – 193 Chappell, A., & Peck, H. (2006). Risk management in military supply chains: is there a role for six-sigma? International Journal of Logistics 9(3), 253-67. 10.1080/13675560600859276 Chappell A. & Peck H. 2006 Risk management in military supply chains: is there a role for six-sigma? International Journal of Logistics 9 3 253

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Human Reliability Using the Fault Tree Analysis. A Case Study of a Military Accident Investigation

] Wickens, C.D., Lee, J.D., Liu, Y., & Gordon-Becker, S. Introduction to human factors engineering. Pearson Prentice Hall, 1998. [7] Taylor, D.H. The hermeneutics of accidents and safety . In: Rasmussen, J., Duncan, K., LePlat, J. (Eds.), New Technology and Human Error. Wiley, New York, NY, 1987. [8] Poucet, A. Survey of methods used to assess human reliability in the human factors reliability benchmark exercise . Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 22 (1), 257-268. [9] Kirwan, B. A guide to practical human reliability assessment . Taylor

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The Optimal Organization Of The Maintenance Service In Order To Maintain The Perational State Of Combat Vehicles Participating In The Conduct Of Military Operations

Organization of the Service of Supply with Products Necessary to Maintain the Operative state of Fighting Vehicles that Participate in the Conduct of Military Operations , Land Forces Academy Scientific Bulletin, No. 2(38), 2014 [5] Căruţaşu, V., Căruţaşu, D., Assessment of Maintenance Needs Required to Preserve the Operational Status of Combat Vehicles Participating in Military Operations , Proceedings of the 21 st International Conference „ The Knowledge-Based Organization ” of the “Nicolae Bălcescu” Land Forces Academy, Sibiu, 11-13 June 2015 [6] Raţiu

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A Study of Nutrition and The Nutritional Status of Servicemen, Assessed on The Basis of Anthropometric Indicators

References [1] Birdanova V., Petkov A., Stoynovska M., Petkov K., Statev N., A study of anthropometric indicators for the assessment of the nutritional status of students in medical specialities. Nauka Dietetics, 1-2/2013. [2] Enteral feeding. Journal, 1/2015. [3] Manolova A., Tsolova G., Grigorova-Petrova K., Dimitrov P., Petrova S., Medical facts relating to physical activity. Project BG051PO001-5.3.03-0001-C0001. [4] Nichev N., Gloushkov P., Economic efficiency of the feeding of servicemen and

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Environmental Sustainable Waste Management for a City Multi-Floor Manufacturing Cluster

REFERENCES Anschutz, J., IJgosse, J., Scheinberg, A., 2004. Putting Integrated Sustainable Waste Management into Practice Using the ISWM Assessment Methodology: ISWM Methodology as Applied in the UWEP Plus Programme (2001–2003), WASTE: Gouda, The Netherlands. Azapagic, A., Perdan, S., 2000. Indicators of sustainable development for industry: a general framework , Process Saf Environ Prot 78(4), 243–261. Dzhuguryan T., 2012. Design Features of Flexible Manufacturing Modules in Frame Construction, Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Rzeszowskiej

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Opportunities for Solving Urban and Environmental Problems by Progressive City Logistics Tools

, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic. Čechovič T., 2018 Advisement of the use of a regional railway transport on the city Trenčín. in Slovak, Diploma thesis, Žilinská univerzita v Žiline, Slovakia. Dedík, M., Gašparík, J., Záhumenská, Z. 2017 Quality assessment in the logistics of rail passenger transport. In: Logi 2017, Conference Proceedings, 18th International Scientific Conference, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, 2017, Vol. 134, ISSN: 2261236X, DOI: 10.1051/matecconf/201713400009. Jebli, B. M., Youssef, B. S., Apergis, M. 2019 The dynamic linkage

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