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Management adaptation of business association services: long-term stability 1783-2012 and ‘change points’ for Irish chambers of commerce

environment influences adaptations. The Irish chambers are voluntary, private law bodies that receive no direct state support; if something goes wrong, they suffer losses and risk insolvency. This is a strong contrast to public law chamber systems such as those in France and Germany which, although legally obliged to balance budgets, are underpinned by the state and effectively pass risk to the tax payer. This difference will be particularly significant in a crisis. Comparisons of private and public law systems of trade associations ( van Waarden, 1991 ) and chambers

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Claiming too much, delivering too little: testing some of Hofstede’s generalisations

trade unions in Ireland was reduced through mergers from 86 to 42 ( Teague and Donaghey, 2009 ). the roles of formal and informal arbitration organizations; the extent and degree of implementation of employees’ legal protections; the introduction of a statutory national ‘minimum wage’ in 2000; institutional influences, including those shaped by the European Commission and associated organizations; the scale and type of foreign direct investment; the comparatively low levels of trade union membership in multinational companies located in Ireland; the high membership

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Whistle-blowing and the employment relations implications of the ‘Protected Disclosures Act 2014’ in the Republic of Ireland

whistle-blower regulations as something that would help attract inward foreign direct investment, by showing Ireland as competing on a comparable world stage as other advanced economies. In general terms, the content of the Act generally accords with such initial claims for more definitive rights, which may not be too surprising given the level of public concern (even outrage) over various headline whistle-blowing cases in Ireland. In short, there was an almost uniform level of political support to enact regulations. Distributive justice and whistle

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The Dynamics of Extreme Poverty in Developing Countries

Millennium Development Goals. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 15 May 2015]. 10. Mahembe, E., 2014. Foreign direct investment inflows and economic growth in SADC countries: a panel data approach, Pretoria: Masters Dissertation, University of South Africa. 11. Milanovic, B., 1995. Poverty, inequality, and social policy in transition economies, Washington DC: World Bank; Policy Research Working Paper Number 1530. 12. Perkins, D. H., Radelet, S., Lindauer, D. L. & Block, S. A., 2013. Economics of development

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Study On Budget Revenue Collection, Shadow Economy and Tax Losses Caused By It

:// Accessed February 2014. 4. Dumiter, F., Todor, S. (2014). Modeling the relationship between foreign direct investments and economic growth - evidence from Central and Eastern European countries, Studia Universitatis „Vasile Goldis” Arad, Economics Series, Volume 24, Issue 2/2014, pp. 1-18. 5. Kirchler, E., Muehlbacher, S., Kastlunger, B., Wahl, I. (2007). Why Pay Taxes? A Review of Tax Compliance Decisions, Retrieved from Accessed January 2014. 6. Maciejovski

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Impact of Globalisation On Economic Growth in Romania: An Empirical Analysis of Its Economic, Social and Political Dimensions

References 1. Afzal, M. (2007). The impact of globalization on Economic Growth of Pakistan. The Pakistan Development Review, 46(4), pp.723-734. 2. Chang, C-P., and Lee, C.-C. (2010). Globalization and Economic Growth: A Political Economy Analysis for OECD countries, Global Economic Review, Vol.39 (2), pp.151-173. 3. Dima, S. (2016). Globalization, trade openness and foreign direct investment in Romania, Studia Universitatis”Vasile Goldiș” Arad, Economics Series, Vol. 26, Issue 4, pp.41-53. 4

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Direction of Causality Between Financial Development and Economic Growth. Evidence for Developing Countries

. (2011) The Direction of Causality between Financial Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from Turkey, International Journal of Management, 28 (1), 3-19. 17. Dumiter F.C., Todor S.P., (2014), Modeling the relationship between foreign direct investments and economic growth- evidence from Central and eastern European Countries, Studia Universitatis „Vasile Goldis“ Arad Economics Series Vol 24 Issue 2/2014, p. 1-18. 18. El-Wassal, K.A. (2005), Understanding the Growth in Emerging Stock Markets, Journal of Emerging Market Finance 4, 227

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