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Foreign Direct Investments Induced Innovation? A Case Study − Macedonia

References Aitken B., G. H. Hanson, et al. (1997). Spillovers, foreign investment, and export behavior. ‘Journal of International Economics’ 43(1-2): 103-132. Aitken B., A. Harrison, et al. (1996). Wages and foreign ownership A comparative study of Mexico, Venezuela, and the United States.’ Journal of International Economics’ 40(3-4): 345-371. Aitken B. J. and A. E. Harrison (1999). Do Domestic Firms Benefit from Direct Foreign Investment? Evidence from Venezuela. ‘American Economic Review’ 89(3): 605

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Foreign Direct Investment Inflows into Zimbabwe

References Alfaro, L. (2017). Gains from Foreign Direct Investment: Macro and Micro Approaches. World Bank Economic Review, 30 Supplements 1, S2 - S15. Asheghian, P. (2011). Economic Growth Determinants and Foreign Direct Investment Causality in Canada, International Jornal of Business and Social Sciences, 2(11), 1-9. Bean, C. R. (1981). An econometric model of manufacturing investment in the UK, The Economic Journal, 91, 106-121. Blanco, L. (2012). The Spatial Interdependence of FDI in Latin

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Financial Deepening, Foreign Direct Investment and Output Performance in Nigeria

References Abu-Bader, S., and Abu-Qarn, A., 2008. Financial development and economic growth: The Egyptian experience. Journal of Policy Modeling, 30 (5), 887-898. doi: Adams, S., and Opoku, E. E., 2015. Foreign Direct Investment, Regulations and Growth in sub-Saharan Africa. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 6 (15), 313-592. Adegboyega, S. B., and Odusanya, I. A., 2014. Financial Sector Development and Economic Growth: The Nigeria Experience. Scholarly Journal of Business Administration

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Foreign Direct Investment and Sustainable Development in the New EU Member States: Environmental Aspects

References Budnikowski A. (1998), Ochrona środowiska jako problem globalny , PWE, Warszawa Fortanier F., Maher M. (2001), Foreign Direct Investment and Sustainable Development , OECD Paper, [in:] New Horizons and Policy Challenges for Foreign Direct Investment in the 21 st Century , OECD Global Forum on International Investment, Mexico Gentry B. G. (1999), Foreign Direct Investment and the Environment: Bon or Bane , [in:] Foreign Direct Investment and the Environment , OECD

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Preview of BPM6 Methodology and Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment in 2015 in Croatia

References BILAS, VLATKA, FRANC, SANJA (2013), “The role of foreign direct investment and ways of encouraging” EFZG - serija članaka u nastajanju BILAS, VLATKA (2006), “Encouraging foreign direct investment and competition among countries”. Zbornik Ekonomskog fakulteta u Zagrebu, godina 4 BUTERIN, DENIS, BLEČIĆ, MARIJA (2013), “The effects of foreign direct investment in Croatia”. Zbornik Veleučilišta u Rijeci, Vol. 1 CROATIAN NATIONAL BANK (2004-2015), Bulletin CROATIAN NATIONAL

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European Union Foreign Direct Investment Outflows to ASEAN Countries

EU trade with main partners (2011), European Commission, Eurostat, First ASEAN - OECD Investment Policy Conference, OECD, Foreign Direct Investment Statistics - OECD Data, Analysis and Forecasts,, and FDI in figures - May 2012, Marzęda K. (2007), Proces globalizacji korporacyjnej (The process of corporate globalization ), Oficyna Wydawnicza Branta, Bydgoszcz - Warsaw - Lublin Nowakowski M.K. (2005

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Investment Climate and Foreign Direct Investment Trends in the South Caucasus and Central Asia

- Privatization, Regulation and Competition, a co-publication of the World Bank and Oxford University Press. Kokko, Ari and Patrik Gustavsson (2004). Regional integration, foreign direct investment, and regional development, Volume 9 N° 1 2004 110 EIB papers. Luxembourg Linn, Johannes (2005) Central Asia Human Development Report: Bringing Down Barriers, UNDP 2005, New York Loukoianova, Elena and Anna Unigovskaya 2004. Analysis of Recent Growth in Low-Income CIS Countries. IMF Working Paper/ 04

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Effects of Foreign Direct Investments on Serbian Exporters′ Profitability

corporate performance in transition economies. Quarterly Journal of Economics, November, 1153-1192. Grosfeld, I. & Tressel, T. (2002). Competition and ownership structure: Substitutes or complements? Evidence from the Warsaw stock exchange. The Economics of Transition, 10(3), 525-551. Hunya, G. (2000). International competitiveness impacts of FDI in CEECs (Research Reports 268), Vienna: Institute for International Economic Studies. Hunya, G. (2002). Recent impacts of foreign direct investment on growth and restructuring in

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The Link of Intra-Industry Trade with Foreign Direct Investments

References Alfaro, L. & A. Charlton (2007) „Intra-Industry FDI”, Centre for Economic Performance , London School of Economics, London, UK. Ambroziak, L. (2010) „The foreign direct investments (FDI) as a factor of intra-industry trade development in the EU New Member States”, Warsaw School of Economics . Ambroziak, L. (2016) “FDI and Intra-industry Trade in the Automotive Industry in the New EU Member States”, International Journal of Management and Economics, Volume 52, Issue 1. Andresen, M.A. (2003), „Empirical intra-industry trade

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Capital Accumulation in a Region. Cooperatives Versus Foreign Direct Investments

różnych warunkach ekonomiczno-społecznych [Determinants of the development of cooperatives in different economic-social conditions]. Toruń, Poland: Wydawnictwo Adam Marszałek. Hill, C. W. L. (2013). International Business: Competing in the Global Market Place. 9thEdition. New York, USA: McGraw-Hill. Mosa, I. A. (2002). Foreign Direct Investment: Theory, Evidence and Practice. New York, USA: Palgrave Macmillan. Świerkocki, J. (Ed.). (2011). Rola bezpośrednich inwestycji zagranicznych w kształtowaniu aktualnego i przyszłego

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