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The role of the Capital Markets Union: towards regulatory harmonisation and supervisory convergence

References · Anderson Niki, Brooke Martin, Hume Michael and Kürtösiová Miriam, 2015, ‘A European Capital Markets Union: implications for growth and stability’, Financial Stability Paper, XXXIII, Bank of England: 1-24. · Brummer Chris, 2008, ‘Corporate Law Preemption in age of global capital markets’, Southern California Law Review, LXXXI: 1067-1114 · Constâncio Vítor, 2016, ‘Risk Sharing and Macroprudential Policy in an Ambitious Capital Markets Union’, Speech by the Vice-President of the ECB, available at

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Free Movement of Persons and European Solidarity Revisited

References Azoulai Loïc, 2010, ‘La citoyenneté européenne, un statut d’intégration sociale’, in Chemins d’Europe. Mélanges en l’honneur de Jean-Paul Jacqueé, Dalloz, Paris, 1-28. Azoulai Loïc, 2011, ‘Euro-Bonds. The Ruiz Zambrano Judgment or the Real Invention of Union Citizenship’, Perspectives on Federalism, III(2): 31-39. Barnard Catherine, 2005, ‘EU Citizenship and the Principle of Solidarity’, in Dougan Michael and Spaventa Eleanor (eds), Social Welfare and EU Law, Hart Publishin, Oxford and Portland

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EU governance in the run-up to 2025: A Joint Budgetary Procedure

Maturing Bureaucracy? The Role of the Commission in the Policy Process’, in Richardson J. (ed), European Union Power and Policy-Making , Routledge, London and New York, 77-95. • Christiansen Thomas, 2001, ‘The European Commission: Administration in Turbulent Times’, in Richardson, J. (ed) European Union: Power and Policy Making , 2 nd Edition, Routledge, London-New York, 95-114. • De Finance Stanislas, 2014. A “traffic-light” approach to the implementation of the 2011-2012 country-specific Recommendations. European Parliament Study, March 2014

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The impossible constitutional reconciliation of the BVerfG and the ECJ in the OMT case. A legal analysis of the first preliminary referral of the BVerfG

OMT Decision of the Federal Constitutional Court’, German Law Journal , XV(2): 183-201 • Gros, Alcide & Giovannini, 2012, ‘Central Banks in times of crisis: The FED vs. the ECB’, CEPS policy brief (thinking ahead for Europe), No.276, 11 July 2012. • Hofmann Herwig C.H., 2015, ‘Gauweiler and OMT: Lessons for EU Public Law and the European Economic and Monetary Union’, Working Paper. • Howarth David & Loedel Peter, 2003, The European Central Bank – The new European Leviathan? , Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. • Ioannidis Michael, 2016

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The Theory of EU Constitutional Pluralism: A Crisis in a Crisis?

Movement’, EUI Working Paper, n. 2007/13. • Baquero Cruz Julio, 2016, ‘Another Look at Constitutional Pluralism in the European Union’, European Law Journal , XXII(3): 356-374. • Barile Paolo, 1973, ‘Il cammino comunitario della Corte’, Giurisprudenza costituzionale , XVIII: 2406-2419. • Besselink Leonard F.M., 2010, ‘National and Constitutional Identity Before and After Lisbon’, Utrecht Law Review , VI(3): 36-49. • Best Edward, 1994, ‘The United Kingdom and the Ratification of the Maastricht Treaty’, in Laursen Finn and Vanhoonacker Sophie

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The failure of intergovernmentalism in tackling the EU crisis and the European Parliament’s initiative

Question of a Political Europe’, The Federalist , XLVII(1): 18-30 • Fabbrini Sergio, 2013, ‘Intergovernmentalism and Its Limits: Assessing the European Union’s Answer to the Euro Crisis’, Comparative Political Studies , XLVI(9): 1003-1029. • Giddens Anthony, 2014, Turbulent and Mighty Continent - What Future for Europe? , Polity Press, Cambridge UK. • Issing Otmar, 1996, Europe: Political Union through Common Money? , Institute of Economic Affairs, London. • Lamers Karl, 1995, ‘A Federal Core for the Unification of Europe’, The Federalist

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How much Solidarity is in the EU Budget?

-Ebert-Stiftung, Internationale Politikanalyse. Benedetto Giacomo and Milio Simona (eds), 2012): European Union Budget Reform: Institutions, policy and economic crisis, Palgrave, Basingstoke. Brennan Peter. 2006, Negotiating the Delors 1 Package. Making a Success of the Single Act, Unpublished Working Paper. Chambon Nadège, 2012, Is the CAP a ground for European disunion? An assessment of the solidarity mechanisms created by the CAP and their relevance after 2013, Notre Europe, policy paper 45. Cattoir Philippe, 2009, Options for

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“Top-down” vs. “Bottom-up”: A Dichotomy of Paradigms for the Legitimation of Public Power in the EU

References • Anderson Benedict, 1991, Imagined Communities , Verso, London and New York. • Aristotle, 1967, Politics , Clarendon Press, Oxford. • Bellamy Richard, 2013, ‘“An Ever Closer Union Among the Peoples of Europe”: Republican Intergovernmentalism and Demoicratic Representation within the EU’, Journal of European Integration , XXXV(5): 499-516. • Bobbio Norberto, 1985, Stato, governo, società – Per una teoria generale della politica , Einaudi, Torino. • Bodin Jean, 1579, Six livres de la république , Imprimerie de Jean de

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Ne bis in idem: a separation of acts in transnational cases?

References • Anastasopoulou Ioanna, 2005, Deliktstypen zum Schutz kollektiver Rechtsgüter , Verlag C. H. Beck, München. • Biehler Anke, Kniebühler Roland, Lelieur-Fischer Juliette, Stein Sibyl (eds.), 2003, Freiburg Proposal on Concurrent Jurisdictions and the Prohibition of Multiple Prosecutions in the European Union , Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg. • Conway Gerard, 2003, ‘Ne Bis in Idem in International Law’, International Criminal Law Review , III(3): 217–244. • Devlin Patrick, 1965, The

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The past, present and future of the EU’s federal experience

References · Martinico Giuseppe, 2016, ‘Le Implicazioni Costituzionali Della Crisi. Una Rassegna Della Letteratura’,, no. 30, available at · Menéndez, Águstin José, 2013, ‘The Existential Crisis of the European Union’, German Law Journal, XIV(5): 453-526. · Schütze, Robert. 2010, ‘From Rome to Lisbon: ‘Executive Federalism’ in the (New) European Union’, Common Market Law Review, XLVII(5): 1385-1427. · Stein Eric, 1981, ‘Lawyers

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