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Influence of Patricipation in Leisure Time Physical Activity on Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption among Former Athletes and Non Athletes

of young people in Finland. Scand J Med Sci Sports 1994. 4: 65-74. US Department of Health and Human Services: Healthy People 2000: National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives. Public Health Service, 1991, DHHS Publication No. (PHS) 91-50213. Varo J.J., Martínez-González M.A., Irala-Estévez J., et al. Distribution and determinants of sedentary lifestyle in the European Union. Int J Epidemiol. 2003. 32:138-146. Wankel L.M., Selfton J.M. Physical activity and other

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The Involvement of Budapest Residents with Visual Impairments in Leisure Sports: Barriers and Facilitators

cunami / The integrating tsunami /, (pp. 77-112). Budapest: Eötvös Kiadó. Special Eurobarometer 213 (2004). The citizens of the European Union and sport . Retrieved June 22, 2010, from Special Eurobarometer 334 (2010). Sport and physical activity . Retrieved October 18, 2014, from Tausz, K., & Lakatos, M. (2004). A fogyatékos emberek helyzete / Social status of people with disabilities /. Retrieved June 10, 2012, from http

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Physical Demands of Top-Class Soccer Friendly Matches in Relation to a Playing Position Using Global Positioning System Technology

of GPS devices for measuring movement demands of team sports. J Sci Med Sport , 2010; 13: 133-135 Cummins C, Orr R, O´Connor H, West C. Global positioning systems (GPS) and microtechnology sensors in team sports: A systematic review. Sports Med , 2013; 43: 1025-1042 Cunniffe B, Proctor W, Baker JS, Davies B. An evaluation of the physiological demands of elite rugby union using global positioning system tracking software. J Strength Cond Res , 2009; 23: 1195-1203 Dellal A, Chamari K, Wong DP, Ahmaidi S, Keller D, Barros R, Bisciotti GN, Carling

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Recreational Exercise Motives of Adolescents and Young Adults

JM., & Gibney M. Perceived benefits and barriers to physical activity in a nationally representative sample in the European Union. Public Health Nutrition , 1999. 2 (1a): 153-160.

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Participation in Medical Tourism versus Physical Activity of Patients after Liposuction: What are the Concerns about Health and Quality of Life?

European Union/. In W. Siwiński, R.D. Tauber & E. Mucha-Szajek (Eds.), Rozwój usług turystyczno-rekreacyjnych i hotelarsko-gastronomicznych w warunkach globalizacji /The development of tourist-recreational services and hospitality catering in the conditions of globalization/ (pp. 185-191). Poznań: WSHiG, PSNARiT. Lubowiecki-Vikuk, A. (2012a). Trends in the development of medical tourism in Poland. International Medical Travel Journal. Retrieved March 10, 2015, from Lubowiecki

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Socioeconomics Influences on the Water Competencies of Young Adult Polish Males

REFERENCES Bauer, R., Körmer, C., & Sector, M. (2005). Scope and patterns of tourist injuries in the European Union. International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion, 12(1), 57-61. Berukoff, K.D., & Hill, G.M. (2010). A study of factors that influence the swimming performance of Hispanic high school students. International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education , 4(4), 409-421. Brenner, R.A., Saluja, G. & Smith, G.S. (2003). Swimming lessons, swimming ability, and the risk of drowning. International Journal of Injury Control

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What Values do Leisure Sports Create and What is Their Relationship to Competitiveness?

Republic. Physical Culture and Sport. Studies and Research , 48(1), 44-65. DOI: 10.2478/v10141-010-0006-0. Smith, A.C.T., Westerbeek, H.M. (2007). Sport as a Vehicle for Deploying Corporate Social Responsibility. Journal of Centrum Cathedra , 25, 43-54. Suhrcke, M., McKee, M., Arce, R.S., Tsolova, S., Mortensen, Y. (2005). The contribution of health to the economy in the European Union . Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg. Staines, N., Prince, I. & Oliver, D. (2003). The Economic

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Effects of a Process-Oriented Goal Setting Model on Swimmer's Performance

. Duda, J. (1993). Goals: A social-cognitive approach to the study of achievement motivation in sport. In: R. N. Singer, M. Murphey and L. K. Tennant (Eds.), Handbook of research on sport psychology. New York: Macmillan, pp. 421-436. Evans, L., Jones, J. and Mullen, R. (2004). An imagery intervention during the competitive season with an elite rugby union player. The Sport Psychologist , 18 , pp. 252-271. Feltz, D. and Landers, D. (1983). The effects of mental practice on motor skill learning and performance: A

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Socio-Demographic Determinants of Participation in Swimming Amongst Working Residents of Warsaw

Australia: a preliminary study. Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care and the Australian Sports Commission, Canberra. 2000. Sallis J. Owen N. Physical activity and behavioural medicine. SAGE Publications Inc. California. 1999. Sjöström M, Oja P, Hagströmer M, Smith BJ, Bauman A. Health-enhancing physical activity across European Union countries: the Eurobarometer study. J Public Health , 2006; 14(5): 291-300. The WHO Report 2002. Reducing Risk, Promoting Healthy Life. Geneva, WHO

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Effect of Various Warm-Up Protocols on Jump Performance in College Football Players

-498 Fletcher IM, Anness R. The Acute Effects of Combined Static and Dynamic Stretch Protocols on Fifty-Meter Sprint Performance in Track and Field Athletes. J Strength Cond Res, 2007; 21(3):784-787 Fletcher IM, Jones B. The effect of different warm-up protocols on 20 meter sprint peformance in trained rugby union players. J Strength Cond Res, 2004; 18(4): 885-888 Guissard N, Duchateau J. Neural aspects of muscle stretching. Exercise Sport Science Review 2006; 34 (4): 154-158 Hedrick A. Physiological responses to warm-up. J

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