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Vesna Gantner, Krešimir Kuterovac and Klemen Potočnik

relationship of temperature humidity-index with milk production of dairy cows ina Mediterranean climate. Anim. Res., 51: 479-491. Bramley E., Lean I.J., Costa N.D., Fulkerson W.J. (2005). Acidosis in pasture fed dairy cows: risk factors and outcomes. J. Dairy Sci., 88: 95. Collier R.J., Hall L.W. (2012). Quantifying heat stress and its impact on metabolism and performance. Department of Animal Sciences, University of Arizona. Collier R.J., Dahl G.E., Van Baale M.J. (2006). Major advances associated with environmental effects on

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Ömer Ertürk

Honour of Prof. Dr. K. Hüsnü Can Başer On his 50th Birthday. Eskisehir Anadolu University Press 1999: 98–131. 6. Sezik E, Yesilada E, Honda G, Takaishi Y, Takeda Y, Tanaka T. Traditional medicine in Turkey X. Folk medicine in Central Anatolia. J Ethnopharmacol 2001; 75:95–115. 7. Yeşilada, E, Honda G, Sezik E, Tabata M, Goto T, Ikeshiro Y. Traditional medicine in turkey I V. Folk medicine in the Mediterranean subdivision. J Ethnopharmacol 1993; 39(1):31–38. 8. Okunade, A.L., 2002. Ageratum conyziodes Asteraceae. Fitoterapia, 73(1):1-16. 9. Mitich LW

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Jerzy Lisek, Lidia Sas-Paszt, Edyta Derkowska, Tomasz Mrowicki, Michał Przybył and Mateusz Frąc

REFERENCES Aziz A., Poinssot B., Daire X., Adrian M., Bézier A., Lambert B., Joubert J.M., Pugin A. 2003. Laminarin elicits defense responses in grapevine and induces protection against Botrytis cinerea and Plasmopara viticola . Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 16(12): 1118–1128. DOI: 10.1094/MPMI.2003.16.12.1118. Balestrini R., Magurno F., Walker C., Lumini E., Bianciotto V. 2010. Cohorts of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) in Vitis vinifera , a typical Mediterranean fruit crop. Environmental Microbiology Reports 2(4): 594–604. DOI: 10

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A. T. Gallis, A. G. Doulis and A. C. Papageorgiou

composition of black spruce. Canadian J. Forest Research 21: 1796-1800. FORREST, G. I. (1987): A range wide comparison of outlying and central lodgepole pine populations based on oleoresin monoterpene analysis. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 15: 19-30. GALLIS, A. T. and K. P. PANETSOS (1997): Use of cortical terpenes to discriminate Pinus brutia (Ten.), Pinus halepensis (Mill.) and their hybrids. Silvae Genetica 46: 82-88. GALLIS, A. T., K. J. LANG and K. P. PANETSOS (1998): Bud monoterpene composition in Pinus brutia

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Jeng-Der Chung, Chih-Ming Chiu, Gordon Nigh, Ching-Te Chien and Cheng C. Ying

density breeds. pp. 169-170. In: Proceedings of the 29th Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conf., Tree Improvement in North America: past, present and future. WFGA/SFTIC Joint Meeting, Edited by T. D. BYRAN and M. L. RUST, Galveston, Texas, 19-22 June 2007. VIEIRA, J., F. CAMPELO and C. NABAIS (2010): Intra-annual density fluctuations of Pinus pinaster are a record of climate changes in the western Mediterranean region. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 40: 1567-1575. WORLD FOREST INSTITUTE (2001): Taiwan’s forest sector. AWFI Market

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James Philip Udoh and Aniekan Johnny Otoh

REFERENCES Abelló, P., Corbera, J. (1996): Epibiont bryozoans (Bryozoa, Ctenostomatida) of the crab Goneplox rhomboides (Brachyura, Goneplacidae) off the Ebro delta (western Mediterranean). Miscellania Zoologica, 19, 2, 43-52. Abelló, R, Villanueva, R., Gili, J. M. (1990): Epibiosis in deep sea crab populations as indicator of biological and behavioral characteristics of the host. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 70, 687-695. Amadi, A. A. (1990): A comparative ecology of estuaries in Nigeria. Hydrobiology

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I. J. Chybicki, A. Dzialuk, M. Trojankiewicz, M. Slawski and J. Burczyk

): Construction of genetic maps for some eurasian coniferous species using allozyme genes. Biochimical Genetics 32: 223-236. GONCHARENKO, G. G., V. E. PADUTOV and A. E. SILIN (1994b): Allozyme variation in natural populations of Eurasian pines. III. Population structure, diversity, differentiation and gene flow in central and isolated populations of Pinus sylvestris L. in Eastern Europe and Siberia. Silvae Genet. 43: 119-132. GONZALEZ-MARTINEZ, S. C., S. GERBER, S. CERVERA, J. M. MARTINEZ-ZAPATER, L. GIL and R. ALIA (2002): Seed gene flow and

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Amani Al-Dawood

: characteristics, pathophysiology and avoidable mistakes. Minerva Anest., 70: 617-624. Castanheira M., Parva S.R., Louvandini H., Landim A., Fiorvanti M.C., Dallago B.S., Correa P.S., Mc Manus C. (2010). Use of heat tolerance traits in discriminating between groups of sheep in Central Brazil. Trop. Anim. Health Prod., 42: 1821-1828. Caulfield M.P., Cambridge H., Foster S.F., Mc Greevy P.D. (2014). Review: Heat stress: a major contributor to poor animal welfare associated with long-haul live export voyages. Vet. J., 199: 223

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Aldona Kawęcka, Artur Gurgul and Anna Miksza-Cybulska

). Genetic diversity and population structure of Tsigai and Zackel type of sheep breeds in the Central-, Eastern- and Southern-European regions. Small Rumin. Res., 78: 1-3, 13-23. Lao O.,van Duijn K., Kersbergen P.,de Knijff P., Kayser M. (2006). Proportioning whole-genome single-nucleotide-polymorphism diversity for the identification of geographic population structure and genetic ancestry. Am. J. Hum. Genet., 78: 680-690. Lenstra J.A., Groeneveld L.F., Eding H., Kantanen J., Williams J.L., Taberlet P., Nicolazzi E.L., S ölkner J., Simianer

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Ghaleb Tayoub, Malik Alorfi and Hala Ismail

. Tayoub G, Odeh A, Ghanem I. Chemical composition and fumigation toxicity of Laurus nobilis L. and Salvia officinalis L. essential oils on larvae of khapra beetle ( Trogoderma granarium Everts). Herba Pol 2012; 58(2): 26-37. 34. Saour G, Makee H. Radiation induced sterility in male potato tuber moth Phthorimaea operculella Zeller (Lep. Gelechiidae). J Appl Entomol 1997; 121(1-5):411-415. 35. Gamboa M, Notz A. Biology of Phthorimaea operculella in potato. Revista de la Facultad de Agronomia, Universidad Central de Venezuela 1990; 16