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Glebokie Lake in Szczecin after hydrotechnical regulations

, Bens O, Huttl RF. Water balance changes and responses of ecosystems and society in Berlin-Brandenburg region: a review. Erde. 2011;142:65-95. [11] Kaiser K, Koch PJ, Mauersberger R, Stüve P, Dreibrodt J, Bens O. Detection and attribution of lake-level dynamics in north-eastern central Europe in recent decades. Reg Environ Change. 2014;14(4):1587-1600. DOI: 10.1007/s10113-014-0600-5. [12] Holona T, Gołdyn R. Rekultywacja Jeziora Głębokiego w Szczecinie w latach 2008-2011. [Recultivation of Glebokie Lake in Szczecin in 2008-2011]. Gaz Woda Techn Sanit. 2012

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Ozone Concentration at Ground Level Depending on the Content of NOx and Meteorological Conditions

H. Porównanie pomiarów ozonu w przyziemnej warstwie troposfery na wybranych stacjach europejskich (The comparison of measurements near-surface ozone concentration on chosen European stations). Monitoring Środowiska Przyrodniczego. 2006;7:33-37. . [22] Reig-Armiñana J, Calatayud V, Cerveró J, Garcίa-Breijo FJ, Ibars A, Sanz MJ. Effects of ozone on the foliar histology of the mastic plant ( Pistacia lentiscus L.). Environ Pollut. 2004;132:321-331. . [23] Kan H

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The Possibility of Contamination of Water-Soil Environment as a Result of the Use of Pig Slurry

Office of the European Union; 2017. DOI: 10.2760/020485. [26] Kornegay ET, Harper AF. The Professional Animal Scientist. 1997;13:99-111. DOI: 10.15232/S1080-7446(15)31861-1. [27] Set of Recommendations for Good Agricultural Practice. Warszawa: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation; 2019. . [28] Dourmad JY, Garcia-Launay F, Narcy A. Pig nutrition: impact on

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Using the Earth’s Natural Potential for Heating a Building

5. REFERENCES Boian, I., 2007. Durable development . Building services based on renewable energy , Transilvania University of Brasov Publishing House. Babiak, J, Olesen, B, Petras, D.,2007. Low temperature heating and high temperature cooling, REHVA Guidebook, Federation of European Heating ahd Air-Conditioning Associations. Bloomquist, R.G., 2003. Geothermal space heatin , Geothermics, 32, pg. 513–526. Blumsack, S., Brownson, J., Witme, L., 2009. Efficiency, Economic and Environmental Assessment of Ground-Source Heat Pumps in Central

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Choosing Heating Units Using The Utility Function

performanţelor energetice ale instalaţiilor de încălzire centrală şi de preparare a apei calde de consum. Cerinţe esenţiale de calitate şi criterii de performanţă pentru clădirile publice (Comprehensive evaluation method the energy performance of central heating installations and hot water consumption. Essential requirements for quality and performance criteria for public buildings). Internaţional Conference „Building services and ambiental comfor t - 20 th edition, Aprilie 7-8, 2011, Timişoara, România, pp.580-593. Ciocalteu, C., Managementul modernizării armatei în

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