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Considerations on Intellectual and Academic Leadership of a Scholar in Higher Education: The Descriptive Literature Review

in corporate value. Journal of Workplace Learning , 13 (3), 119-124. Edvinsson, L. (2000). Some perspectives on intangibles and intellectual capital 2000. Journal of Intellectual Capital , 1 (1), 12-16. El-Tannir, A. A. (2002). The corporate university model for continuous learning, training and development. Education + Training , 44 (2), 76-81. Engström, T. E. J., Westnes, P., & Westnes, S. F. (2003). Evaluating intellectual capital in the hotel industry. Journal of Intellectual Capital , 4 (3), 287-303. Gmelch, W. H. (1991). Paying

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Considerations on a Scientist’s Academic Mission and Roles in a Higher Education School

References Arimoto, A. (2009). Changing Academic Profession in the World from 1992 to 2007. In The changing academic profession in international, comparative and quantitative perspectives (pp. 1-38). Hiroshima: Hiroshima University, RIHE Research Institute for Higher Education. Bart, C. K. (1998). Mission Matters. CPA Journal, 68 (8), 56-57. Bart, C. K., Bontis, N., & Taggar, S. (2001). A model of the impact of mission statements on firm performance. Management Decision, 39 (1), 19-35. Bloch, R

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A Cross-Cultural Examination of Curriculum and Sexuality Outcomes in Primary School

:// 2010. [viewed 14 October 2014].

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Civic Engagement and Environmental Sustainability in Teaching and Learning at Higher Education Institution in South Africa

-Jones, K., & Tandlich, R. (2014). Sanitation policy and prevention of environmental contamination in South Africa. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 13(6), 1335-1340. Kerekes, S., & Wetzker, K. (2013). How to teach a complex discipline in a changing learning environment: the example of sustainability. Journal of Environmental Sustainability, 3(3), Article 2. Jacoby, B. (2012). Civic engagement in higher education. Retrieved from

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Some Sociological, Legislative and Pedagogical Aspects of the Prevalence of Mobbing among Teachers in Primary School (Case Study)

pravo. Ljubljana: GV Založba, 2010. LEYMANN, H.: Mobbing. Psychoterror am Arbeitsplatz und wie man sich dagegen kann Wehr. Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag, 1993. LEYMANN, H.: Der neue Mobbing-Bericht. Erfahrungen und Initiative, Auswege und Hilfsangebote. Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag, 1995. MARAIS-STEINMAN, S.: The Changing Workplace, 1998. Retrieved 13. 9. 2008 from MLINARIĆ, P.: Protection against mobingom: When service becomes a hell. In

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Research on Abuse and Violence Against the Elderly in a Family Setting

References ARAI, M.: Elder abuse in Japan. In Educational Gerontology, 32, 2006, pp. 13-23. BAKER, A. A.: Granny Battering. In Modern Geriatrics, 8, 1975, pp. 20-24. BENNETT, G. C. J.: Elder Abuse in Britain. In British Medical Journal, 303, 1992, pp. 998-999. BURSTON, G.: Do your elderly patient live in fear of being battered? In Modern Geriatrics, 7, 1977, pp. 54-55. DYER, C. B.: Quantifying the problem of elder abuse and neglect in adults: Analysis of a statewide database. In

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Intellectual Leadership of Researchers in Higher Education: Relationship Between the Demographic Factors and Roles (Lithuanian Context)

medicine. British Medical Journal, 327(7422), 1001-1002. Dealtry, R. (2001). Managing intellectual leadership in corporate value. Journal of Workplace Learning, 13(3), 119-124. (2016). Retrieved from Duvall, R., Grotevant, H., Gunnar, M., Guyotte, R., Hardy, R., Mackenzie, Th., Pui, D., Schmidt, L., & Ecklein, S. (2004). Report of the task force on academic freedom. Univeristy of Minnesota. Retrieved from http

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Developing Students’ Language Competence and Essential 21st Century Skills for Future Employability: The Case of Latvia and Lithuania

constructivism: Implications for an ELT classroom. Teaching English with Technology, 15 (1), 3-13. Krashen, S. (1989). We acquire vocabulary and spelling by reading: Additional evidence for the input hypothesis. Modern Language Journal, 31 (1), 440-464. Retrieved from Laborda, J. G. (2009). Using webquests for oral communication in English as a foreign language for tourism studies. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 12 (1), 258-270. Laborda, J. G., & Litzler, M. F. (2015). Current perspectives in teaching

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Challenges and Curriculum Transformation in the Higher Education Sector in South Africa: A Case Study in WASH to Improve the Training of Pharmacists

practitioner: Toward a new design for teaching and learning in the professions . San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, Inc. Shay, S. (2008). Beyond social constructivist perspectives on assessment: the centering of knowledge. Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, 13 (5), 595-605. Snowman, J., & Biehler, R. (1997). Psychology applied to teaching (8e - extracts). Geneva, IL, USA. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Co. Retrieved from South African National Department of the Health (SADOH, 2015). National Health

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Relations Among Poor Sleep, Anxiety and Depression Among the Students of Health Sciences

-213. 8. Cheung, T., Wong, S. Y., Wong, K. Y., Law, L. Y., Ng., K, Tong, M. T., Wong, K. Y., Ng. M. Y., & Yip, P. S. (2016). Depression, Anxiety and Symptoms of Stress among Baccalaureate Nursing Students in Hong Kong: A Cross-Sectional Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health , 13, 779. 9. Dyrbye, L. N., West C. P, Satele, D., Boone, S., Tan L., Sloan, J., & Shanafelt T. D. (2014). Burnout among U.S. medical students, residents, and early career physicians’ relative to the general U.S. population. Academic Medicine: Journal of

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