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Analysis and Comparison of Thickness and Bending Measurements from Fabric Touch Tester (FTT) and Standard Methods

, perspectives - a review,” Text. Res. J., vol. 82, no. 14, pp. 1457–1468, 2012. [11] H. Yokura and M. Niwa, “Objective hand measurement of nonwoven fabrics used for the top sheets of dis...,” Text. Res. J., 2003. [12] M. Inoue and S. Kurata, “Theoretical analysis of compression properties of blankets,” Int. J., vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 216–222, 2002. [13] H. M.Behery, Ed., Effect of mechanical and physical properties on fabric hand. Cambridge, England: woodhead publishing limited, 2005. [14] A. De Boos and David Tester, “SiroFAST Fabric Assurance by Simple

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Simulations of freshwater lens recharge and salt/freshwater interfaces using the HYDRUS and SWI2 packages for MODFLOW

Journal, 22, 4, 893–909. Vero, S.E., Ibrahim, T. G., Creamer, R. E., Grant, J., Healy, M. G., Henry, T., Kramers, G., Richards, K.G., Fenton, O. 2014. Consequences of varied soil hydraulic and meteorological complexity on unsaturated zone time lag estimates. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 170, 53–67. Verruijt, A., 1968. A note on the Ghyben-Herzbeg formula. International Association of Scientific Hydrology Bulletin, 13, 4, 43–46. DOI: 10.1080/02626666809493624. Voss, C.I., Provost, A.M., 2010. SUTRA: A model for saturated-unsaturated, variable

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Effects of patterned Artemisia capillaris on overland flow resistance under varied rainfall intensities in the Loess Plateau of China

ecosystems. Global Change Biology, 13, 671-678. Dunkerley, D.L., Brown, K.J., 1995. Runoff and runon area in a patterned chenopod shrubland, arid western New South Wales, Australia: characteristics and origin. Journal of Arid Environment, 30, 41-55. Dunkerley, D.L., Brown, K.J., 1999. Banded vegetation near Broken Hill, Australia: significance of surface roughness and soil physical properties. Catena, 37, 75-88. Emmett, W.W., 1978. Overland flow. In: Kirkby, M.J. (Ed.): Hillslope Hydrology. John Wiley & Sons, New York, pp

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The Air Cargo Carrying Potential of The Airbus A350-900XWB and Boeing 787-9 Aircraft on Their Ultra-Long-Haul Flights: A Case Study for Flights from San Francisco to Singapore

References 1. Airbus S.A.S. (2017) Airbus A350 aircraft characteristics airport and maintenance planning manual . Accessed 08/03/2018. Accessed 08/03/2018. 2. Airbus SAS. (2018) A350-900: shaping efficiency . Accessed 08/03/2018. 3. Aircraft Commerce. (2006) How do the 787 & A350 measure up? Aircraft

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The Concept of a Method Improving the Process of Aeronautical Geospatial Data Creation

-9265. [4] Dudek E., Kozłowski M.: Koncepcja zastosowania metodyki DMAIC do zapewnienia jakości danych lotniczych, [w] Kwasiborska A. (red.): Transport lotniczy i jego otoczenie, Wydział Transportu Politechniki Warszawskiej, p. 67-78, Warszawa 2016, nr ISBN: 978-83-7814-548-6. [5] Dudek E., Kozłowski M.: The concept of a method ensuring aeronautical data quality, w: Journal of KONBiN, vol. 37(2016), p. 319-340 [6] ICAO Doc 9750 Global Air Navigation Plan 2016-2030; Fifth Edition 2016. [7] ICAO Implementation of a Quality Management System for

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Designs of Textile Antenna Arrays for Smart Clothing Applications

-6490. [12] R. Moro, S. Agneessens, H. Rogier, and M. Bozzi, Wearable textile antenna in substrate integrated waveguide technology, Electron. Lett., (2012), 48(16): 985-987. [13] T. Kaufmann, Z. Xu, and C. Fumeaux, Wearable substrateintegrated waveguide with embroidered vias, The 8th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP), (2014), 1746-1750. [14] S. Lemey and H. Rogier, SIW textile antennas as a novel technology for UWB RFID tags, 2014 IEEE RFID Technology and Application Conference (RFID-TA), (2014), 256-260. [15] R. Moro, S. Agneessens

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Implementing the Requirements of ISO 9001 and Improvement Logistics Processes in SMES Which Operate in the Textile Industry

. Quality & Quantity, 47(1), 515-528. [12] Fan, H., Li, G., Sun, H., Cheng, T. C. E. (2017). An information processing perspective on supply chain risk management: Antecedents, mechanism, and consequences. International Journal of Production Economics, 185, 63-75. [13] Grujić, M., Malindžak, D., Marasova, D. (2011). Possibilities for reducing the negative impact of the number of conveyors in a coal transportation system. Tehnički vjesnik, 18(3), 453-458. [14] Okay, S., Semiz, S. (2010). The effects of ISO 9000 quality management system implementation in

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Fabrication of Si nanopowder and application to hydrogen generation and photoluminescent material

-802. [10] C.-S. Yang, R. A. Bley, S. M. Kauzlarich, H. W. H. Lee and G. R. Delgado, “Synthesis of Alkyl-Terminated Silicon Nanoclusters by a Solution Route”, Y J.Am.Chem.Soc. , 121 (1999) 5191-5195. [11] M. Maeda, K. Imaura, T. Matsumoto and H. Kobayashi, “Fabrication of Si Nanoparticles from Si swarf and application to solar cells”, Appl.Surf.Sci. 312 (2014) 39-42. [12] K. Imamura, K. Kimura, S. Fujie and H. Kobauyashi, “Hydrogen Generation from Water Using Si Nanopowder Fabricated from Si Swarf”, J. Nanoparticle Research , 18 (2016) 116-1-7. [13

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Relationship between the Physical Properties and Hand of Jean Fabric

. Equations for the Quality Measurement. Journal of the Textile Machinery Society of Japan, 39, 43-50. [11] Sukigara S. (2008) Towards the Comfortable Tactile Sensation, “Shittori” and “Numeri” for Fabric Hand. Sen’i Gakkaishi, 64, 404-408. [12] Tanaka Y, Sukigara S. (2008) Evaluation of “Shittori” Characteristic for Fabrics. Journal of Textile Engineering, 54, 75-81 [13] Liao X, Li Y, Hu J, Wu X, Li Q. (2014) A Simultaneous Measurement Method to Characterize Touch Properties of Textile Materials. Fibers and Polymers, 15, 1548-1559. [14] Halleb

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Automatic Construction of Digital Woven Fabric by Using Sequential Yarn Images

Based on Digital Video Camera Recordings of Moving Yarns. Textile Research Journal, 78, 152-153. [12] Özdemir H. and Başer G., (2009). Computer simulation of plain woven fabric appearance from yarn photographs. Journal of the Textile Institute, 100, 282-292. [13] Pan R., Zhu B., Li Z., et al. (2015). A simulation method of plain fabric texture for image analysis. Industria Textilă, 66, 28-31. [14] Jasper W., Suh, M.W., and Woo, J.L., (2000). Real Time Characterization and Data Compression Using Wavelets, “Annual Report”, Textile Center, PA, November

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