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, recurrent nasopharyngitis at least five times a year and frequent, repeated acute bronchitis more than three times a year were considered. Table 2 shows the prevalence rates in Ostrava and the Czech Republic. Tab. 2 Prevalence of respiratory diseases in Ostrava and the Czech Republic Region Nasopharyngitis (%) Bronchitis (%) Ostrava – west 28.13 17.89 Ostrava – east 30.56 18.75 Czech Republic 18.82 8.67 Difference between west Ostrava and the Czech Republic 9.31 9.22 Difference between east Ostrava and the Czech Republic 11.74 10.08 Note: These are simple percentages

Environment 4 2 133 145 Salamon, L.M., Haddock M.A., Sokolowski S.W. (2017). Closing the Gap? New Perspectives on Volunteering North and South. In: Butcher J., Einolf C.J. (eds.) Perspectives on Volunteering . Basel: Springer, 29–51. Salamon L.M. Haddock M.A. Sokolowski S.W. 2017 Closing the Gap? New Perspectives on Volunteering North and South In: Butcher J. Einolf C.J. (eds.) Perspectives on Volunteering Basel Springer 29 51 Sekar, S., Dyaram, L. (2017). What drives employees to participate in corporate volunteering programs? Social Responsibility Journal , 13 (4), 661

is the formation of employees of the new generation. The number of civil servants in Ukraine relative to the population is roughly equal to the average in the EU. However, the issues of trust and quality assurance in terms of the civil service is relevant. An important prerequisite for reforming the civil service is the gradual reduction of the number of employees as a result of a review of functions, the elimination of duplication of duties, the development of electronic services, the involvement of external specialists and/or temporary workers in certain types of

action programme O.J. 1974, C 13/1; Council Resolution on a preliminary programme of the European Economic Community for a consumer protection and information policy O.J. 1975, C 92/1. However, during the first decades, the protection of human rights through EU institutions was possible solely through the application of Article 100 of the Treaty of Rome. Article 100 of the Treaty Establishing the European Community states: ‘The Council shall, acting unanimously on a proposal from the Commission, issue directives for the approximation of such provisions laid down by

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INTRODUCTION Obesity and overweight is a wide spread phenomenon that affects most of the developed countries, and it is related not only to high public spending costs but also to premature death ( Wei Zheng et al., 2011 ). The World Health Organization refers to obesity as to one of the biggest public health challenges in 21st Century. Obesity is also considered as very costly. Knai et al. (2007) estimated that in Eastern Europe, up to 6% of total healthcare costs may be attributed to obesity and its associated illnesses. Public expenditures on healthcare