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“I’m a I’m a Scholar at the Moment”: The Voice of the Literary Critic in the Works of American Scholar-Metafictionists

-40. Print. Bowen, Zack. A Reader’s Guide to John Barth. New York: Greenwood, 1994. Print. Bruss, Elizabeth W. Beautiful Theories: The Spectacle of Discourse in Contemporary Criticism . Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1982. Print. Coover, Robert. Pricksongs and Descants . 1969. London: Picador, 1973. Print. Evenson, Brian. Understanding Robert Coover . Columbia: U of South Carolina P, 2003. Print. Federman, Raymond. Double or Nothing: A Real Fictitious Discourse . 1971. Normal: Boulder, 1998. Print. Federman, Raymond. Interview with

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“Stop … and Remember”: Memory and Ageing in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Novels

.1 Life Writing and Science Fiction (2007): 74-83. JSTOR. Web. 27 Apr. 2016. Messud, Claire. “Love’s Body.” Rev. of Never Let Me Go , by Kazuo Ishiguro. The Nation 16 May 2005: 28-31. 28 Apr. 2005. Web. 9 June 2016. Mullan, John. “Afterword: On First Reading Never Let Me Go. ” Kazuo Ishiguro: Contemporary Critical Perspectives. Ed. Sean Matthews and Sebastian Groes. London: Continuum, 2009. 104-13. Robbins, Bruce. “Cruelty Is Bad: Banality and Proximity in Never Let Me Go .” NOVEL: A Forum on Fiction 40.3 Ishiguro’s Unknown Communities (2007

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Vierzig Jahre Gesellschaft für Gestalttheorie: Der wissenschaftliche Ertrag

. Soff, M. (2008). Gestalttheorie in der Lehrerausbildung - einige erziehungspsychologische Konsequenzen. In: H. Metz-Göckel (Hg.) Gestalttheorie aktuell (S. 273-290). Wien: Krammer Soff, M. (2017). Gestalttheorie für die Schule. Wien: Krammer. Sperry, R.W. (1968). Hemisphere deconnection and unity of conscious awareness. American Psychologist, 23, 723-733. Spillmann, L. (2007). Artists and vision scientists can learn a lot from each other. But do they? Gestalt Theory, 29, 13-39. Stadler, M., Kruse, P

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Precarity as Personhood in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go

Works Cited Barnes, Colin. “A Brief History of Discrimination and Disabled People.” The Disability Studies Reader . 3rd ed. Ed. Lennard Davis. New York: Routledge, 2010. 20-32. Baron-Cohen, Simon. Mindblindness: An Essay on Autism and Theory of Mind . [Cambridge]: MIT P, 1995. Buck v. Bell. 274 US 200-292. Supreme Court of the US. 1927. Supreme Court Collection. Legal Information Inst., Cornell U Law School, n.d. Web. 13 May 2018. Butler, Judith. “Performativity, Precarity and Sexual Politics.” Antropólogos Iberoamericanos en Red 4

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Democracy as a Good Form of Coexistence
Education for Tolerance and Co-Responsibility in Freedom in the Scriptures of Kurt Lewin and Wolfgang Metzger

13/3 , 148-158 Lück, H.E. (1996). Die Feldtheorie und Kurt Lewin. Eine Einführung . Weinheim: Beltz. Lück, H.E. (2009a). Einführung. In H.E. Lück (Hrsg.), Kurt Lewin. Schriften zur angewandten Psychologie. Aufsätze - Vorträge - Rezensionen (S. 7–26). Wien: Krammer. Lück, H.E. (2009b). Kurt Lewin. Eine Einführung in sein Werk . Weinheim: Beltz. Lück, H.E. (2015). Kurt Lewin - der unbekannte Bekannte. In K. Antons & M. Stützle-Hebel (Hrsg.), Feldkräfte im Hier und Jetzt. Antworten von Lewins Feldtheorie auf aktuelle Fragestellungen in

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Canada’s Evolving Crown: From a British Crown to a “Crown of Maples”

Immigration, 1900-1977. Ottawa: Public Works and Government Services Canada. 2000. Print. Lagasse, Phillipe, and James W. J. Bowden. “Royal Succession and the Canadian Crown as a Corporation Sole: A Critique of Canada’s Succession to the Throne Act, 2013.” Constitutional Forum Constitutionnel 23.1 (April 2014): 17-26. Print. Lordon, Paul. Crown Law. Markham: Butterworths, 1991. Print. MacKinnon, Frank. The Crown in Canada. Calgary: Glenbow-Alberta Institute, 1976. Print. Maritime Bank of Canada (Liquidators of

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Ars Memorativa, Ars Oblivionis in Middle English Religious Plays

a Transformation of Rhetorical Study.” Hill and Helmers, eds., 2004. 303-13. Print. Foucault, Michel. Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison. Trans. Alan Sheridan. New York: Vintage, 1995 (1977). Print. Gardiner, Harold C. Mysteries’ End: An Investigation of the Last Days of the Medieval Religious Stage. New Haven: Yale UP, 1946. Print. Gerson, Jean. Tractatus pro devotis simplicibus. In Joaniis Gersonii Opera omnia. 5 vols. Antwerp: Sumptibus societatis, 1706. 3: cols. 605-618. Print

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Remapping the Constellation of Walter Benjamin’s Allegorical Method

Postmodernism.” October 12 (1980): 67-86. JSTOR. Web. 30 Jan. 2014. ---. “The Allegorical Impulse: Toward a Theory of Postmodernism Part 2.” October 13 (1980): 58-80. JSTOR. Web. 30 Jan. 2014. Plate, S. Brent. Walter Benjamin, Religion, and Aesthetics: Rethinking Religion Through the Arts. New York: Routledge, 2005. Print. Rosen, Michael. “Benjamin, Adorno, and the Decline of the Aura.” The Cambridge Companion to Critical Theory. Ed. Fred Rush. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004: 40-56. Print. Roy

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The Formation of Race and Disability in Philip Kan Gotanda’s I Dream of Chang and Eng

Series 73.3 (1971): 710-724. James, Jennifer C., and Cynthia Wu. “Editors’ Introduction: Race, Ethnicity, Disability, and Literature: Intersections and Interventions.” MELUS 31.3 (Fall 2006): 3-13. Jarrett, Charles. “‘I Dream of Chang and Eng’ Opens at Zellerbach and ‘Let’s Celebrate’ Was Really Great! Town Hall Theatre Excells with Their Production of ‘The Glass Menagerie.’” tdps: Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies . 6 Mar. 2011. Web. 20 Aug. 2017. Kriegel, Leonard. “Uncle Tom and Tiny Tim: Some Reflections on the Cripple as Negro.” The

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The breakup of Old English to-infinitive: Causes and consequences

English martyrology. (EETS OS 116). London: Trübner. Holthausen, Ferdinand (ed.) 1921 Vices and virtues: A soul's confessions of its sins. Part I. (EETS OS 89). London: Trübner. Miller, Thomas (ed.) 1898 Bede's ecclesiastical history of the English people. Vol. I. (EETS OS 95). London: N. Trübner & Co. Millett, Bella - Jocelyn Wogan-Browne (eds.) 1990 Medieval English prose for women: Selections from the Katherine Group and Ancrene Wisse. Oxford: Clarendon Press

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