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Economic Growth and Inequality with Tourism in an Integrated Walrasian-General Equilibrium and Neoclassical-Growth Theory

) The Implications of Tourism Specialisation in the Long Run: An Econometric Analysis for 13 OECD Economies. Tourism Management 24, 315-21. Li, J.L. and Lin S.L. (2008) Existence and Uniqueness of Steady-State Equilibrium in a Two-Sector Overlapping Generations Model. Journal of Economic Theory 141, 255-75. Mas-Colell, A., Whinston, M.D. and Green, J.R. (1995) Microeconomic Theory. New York: Oxford University Press. McKenzie, L.W. (1959) On the Existence of General Equilibrium for a Competitive Market. Econometrica 27

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Leveraging Social Media Metrics in Improving Social Media Performances through Organic Reach: A Data Mining Approach

recession. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 24, pp.260-268. 13. KS, D. and Kamath, A., 2017. Survey on Techniques of Data Mining and its Applications. 14. Malhotra, A., Malhotra, C.K. and See, A., 2013. How to create brand engagement on Facebook. MIT Sloan Management Review, 54(2), p.18. 15. Mangasarian, O.L., 2001, July. Data mining via support vector machines. In IFIP Conference on System Modeling and Optimization (pp. 91-112). Springer, Boston, MA. 16. Michaelidou, N., Siamagka, N.T. and

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Impact of the Transition to IFRS for the Romanian Listed Companies in Financial Distress

): 64-76 13. Gray, S. J., Linthicum, C. L., Street, D. L. (2009), “Have European and US GAAP measures of income and equity converged under IFRS? Evidence from European companies listed in the US”, Accounting and Business Research 39 (5): 431 – 447 14. Haller, A., Ernstberger, J., Froschhammer, M. (2009) “Implications of the mandatory transition from national GAAP to IFRS – empirical evidence from Germany”, Advances in Accounting. Incorporating Advances in International Accounting , 25 (2): 226-236 15. Hung, M., Subramanyam, K. R. (2007

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Measuring Financial Distress and Predicting Corporate Bankruptcy: An Index Approach

from the Ability of Financial Ratio to Predict Bankruptcy. Review of Accounting Studies, 10(1): 93–122. 11. Bedingfield, J. P., P. M. J. Reckers and A. J. Stagliano, (1985). Distribution of Financial Ratios in the Commercial Banking Industry. Journal of Financial Research, 8(1): 77–81. 12. Bellovary J., D. Giacomino and M. Akers, (2007). A Review of Bankruptcy Prediction Studies: 1930 to Present. Journal of Financial Education, 33: 1-42. 13. Charitou A., D. Dionysiou, N. Lambertides and L. Trigeorgis, (2013). Alternative bankruptcy prediction models

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Is Inflation Rate of Turkey Stationary? Evidence from Unit Root Tests with and Without Structural Breaks

. 64, No. 4, pp.813-836. 12. Fuller, Wayne A. (1976), Introduction to Statistical Time Series, New York: Wiley. 13. Granger, Clive William John and Paul Newbold (1974), “Spurious Regressions in Econometrics”, Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp.111-120. 14. Halunga, Andreea G., Denise R. Osborn and Marianne Sensier (2009), “Changes in the Order of Integration of US and UK Inflation”, Economics Letters, Vol. 102, No. 1, pp.30-32. 15. Henry, Olan T. and Kalvinder Shields (2004), “Is There a Unit Root in Inflation?”, Journal of

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The Value Relevance of Financial Information Under the Influence of Country Risks. The Case of the Indian Listed Companies

accounting standard setting: another view , Journal of Accounting and Economics, Vol. 31, Issue 1-3, 77-104. 4. Barth, M. E., Beaver, W. H., Landsman, W. R. (1998), Relative valuation roles of equity book value and net income as a function of financial health , Journal of Accounting and Economics, Vol. 25, Issue 1, 1-34. 5. Barth, M.E., Landsman, W.R., Lang, M.H. (2008), International Accounting Standards and Accounting Quality , Journal of Accounting Research, Vol. 46, No. 3, 467-498. 6. Barton, J., Hansen, B., Pownall, G. (2010), “Which Performance

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How to Measure the Economic Integrity of Ibor Panels? A Behavioural Approach

., Durre A., 2013, Fixing the fixings: What road to a more representative money market benchmark? , IMF Working Paper, no. 13/131, May 29. Duffie D., Stein J., 2015, Reforming LIBOR and other financial market benchmarks , Journal of Economic Perspectives, vol. 29, no. 2, Spring, pp. 191-212. EBA/ESMA, 2013, ESMA-EBA Principles for Benchmark-Setting Processes in the EU , ESMA/2013/659, June 6. EP, 2016, Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on Indices Used as Benchmarks in Financial Instruments and Financial Contracts , Brussels, 8

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Oil-Price Volatility and Macroeconomic Spillovers in Central and Eastern Europe: Evidence from a Multivariate GARCH Model

? Quarterly Journal of Economics , 125(3), 1145-1194. Choi, K. & Hammoudeh, S. (2010). Volatility behavior of oil, industrial commodity and stock markets in a regime-switching environment. Energy Policy , 38(8), 4388-4399. Dahl, C.M., & Iglesias, E.M. (2009). Volatility spillovers in commodity spot prices: New empirical results. Economic Modelling , 26(3), 601-607. Deaton, A. (1999). Commodity prices and growth in Africa. Journal of Economic Perspectives , 13(3) 23-40. Ding, L. & Vo, M. (2012). Exchange rates and oil prices: A multivariate

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Using ZMET for Investigating the Role of Social Media in the Employment Process

, Dellarocas, Chrysanthos & Godes, David, 2013. Introduction to the Special Issue-Social Media and Business Transformation: A Framework for Research. Information Systems Research, Volume 24:1, pp. 3-13. 4. Bagley, C., Clarkson, G. & Power, R., 2006. Deep Links: Business School Students’ Perceptions of the Role of Law and Ethics in Business. Working Paper, pp. 1-34. 5. Bologna, M., 2014. Social Media strategies in recruiting, hiring pose legal risks for employers. HRfocus, 91(5), pp. 1-4. 6. Buffardi, L. & Campbell, W., 2008

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The Organizational Culture Dimensions – The Case of an Independent Private University in Macedonia

REFERENCES Adams, S. (2014). “The Importance of Institutional Culture at A Technical College” (2014). Dissertations (2009) Paper 337. Bartell, M. (2003). Internationalization of universities: a university culture-based framework. Higher Education Beytekin, O. F., Yalcinkaya. M.D, Karakoc. N. (2010). The Organizational Culture at The University, in: International Journal of Educational Researchers, 2(1), 1-13, Educational Research Association. Cornelius N. G. (2005). Worldwide

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