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Effect of heat-treatment on grain growth of nanocrystalline tricalcium phosphate powder synthesized via the precipitation method

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Structural and optical properties of TiO2 thin films grown by sol-gel dip coating process

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Fe2+- and Er2+-intercalative modification of porous and electron structure of activated carbon and its influence on supercapacitor parameters

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Mechanical and metallurgical properties of ion-nitrided austenitic-stainless steel welds

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Tuning photocurrent response through size control of CdSe quantum dots sensitized solar cells

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Role of substrate temperature on the growth mechanism and physical properties of spray deposited lead oxide thin films

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Synthesis, investigation on structural and electrical properties of cobalt doped Mn–Zn ferrite nanocrystalline powders

and 100 mL of 2 M FeCl3 in case of Co0.1Mn0.45Zn0.45Fe2O4 and similarly for the other values of x) was prepared and kept at 60 °C. Fig. 1 Flow chart for the preparation of Co x Mn y Zn y Fe 2 O 4 (x = 0.1, 0.5, 0.9 and y = 0.45, 0.25, 0.05) nanopowders. This mixture was added to a boiling solution of NaOH (0.1 M dissolved in 1200 mL of distilled water) within 10 seconds under constant stirring. The nanoferrites were formed by conversion of metal salts into hydroxides, which took place immediately, followed by the transformation of hydroxides into

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Effect of substrate temperature and precursor ratio on properties of thin ZnS films sprayed by improved method

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Studies of CdI2-Bi3 microstructures with optical methods, atomic force microscopy and positron annihilation spectroscopy

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Preparation of TiO2/Al-MCM-41 mesoporous materials from coal-series kaolin and photodegradation of methyl orange

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