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NATO’s ‘Out of Area’ Operations: A Two- Track Approach. The Normative Side of a Military Alliance

. Bucharest: Polirom. Lebow, R. N., 1994. The long peace, the end of the Cold War and the failure of realism. International Organization, 48(2): 249-277. Mahnken, T. G. and Keaney, T. A., 2007. War in Iraq. Planning and execution. London: Routledge. Major, C., 2015. NATO and European security: back to the roots?. IAI Working Papers, 15(53), December [pdf]. Available at: (Accessed 28 September 2017). Manners, I., 2001. Normative power Europe: the

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The Rise of Direct Democracy in Croatia: Balancing or Challenging Parliamentary Representation?

inicijative u Hrvatskoj i Sloveniji: Ustavnopravno uređenje, iskustva i perspektive. Zagreb: Hrvatska udruga za ustavno pravo, pp. 149-179. Hug, S., 2004. Occurrence and policy consequences of referendums: A theoretical model and empirical evidence. Journal of Theoretical Politics, 16: 321-356. Jung, S., 2001. Die Logik direkter Demokratie. Wiesbaden: Westdeutscher Verlag. Jutarnji list, 2015a. Ploče - više od 90% Pločana protiv termoelektrane, [online] 25 January. Available at: http

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The European Union Training Mission in Mali: A case study

regional organisations. 20 June. Available at: [accessed 17 October 2014]. Baltic News Service, 2013a. Lithuanian military instructors arrive in Mali for EU military training. 25 March. Baltic News Service, 2013b. Head of EU Military Committee acknowledges Estonia's contribution to operations. 4 April. Baltic News Service, 2013c. Estonian instructors start service on Mali training mission. 14 September

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The Phenomenon of Journalism-related Crimes Under the Circumstances of Hybrid War in Ukraine

Ukrainy. Centre of Strategic Assessment and Forecasts (СSAF), 2014. Putin leads in Ukraine hybrid war-Major General retired Frank van Kappen. 28 April [online]. Available at: (Accessed 1 November 2016). Cherian, G., 2016. The curious power of hate propaganda in open societies. [online]. Available at: (Accessed 3 November 2016). Council of Europe

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Towards a Balanced Synergy of Visions and Interests: Latvia’s Perspectives in 16+1 and Belt and Road Initiatives

, institutions, results. Centre for Eastern Studies Commentary, [online] 27 November. Available at: . Jitaru, L. and Pralea, S., 2016. EU-China Trade Partnership: Strategic Importance of Central and Eastern European Members. Ovidius University Economic Science Series, [online] 16(2): 37-41. Available at: . Kaczmarski, M. and Jakobowski, J., 2015. China and Central

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