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Gauging a Firm’s Innovative Performance Using an Integrated Structural Index for Patents

revision after review. References Banerjee, P.M., & Cole, B. M. (2010). Breadth-of-impact frontier: How firm-level decisions and selection environment dynamics generate boundary-spanning inventions. Technovation, 30(7), 411–419. 10.1016/j.technovation.2010.03.001 Banerjee P.M. Cole B. M. 2010 Breadth-of-impact frontier: How firm-level decisions and selection environment dynamics generate boundary-spanning inventions Technovation 30 7 411 419 Banks, M.G. (2006). An extension of the Hirsch index: Indexing scientific topics and compounds

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Insight into the Disciplinary Structure of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

co-occurrence matrix reports the relationship among different disciplines of N&N, as operationalized as WCs. The matrix construction is the basic work for analyzing disciplinary network structure and disciplinary cliques here. WCs provide an effective level of measurement of discipline for the study of interdisciplinary processes ( National Academies Committee on Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research, 2005 ). The 225 or so WCs (the number is adjusted slightly over time) reflect sub-disciplines (e.g. Organic Chemistry). WCs have been selected to map science

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Usage Count: A New Indicator to Detect Research Fronts

2011.59 detected by usage count and 2009.07 by times cited. Table 2 Recentness of the research fronts detected by times cited. Clusters No. of references Mean cited year No. of citing articles Recentness Emerging peptide nanomedicine 29 2008 54 2010.44 Pluripotent stem cell 25 2007 56 2008.89 Adipose-derived stem cell 25 2003 83 2010.14 Somatic cell 22 2008 52 2009.33 Mesenchymal stem cell 22 2003 55 2010.07 Induced pluripotent stem cell 22 2008 41 2009

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Twitter Users’ Privacy Concerns: What do Their Accounts’ First Names Tell Us?

A. 2016b Privacy behaviour and profile configuration in Twitter In Proceedings of the 25 th International Conference Companion on World Wide Web 575 580 Montreal Krempeaux, C.I. (2013). Predicting gender on Twitter. (Charles Iliya Krempeaux Personal Site) Retrieved from . Krempeaux C.I. 2013 Predicting gender on Twitter (Charles Iliya Krempeaux Personal Site) Retrieved from Kwasny, M., Caine, K., Rogers, W.A., & Fisk, A.D. (2008). Privacy and technology: Folk

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Does Monetary Support Increase the Number of Scientific Papers? An Interrupted Time Series Analysis

,517 10,662 71 2004 9,511 13,199 72 2005 7,036 14,194 50 2006 8,122 15,070 54 2007 10,551 17,853 59 2008 10,411 19,327 54 2009 11,554 21,655 53 2010 11,592 22,833 51 2011 9,574 23,588 41 2012 10,641 25,254 42 2013 10,203 26,526 38 2014 10,257 27,242 38 2015 8,014 28,662 28 Total 146,377 300,701 49 PRFSs are reviewed by several researchers (e.g., De Boer et al., 2015 ; European Commission, 2010

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The Power-weakness Ratios (PWR) as a Journal Indicator: Testing the “Tournaments” Metaphor in Citation Impact Studies

recursion in the evaluation of the accumulated advantages ( Price, 1976 ). Unlike these other measures, in PWR the disadvantages are appreciated equally with the advantages; the “power” (gains) is divided by the “weakness” (losses). In studies of sporting tournament (e.g. crickets), the ranking using PWR was found to outperform other rankings ( Prathap, 2014 ). In this study, we respond to this proposal in detail by testing PWR empirically in the citation matrix of 83 journals assigned to the Web-of-Science (WoS) category “Library and Information Science” (LIS) in the

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Digitizing Dunhuang Cultural Heritage: A User Evaluation of Mogao Cave Panorama Digital Library

application of panoramic photos for reconstructing the caves in virtual space makes the DL visually appealing to the participants. The visual appearances of the DL were regarded as highly detailed, of superior quality, high resolution and realism. Some participants (e.g. No. 03 and No. 06) found the sunlight effects on the main page “ quite advanced ” and “ looks like real ,” as the angle of shinning changed as soon as the participants moved their mouse to change the view. However, the visual appearance of the homepage was criticized by participants, for a large part of

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Patent Citations Analysis and Its Value in Research Evaluation: A Review and a New Approach to Map Technology-relevant Research

Hung, S.C., & Tu, M.F. (2014). Is small actually big? The chaos of technological change. Research Policy, 43(7), 1227–1238. 10.1016/j.respol.2014.03.003 Hung S.C. Tu M.F. 2014 Is small actually big? The chaos of technological change Research Policy 43 7 1227 1238 Hung, W.C., Ding, C.G., Wang, H.J., Lee, M.C., & Lin, C.P. (2015). Evaluating and comparing the university performance in knowledge. Scientometrics, 102(2), 1269–1286. 10.1007/s11192-014-1470-9 Hung W.C. Ding C.G. Wang H.J. Lee M.C. Lin C.P. 2015 Evaluating and comparing the university

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Factors Influencing Cities’ Publishing Efficiency

innovative companies and top-ranked universities). Additionally, Didcot has 25 thousand inhabitants and is 16 km south of Oxford. Didcot is home to the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, a world-renowned research centre for particle physics and space science. Cities such as Villejuif, Menlo Park, and Didcot can be characterised the same way; they are smaller cities, towns, or villages located in metropolitan areas and are home to quasi-independent research institutions (e.g., national laboratories) generally operating under the umbrella of prestigious universities

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Science Mapping: A Systematic Review of the Literature

-9 Deerwester S. Dumais S.T. Landauer T. K. Furnas G.W. Harshman R.A. 1990 Indexing by latent semantic analysis Journal of the American Society for Information Science 41 6 391 407 Ding, Y., Chowdhury, G., & Foo, S. (1999). Mapping the intellectual structure of information retrieval studies: An author co-citation analysis, 1987–1997. Journal of Information Science, 25(1), 67–78. Ding Y. Chowdhury G. Foo S. 1999 Mapping the intellectual structure of information retrieval studies: An author co-citation analysis, 1987–1997 Journal of Information Science 25

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