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Peliosis hepatis complicating pregnancy: A rare entity

(arsenic, vinyl chloride), infections (Bartonella henselae) and in renal transplant recipients receiving immunosuppressive treatment. [ 4 , 5 ] The pathophysiology of PH is still largely speculative. It has been attributed to an increased sinusoidal pressure because of difficulties in blood outflow from the liver, leading to parenchymal necrosis of liver cells and sinusoidal wall weakness. As the disease is very rare, data about its natural history are scanty and the clinical spectrum varies from asymptomatic cases to severe complications, such as hemoperitoneum. [ 4

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Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Properties of Intercalated Kaolinite Nanoclays: Intercalation and Biocompatibility

., Zarei M., Gilani, A., Mehrzad, F., Farshin, Degampanah, H., Pourahmad, J. (2018) Toxicity of Copper Oxide (CuO) Nanoparticles on Human Blood Lymphocytes. Biological Trace Element Research,184, 350-357. 14. Turhan, Y., Dogan, M., Alkan, M. (2010) Poly (vinyl chloride)/kaolinite nanocomposites: Characterization and thermal and optical properties. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research,49, 1503-1513. 15. Ota, Y., Ishihara, S., Otani, K., Yasuda, K., Nishikawa, T., Tanaka, T., Tanaka, J., Kiyomatsu, T., Kawai, K., Hata, K., Nozawa, H., Kazama, S

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The ways to increase efficiency of soil bioremediation

VP. Application of monooxygenases in dehalogenation, desulphurization, denitrification and hydroxylation of aromatic compounds. J Bioremed Biodegrad. 2010;1:1-8. DOI: 10.4172/2155-6199.1000112. [44] Sing H, Löffler FE, Fathepure BZ. Aerobic biodegradation of vinyl chloride by a highly enriched mixed culture. Biodegradation. 2004;15(3):197-204. DOI: 10.1023/B:BIOD.0000026539.55941.73. [45] Gossett JM. Sustained aerobic oxidation of vinyl chloride at low oxygen concentrations. Environ Sci Technol. 2010;44(4):1405-1411. DOI: 10.1021/es9033974. [46

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Potential Use of Environmental Isotopes in Pollutant Migration Studies

groundwater contamination by MTBE". Environ Sci Technol 2005;39:8541-2. Bloom Y, Aravena R, Hunkeler D, Edwards EA, Frape SK. Carbon isotope fractionation during microbial dechlorination of trichloroethene, cis-1,2-dichloroethene, and vinyl chloride: Implications for assessment of natural attenuation. Environ Sci Technol 2000;34:2768-72. Hunkeler D, Andersen N, Aravena R, Bernasconi M, Butler BJ. Hydrogen and carbon isotope fractionation during aerobic biodegradation of benzene. Environ Sci Technol 2001

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Genetic Polymorphism of Metabolic Enzymes P450 (CYP) as a Susceptibility Factor for Drug Response, Toxicity, and Cancer Risk

in the vinyl chloride metabolic pathway on mutagenic risk. J Hum Genet 2007;52:448--55. Hsieh HI, Chen PC, Wong RH, Wang JD, Yang PM, Cheng TJ. Effect of the CYP2E1 genotype on vinyl chloride monomer-induced liver fibrosis among polyvinyl chloride workers. Toxicology 2007;239:34--44. Zhu SM, Xia ZL, Wang AH, Ren XF, Jiao J, Zhao NQ, Qian J, Jin L, Christiani DC. Polymorphisms and haplotypes of DNA repair and xenobiotic metabolism genes and risk of DNA damage in Chinese vinyl chloride monomer (VCM

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Natural Fibers and Biopolymers Characterization: A Future Potential Composite Material

. Ratnam, N. A. Ibrahim. Thermal and dynamic mechanical properties of grafted kenaf filled poly (vinyl chloride)/ethylene vinyl acetate composites. Materials & Design (1980-2015) 2015 (65), 204 - 211. [13] T. Sullins, S. Pillay, A. Komus, H. Ning. Hemp fiber reinforced polypropylene composites: The effects of material treatments. Composites Part B: Engineering 2017 (114), 15 - 22. [14] E. Rojo, M. V. Alonso, M. Oliet, B. D. Saz-Orozco, F. Rodriguez. Effect of fiber loading on the properties of treated cellulose fiber-reinforced phenolic

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Green Synthesis: Nanoparticles and Nanofibres Based on Tree Gums for Environmental Applications

.04.011. [163] Krupa A, Sobczyk AT, Jaworek A. Surface properties of plasma-modified poly(vinylidene fluoride) and poly(vinyl chloride) nanofibres. Fibres Text East Eur. 2014;2(104). [164] Hilal N, Khayet M, Wright CJ. Membrane Modification: Technology and Applications. Taylor & Francis; 2012. [165] Rangel EC, Bento WCA, Kayama ME, Schreiner WH, Cruz NC. Enhancement of polymer hydrophobicity by SF6 plasma treatment and argon plasma immersion ion implantation. Surf Interface Anal. 2003;35:179-183. DOI: 10.1002/sia.1518. [166] Jeong L, Yeo I-S, Kim HN, Yoon Y

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The Composition of Cigarette Smoke: Problems with Lists of Tumorigens

.C., 1969. 184. Thomas, J.I. et al: Survey of compounds which have been tested for carcinogenic activity; USPHS Publ. No. 149, Washington D.C., 1968/1969; 1970/1971. 185. IARC: Acrylonitrile; IARC, Lyon, France, IARC Monograph 19 (1979) 73-113. 186. IARC: Vinyl chloride; IARC, Lyon, France, IARC Monograph 19 (1979) 377-438. 187. Schepartz, A.I.: The chemistry of cigar smoke. II. Some components of the neutral fraction; Tob. Sci. 4 (1960) 12

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Phthalate exposure in Thai children and adolescents

, such as children’s toys, child care products, cosmetics, personal care products, medical devices, food packaging, poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) plastics, building materials, and automotive components [ 2 ]. Low-molecular-weight phthalates, including di- n -butyl phthalate (DBP), dimethyl phthalate (DMP), and diethyl phthalate, are used in adhesives, detergents, and solvents—any or all of which can be found in cosmetics and skincare products. High-molecular-weight phthalates, such as di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate and benzylbutyl phthalate, are used to increase the

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The Full Bibliography of Dietrich Hoffmann

–1336. 132. Hoffmann, D., K. D. Brunnemann, G. B. Gori, and E. L. Wynder: On the carcinogenicity of marijuana smoke; Rec. Adv. Phytochem. 9 (1975) 63–81. 133. Hoffmann, D., S. S. Hecht, I. Schmeltz, K. D. Brunnemann, and E. L. Wynder: Chemical Studies on Tobacco Smoke. XLIV. New separation techniques for classes of smoke compounds; Rec. Adv. Tobacco Sci. 1 (1975) 97–122. 134. Hoffmann, D., C. P. Patrianakos, K. D. Brunnemann and G. B. Gori: On the Analysis of Vinyl Chloride in Tobacco Smoke; presented at the 29 th TCRC

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