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Supply Chain Management and Operational Performance in Nigeria: A Panel Regression Model Approach

REFERENCES Adebayo, I. T. (2012). Supply chain management (SCM) practices in Nigeria today: impact on SCM performance. European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 1(6), 107-115. Agus, A. (2010). Supply chain management, process performance and business performance . Conference of the International Journal of Arts and Sciences, Rome, Italy, 22-25. Ali, O., & Güven, S. (2009). Supply chain management as a sustainable performance booster for the accommodation enterprises: evidence from North Cyprus tourism sector. International Journal of

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Regional differences in entrepreneurial perceptions and implications for the Romanian competitiveness policy

development: the problem revisited”, Journal of Economic Literature , Vol. 17, pp. 46–64. Meyer, M., Libaers, D., Thijs, B., Grant, T., Glänzel, W. and Debackere, K. (2014), “Origin and emergence of entrepreneurship as a research field”, Journal Scientometrics , Vol. 98, No. 1, pp 473-485. McClelland (1961), The Achieving Society , Princetown. Mihalcea, A.D., Mitan A. and Viţelar, A. (2012), “Generation Y: Views on Entrepreneurship”, Economia. Seria Management Vol. 15, No. 2. Nemirschi, N. and Craciun, A. (2010), “Entrepreneurship and Tourism

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Low risk trading algorithm based on the price cyclicality function for capital markets

Scientific conference on IT, Tourism, Economics, Management and Agriculture – ITEMA 2018 . Retrieved from Păuna, C. (2018b). Reliable Signals and Limit Conditions for Automated trading Systems. Iași, Romania: Review of Economic and Business Studies. Volume IX Issue 2/2018 . ISSN: 1843-763X. Alexandru Ioan Cuza University Press. DOI: 10.1515/rebs-2018-0070 Retrieved from Păuna, C. (2018c). Reliable Signals Based on Fisher Transform for Algorithmic Trading, Timișoara, Romania: Timisoara Journal of Economic and

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A Scale for Measuring Perceived Construction Project Success – Sri Lankan Perspective

. Heravi, G., Ilbeigi, M. (2012), Development of a comprehensive model for construction project success evaluation by contractors, Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, Vol.19, no. 5, pp. 526-542. Hinkin, T. R., Tracey, J. B., Enz, C. A. (1997), Scale construction: Developing reliable and valid measurement instruments, Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research, Vol. 21, no. 1, pp. 100-120. Hughes, S. W., Tippett, D. D., Thomas, W. K. (2004), Measuring project success in the construction industry, Engineering Management Journal, Vol.16

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Predicting overall Staffs’ Creativity and Innovative Work Behavior in Banking

References Ali, F., Kim, W. G., Li, J., & Cobanoglu, C. (2018). A comparative study of covariance and partial least squares based structural equation modelling in hospitality and tourism research. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 30 (1), 416-435. doi:10.1108/IJCHM-08-2016-0409 Amabile, T. M., Conti, R., Coon, H., Lazenby, J., & Herron, M. (1996). Assessing the work environment for creativity. The Academy of Management Journal, 39 (5), 1154-1184. doi:10.2307/256995 Amabile, T. M., & Pratt, M. G. (2016). The dynamic

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Intrapreneural Dynamics: A Case Research at the Insurance Industry in Portugal

. (1994) Intrepreneurship in large firms and SMEs: A comparative study. International Small Business Journal, 12, no.:3, pp. 54-61. Duarte, N., Diniz, F., Arent, A. & Bojar, M. (2013) Entrepreneurship Strategies in a Portuguese and in a Polish Region. Proceedings of the first international conference on management, marketing tourism, retail, finance, and computer aplications, Croatia. Eisenhardt, K. M., & Martin, J. A. (2000) Dynamic capabilities: what are they?. Strategic management journal, 21, no.:10-11, pp. 1105

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Openness to co-creation as a method of reducing the complexity of the environment and dynamizing companies’ competitive advantages

-169. Mahr, D., Lievens, A., &Blazevic, V. (2014), The value of customer cocreated knowledgeduring the innovation process. Journal of Product Innovation Management, Vol. 31, No. 3, pp. 599-615. Mathisa E.F., Kim H.L., Uysal M., Sirgy J.M., Prebenses N.K., (2016), The effect of co-creation experience on outcome variable, Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 57, pp. 62-75. O’Hern, M., & Rindfleisch, A. (2010), CUSTOMER CO-CREATION: A TYPOLOGY AND RESEARCH AGENDA, Review of Marketing Research, Vol. 6, pp. 84-106. Peters M. (2010), The Idea of Openness: Open

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Motivational effects of pay dispersion in pay for performance programs implemented in Romanian companies

and procedural justice in a sales force context. Scale development and validation”, Journal of Business Research, Vol. 57, No. 1, pp. 86- 93. Byrne, B.M. (2001), Structural Equation Modeling with AMOS - Basic Concepts, Applications, and Programming, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Chan, S. and Jepsen, D. (2011), “Workplace Relationships, Attitudes, and Organizational Justice: A Hospitality Shift Worker Contextual Perspective”, Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 150 - 168. Ciobanu, A

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Customer satisfaction under heterogeneous services of different self-service technologies

of Bank Marketing , 33(2), 96–121. doi:10.1108/ijbm-01-2014-0006 Kim, C., Mirusmonov, M. and Lee, I. (2010), “An empirical examination of factors influencing the intention to use mobile payment”, Computers in Human Behavior , 26(3), 310-322. Kim, H. B., & Kim, W. G. (2005). The relationship between brand equity and firms’ performance in luxury hotels and chain restaurants. Tourism management , 26 (4), 549-560. Kolodinsky, J. M. (2004), “The adoption of electronic banking technologies by US consumers”, The International Journal of Bank

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Strategic management: A perspective on the development of the field of strategic management and the contribution of the Irish Journal of Management

Hill. Walsh, M., Lynch, P. and Harrington, D. (2011) A Capability-Based Framework for Tourism Innovativeness, Irish Journal of Management, 31(1), pp. 21-41. Weisingera, J.Y. and Black, J.A. (2006) Strategic Resources and Social Capital, Irish Journal of Management, 27(1), pp. 145-170. Wernerfelt, B. (1984) A Resource-based View of the Firm, Strategic Management Journal, 5(2), pp. 171-380. Williamson, O.E. (1975) Markets and Hierarchies: Analysis and Antitrust Implications, New York: The Free Press

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